My name is Christie Inge. I work with women who are Hungry.

christieinge Hungry for evolution and spiritual alignment.
Hungry for messy, unconditional (self) love.
Hungry for balance, grace, and peace.
Ravenous for a life that feels like their own.
Craving the confidence to just be themselves. To feel at ease in their skin.
They want to feel nourished. All the way down to their soul.
They want to feel full to the brim with their heart’s desire.

They are Hungry For More.

Sometimes, these hungers show up, quite literally, with food, dieting, and struggling to love and accept the body.

Most often, those hungers show up as an out of control relationship with food and a lifelong hatred of their body. They’ve ridden the diet roller coaster more times than they can count and have had enough closet meltdowns to last multiple lifetimes. They tried a lot of things – diets, intuitive eating, therapy – they have even tried to get to the “root” of the issue by trying to feel their feelings and stop emotional eating.

But no matter what, nothing seems to work.

And they are frustrated. And maybe even a little pissed off at themselves for not being able to figure this thing out.

If that sounds like you, I can help.

My approach is radically different than anything else out there.

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