10 Brilliant Books on Self Acceptance

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I get a lot of requests for books on self acceptance and wanted to put together a list of my favorites.


10 Brilliant Books on Self Acceptance

1. Beautiful You – A Daily Guide to Radical Self Acceptance by Rose Molinary – The name says it all, really. This is one of those books that I bought on kindle first and then really wanted to dig in so I bought the hard copy, too.

2. The Gifts of Imperfection – Let go of who you think you are supposed to be and be who you are by Brene Browne – Brene Browne is one of the leading experts on shame and this book nails it.

3. The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion: Freeing Yourself from Destructive Thoughts and Emotions by Christopher Germer, PhD – Your thoughts and emotions are creating your reality and this books will help you overcome the thoughts and emotions that are holding you back.

4. After. The before and after: a real life story of weight loss, weight gain and weightlessness through total acceptance by Karen Anderson – This book is the personal account of a woman journey from being an “after story” and gaining the weight back and finding that self-acceptance was the only true way to make peace. I am honored to call Karen friend.

5. Health at Every Size – The Surprising truth about your weight by Linda Bacon, PhD – There are a lot of pre-concieved notions about the HAES movement but if you read the actual book, you will understand that true health and peace with food and your body includes taking care of it – not complacency and giving up on yourself.

6. The Dark Side of the Light Chasers – Reclaiming your power, creativity, brilliance and dreams by Debbie Ford – Debbie Ford is the creator of The Shadow Process and talks about the stuff people don’t want to talk about like jealousy, judgment, hatred, mistakes and how integrating those parts of yourself is a crucial part of true freedom. It will open your mind to seeing the world in a whole new way. I also recommend her movie – The Shadow Effect.

7. It was always meant to happen that way by Brooke Castillo – One of the main things I see in my clients and others who are on the path to self-acceptance is not accepting the past. This book will have you seeing the past in a whole new way.

8. Finding you own North Star – Claiming the life you were meant to live by Martha Beck – Another common problem that arises in self-acceptance is not really know who we are and what we want from life. We’ve used dieting, self-hatred and people pleasing as coping skills and this book will give you the tools to reclaim who you truly are.

9. I need your love, is that true? How to stop seeking love, approval and appreciation and start finding them instead by Byron Katie – Byron Katie is a master and this book will show you how the things we are looking for from others (love, acceptance and approval) has to come from within.

10. The Diggin’ Deep Workbook – Tara Wagner created this brilliant workbook to help you deeply explore who you are and what is holding you back. Her coaching process is similar to my own and her style is compassionate and warm. I recommend this workbook to just about everyone.

I encourage you to check out all of these books on self acceptance. Also, remember, that for the most part, these books are about doing and not just reading. If you want to change how you think and feel about your body, you have to do the work.

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