eCourses, Classes, and Groups Programs to Satisfy Your Hunger for Transformation

Hello, sweet soul.

If you are groovin’ to get started on your path to loving all of Who You Are but aren’t quite ready for private support, I’ve created some products and programs to guide you on your path.

Self Love School eCourse

Self Love School eCourse$55

In the Self-Love School eCourse, you will take the theory of self-love out in to your real world experience and actually apply it with tools and practices.

I’ve taken the wisdom that I have collected over the years (you should see my bookshelves and the “self-development” line in my budget!) and boiled them down into the critical lessons and practices that I come back to repeatedly.

Here is just sampling of what you’ll take away from Self Love School:

  • my favorite tool for turning self-criticism into compassion
  • what dog shit has to do with self-love (wtf?)
  • how to use your judgement of others to help you love yourself more (instead of just another reason you beat yourself up)
  • a one minute exercise to tune you back into love when you feel overwhelmed, like you are royally fucked up, or like you just aren’t good enough