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Hello, sweet soul.

I am so excited to help you let go of whatever is in the way of you being able to Say YES! to Your Sacred Self. In 2015, I’ll be helping you release the clutter, that mean + doubt filled voice inside your head, that people pleasing, drive for perfection, and the overwhelm and restlessness that comes along with it all.

Here is what I have in store:

Your Sacred Space: Lose the clutter. Find yourself.

sacred space square

Your home can be a place that comforts and nurtures you, instead of place that only reminds you of everything left to be done. It can also be a place that reflects Who You Are and provide solace in a world that seems to have gone crazy. I’ll show you how.

In this 8-week group coaching program, you’ll learn a radical approach to decluttering that will help get rid of what no longer serves you and come home to yourself.

Registration open now! Click here to learn more.

Curious + Compassionate: An eCourse for cultivating kind self-talk

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The inside of our heads can feel like a war-zone with all the chatter about not being good enough, being too sensitive or too much, and how things just aren’t meant to be. This creates a world where we feel like we are our own worst enemies and that we’ll never feel that sense of belonging and acceptance that we deeply desire.

In this 10-day eCourse, you’ll learn how to be kind to yourself using compassion and curiosity.

Registration Opens in May 2015

Saying YES!: A journey into Who You Truly Are

Saying YES

It’s easy to lose yourself in a sea of should, supposed to, have to, and can’t. As humans, we are wired to crave the Love, Belonging, and Reverence of other people. And we learn that in order to get those needs met, we must be someone other than ourselves. So, we twist, mold, and conform. Years later, we find that we don’t really feel that sense of Belonging and that we’ve lost our Autonomy and sense of self to boot.

In this 8-week group intensive, you’ll reconnect with your Sacred Self without ending up abandoned and alone.

Registration Opens in August 2015

Holy Fuck Hotline: because the holidays can be crazy without help

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Oh, the holidays. All year long, we carry visions of twinkle lights, cocoa and perfect presents by the fire, and connection to the people we love. But, uh, in reality, we end up with a drunk uncle who makes us the ass of his jokes, no time to buy cocoa, and a to-do list so long that it will take us till next year to finish it.

In this 6-week support circle, you’ll have a place to sort out the crazy and get through the holidays without losing your shit.

Registrations Opens in November 2015.