What to do if Intuitive Eating isn’t working for you…

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When I first discovered the concept of intuitive eating, I felt as if I had found the freedom I was truly craving in my relationship with food. Up until that point, I was binging pretty much everyday and using exercise as penance for what I was eating. I really, really hated my body, and, was, quite frankly, pretty fucking sick of dieting.

I was over it.

Like, all of it.

And so, the idea that I could eat whatever I wanted and lose weight really appealed to me. I sought to learn everything I could about this magical solution called intuitive eating. I read all the books. I joined all the forums (and back then (2006) there were only two). I hired an RD who specialized in it. And eventually, I even became a certified intuitive eating counselor.

I practiced the ten intuitive eating principles with diligence.

But, it still wasn’t “working.”

I was gaining weight pretty rapidly. About 40lbs in two months.

And while I no longer believe that my weight has anything to do with my ability to love and accept myself, back then, this was devastating to me.

I felt like a complete and utter failure. I’d ask myself on a day-in and day-out basis what was wrong with me. I even went back to dieting quite a few times. And through massive trial, error, binges, tears, and a radical self-devotion, end up making peace with food.

Today, it is my job to help women like you get off of the diet roller coaster and (finally!) feel peace with food and your body. I want to share with you some of the most essential things I’ve learned along the way:

Resources to help you with Intuitive Eating

Below are some links to articles and guides I’ve written to help you along your path of intuitive eating.

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I hope that you have found these intuitive eating resources helpful – If you are ready to go deeper, use the buttons below to navigate your next steps.


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