Hey there. I'm Christie Inge.

5/2 Splenic Projector | LAX of the Clarion 2

I’m a Master Energy Healer and Human Design Coach. 

I make Human Design & Deconditioning simple and practical with empowering language and tools. 

I’ll show you how to heal the blocks to living in alignment with the highest potential of your Human Design. 

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leah b

Every time I dove into Human Design, I found myself swirling in a sea of complicated information. I read, researched, paid for full readings but just couldn’t make sense of my design or figure out how it could change my life the way others said it could.

Enter Christie Inge and the map.

I already knew Christie to be a genius and would say, in general, buy any product and service she offers. She is a rare gem, one in a billion. And she has exceeded my already cosmically high regard for her gifts with her work in Human Design.

The Maps Christie creates takes this vast universe of Human Design information and synthesizes it into a format that makes it clear and easy to understand without dumbing it down or diminishing any of the nuance or potency of the information. It is pure magic. 

The map has been like a mirror of the deep knowings I’ve had about myself all my life. I have experienced deep affirmation of my own inner truth. I’ve put to rest the turbulence that was being kicked up by trying to make myself do things and be things inconsistent with who I really am and how and what I’m built for.

It has helped me appreciate and understand myself so that I want to live aligned with who I am and how I am built, not how I have been conditioned to think I must operate in the world.

If you are feeling called to Human Design as a way to better understand yourself, live in integrity with your own truth, and express your potential, I highly recommend The Map.

Leah Campbell Badertscher

6/2 Emotional Generator

I’ve been super interested in Human Design but also incredibly confused by Human Design. I’ve had multiple readings, talking to many people, read books… nothing really landed.  
After years of trying to understand my human design, finally I get it!

And I understand the promises (and pitfalls) of being me in new and refreshing ways.

The map has helped me clarify what I’ve known about myself but even more important has helped me act on that knowledge with more consciousness.

The way that the map named and spoke to my gifts and talents has helped me appreciate things about myself that I may have previously glossed over or dismissed as important aspects of who I am and what I bring to the table. 
If you are interested in understanding your purpose, gifts, talents, and all-around awesomeness through the lens of Human Design I can’t say enough good things about the map

Nona Jordan

2/4 Sacral Generator