You are Worthy AF.

And I’ll prove it to you.  

I’m Christie Inge — a Master Energy Healer and Coach — and I show people how heal their self-worth drama so that they can get out of their own way. 

Work With Me


Working with me one-on-one is for folx who want to take their creative expression to the next level by healing deeper layers of their "worthiness" issues and step into the life they most want to create.

Mirror of Worthiness

The Mirror of Worthiness is a digital guide to help you remember who you really are. It is based on your Human Design and will reflect the innate beauty, power, and value that you bring to the world — just by existing.


WonderWork is an online coaching program for soul-full + tenacious folks who are ready to stop using their bad habits as evidence for their unworthiness and learn how to transform them into unshakeable confidence and self-worth.