hey there.

I'm Christie Inge.

I take the mystery out of building self-worth.

I am intimately familiar with the frustration of trying to make a better life for yourself only to keep bumping into resistance and blocks related to self-worth. 

I spent most of my life feeling like I was a fucked up, hopeless mix of too much and not enough. I thought I was unlovable, broken beyond repair and that I’d never live up to my potential. 

Those beliefs manifested themselves as binge drinking and eating, drugs, yo-yo dieting, sleeping with bad boys, and always putting myself at the bottom of my to-do list. 

I apologized when I didn’t feel sorry. 
I stayed quiet when I actually had a lot to say. 
I settled for shitty jobs and often worked for free. 
My boundaries were shit. 
My relationships were co-dependant AF. 

And I could have been the president of the people-pleasing club. 

My perspective radically shifted when my younger brother died in a tragic car accident.

Everything changed for me. His death was the first of many spiritual awakenings.

It showed me that I could not keep living the same way. I knew, deep in my soul, that something had to change.

I studied yoga, meditated, and went to therapy. I read self-help books, hired multiple coaches, and saw energy healers. I got hypnotized, repeated affirmations, and tried my very hardest to “raise my vibration.” 

I worked on my relationship with food. 
I worked on my relationship with alcohol and drugs. 
I worked on my relationship with money. 
I worked on my relationship with my family and friends. 
I worked on my relationship with men. 

I even worked on my relationship with work! 

No matter which path I took, or how hard I tried, it always came down to one thing: low self-worth. 

Along the way, I trained as a coach and became a Master in a couple of different energy healing modalities.

I started working with clients about a decade ago and do you know what I saw in every client I worked with?

The same low self-worth patterns.

Whether we were talking about emotional eating, toxic relationship patterns, or how they were showing up in their careers, it always boiled down to low self-worth.

I became devoted to figuring out how to build a solid foundation of self-worth for my clients and for me. It became my mission in life. 

And here is what I discovered:

Self worth isn’t a feeling. And it isn’t a place you’ll arrive “one day.” 

Self worth is a choice that you make again and again. The more “worthy” choices you make, the more you build your self worth. 

It really is that simple. 

Choose worthiness each and every day. 

As a master energy healer, my job is to guide you through the process of being able to make that choice. 

Here are the ways we can work together...

One-on-One Energy Healing

Daily virtual energy healing, intuitive guidance, and Human Design integration to build your self-worth.

Human Design Readings

Digital Guides + Daily Virtual Coaching to learn and integrate your Human Design

Online Courses and Workshops

Online courses and workshops for self discovery and building self worth.