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Affirmations for the Human Design Throat Center (aka throat chakra)

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The Throat Center is the center of communication (both verbal and subtle), actions that express inner energy, and authenticity and today I have some affirmations to support your throat center.

All centers in the Human Design chart are moving towards the throat for expression. It is where we share our voice (literal or metaphorical) with the world and how we make ourselves known as distinct individuals.

In my experience, it is the throat center that is most likely to become “blocked” with stagnant energy. We are often conditioned to push down our authentic expression in the world. The people who are most drawn to my work tend to hold a lot of trauma about speaking up, telling the truth, and letting ourselves be known.

So, today, I want to offer you some thoughts to choose on purpose to get your throat energy moving, no matter whether your throat is defined or not.

Affirmations for the Human Design Throat Center (aka throat chakra)

I speak with precision. (gate 62)

My voice is a catalyst for quantum leaps. (gate 23)

My stories are valuable. (gate 56)

I AM a master of my craft. (gate 16)

I speak the truth of the now. (gate 20)

I lead with my authentic expression. (31)

I contribute my authentic self to the world. (gate 8)

I AM on the hero’s/heroine’s journey. (gate 33)

I AM a money and resource master. (gate 45)

I AM a poet. (gate 12)

My life is an adventure of the emotional heart. (gate 35)

It is safe for me to speak my truth. (general throat)

I CHOOSE to express myself. (general throat)

My voice is powerful. (general throat)

In addition to these thoughts, I also highly recommend doing sound healing for the throat. You can do sound healing by:

  • Chanting
  • Singing
  • Humming
  • Yelling
  • Sound boarding
  • Listening to “throat chakra” meditations (music only is best)

Give these a go and see how it loosens up your throat energy.