5 Human Design Deconditioning Tips

One of the things that can happen after discovering your Human Design chart is that you notice that there are a lot of places in your life that “go against” your design. For example, a projector may notice that they are giving lots and lots of unsolicited advice. Or a manifestor may notice that they […]

Stop Settling and Start Trusting (by Human Design aura type)

The people that recognize and invite me have deep values around making a contribution to the world by being authentic. (I know this because I have human design gate 8 in my Unconscious Jupiter.) And we have been conditioned to believe that it is just our actions that contribute. It is that very belief that […]

Affirmations for the Human Design Head Center (even if yours is undefined)

The Human Design Head Center is a pressure center that evokes inspiration, big ideas, and questions. It ponders, wonders, and marvels at life. The head center takes in life and looks at it from a macro perspective. It takes what it “sees” and turns it into inspiration in the form of high-quality questions. The questions […]

How your Human Design can help you feel less lonely, disconnected, and insignificant

You know what feels like Hell on Earth? Scrolling social media, desperately trying to feel more connected, belonging, or significant. It rarely, if ever, actually works. Most of the time, we come away from scroll holes feeling more lonely, disconnected, and insignificant. We compare ourselves to the highlight reels of the people we follow and […]