I need to shout this from the rooftops!

In a recent conversation, someone shared that they were feeling “unworthy” of creating an “aligned” life. They wanted to know how to feel worthy of what feels right for them. These types of conversations perk up my ears and can get me on my soapbox faster than almost anything else. I don’t think I’ll ever […]

How to Align with the Higher Purpose of Defined Integration Channels

Your Human Design is a map to aligning with your higher purpose. There is a high-frequency potential, a low-frequency potential, and everything in between. By taking action and cultivating habits that are aligned with the higher potential, you naturally align with your higher purpose. Each part of the chart tells you something different about the […]

5 Steps for Making Soul-Aligned Decisions

I’ve noticed in myself, and others, that one of the most painful places to be is “knowing” what you want to do but not actually doing it. You know that you want to do what is right for you but you keep people-pleasing. You know you want to put yourself out there more but you […]

Why Living Your Human Design Won’t Fix Your Self Doubt

Listen. I need to bust a serious fucking myth right now. There seems to be this crazy-ass idea that when you are “following your truth” or “living in alignment” that you will somehow be magically free from self-doubt, confusion, and wondering if what you are doing really matters. I don’t know who originally conjured up […]