Common Mistakes Human Design Emotional Authorities Make

In Human Design, your authority is the primary way that your inner wisdom (aka your soul) communicates with you about decisions. Once you are in tune with your inner wisdom and act according to what it tells you, it becomes a reliable way to make decisions, build self-trust, and embody unshakeable confidence. And, while on […]

Signs that your Human Design Circuitry is “blocked”

In the Human Design chart, your defined channels are like your energetic spine. They give structure and flow to your energy. Each channel brings it’s own distinct type of energy to the bodygraph. But “under” those specific energies are energetic themes that group certain types of channels into categories. Those “categories” influence the specific energy […]

Affirmations for the Human Design G center gates

The Human Design G center is about your identity, direction, and ability to love and be loved. Because it is the home of the magnetic monopole (aka higher self, soul, divine self, etc.), it is the driver of our lives. So much so, when a projector is “reading” your aura in order to guide you, […]

Signs that a Human Design Projector is in a flow state

In Human Design, Projectors are here to guide others into their highest potential of success. By focusing in on the G center of the other person (organization, company, or system) and sensing their overall state, they can see: what isn’t working where the potential problems are the highest potential and possibility how to get them […]

The key to making Human Design affirmations work

The way we think about life directly impacts the reality we create and this is true no matter what our Human Design is. When we have disempowering beliefs, we feel terrible, take ineffective action, and perpetuate our not-self themes. But when we cultivate empowering thoughts and beliefs on purpose (sometimes called intentions), we create possibility […]