Signs the 7 gates in the Solar Plexus are “blocked”

The Human Design Solar Plexus Center has a total of seven gates and is all about our emotional connection to life. It is poetic, romantic, compassionate, and filled with spirit. As with all gates in the chart, there is a full spectrum of energy to experience in our lives and the “frequency” we are on […]

Human Design Ajna Center Affirmations

The Ajna Center is an awareness center that creates our mental perceptions of the world. It uses the pressure of the “higher inspiration” from the human design head center and processes it to create useful concepts, theories, and ideas.  Learn, studying, researching, formulating opinions, and creating duality as a way of understanding the world is […]

Essential self care for each of the 6 profile lines

One of my favorite parts about Human Design is that it gives us a map to taking great care of ourselves. And not in the typical fluffy ways that you find on Pinterest or Instagram. Our Human Design shows us our “needs” in very specific ways. The lines in our profile are especially important because […]

The # 1 misconception about the undefined centers in your chart

I often have people ask me how they can “get” the energy that is undefined in their human design chart. For example, if they have an undefined sacral center, they might ask how they can get more sacral energy? And the answer is simple. You don’t need to. It is your conditioning that is asking […]

The significance of your Conscious Earth Gate in your Human Design

Each of the four gates in your Human Design Incarnation Cross signifies a “tool” that is essential for this incarnation. They all work together, of course, but understanding them individually makes them more practical to work with on a daily basis. Your conscious Earth is a tool you can use feel grounded and supported to […]