5 Human Design Deconditioning Tips

One of the things that can happen after discovering your Human Design chart is that you notice that there are a lot of places in your life that “go against” your design. For example, a projector may notice that they are giving lots and lots of unsolicited advice. Or a manifestor may notice that they […]

How Human Design Transits Affect Your Chart

I am often asked by my Human Design Map clients is how the transits affect their charts. I’ve also personally been thinking a lot about the transits and wanted to do a deep dive for the blog.  In this post, I’m going to talk about how human design transits affect your chart. Here is what […]

Personal Destiny, Fixed Fate, and Transpersonal Karma in Human Design

Your Human Design profile comes from the lines of your incarnation cross. The first number comes from the line of your conscious sun and earth and the second comes from the line of your unconscious sun and earth. A simple way to think about your profile is that it reveals the needs of your mind […]

Human Design Deconditioning Essential Skills (aka how to rewire your brain)

If you’ve been in the world of Human Design for more than a minute, you’ve likely heard about deconditioning. It’s a term that people throw around a lot. But there is often very little solid information about what it really means or how to actually do it.  It breaks my heart that there isn’t more […]

How To Use Sound Healing to Regulate Your Human Design Energy Centers

I have a metric fuck ton of energy healing tools that I use with my clients, and each situation calls for its own set of tools. But, there are a couple of tools that tend to work well with a wide range of issues. One of those is sound healing, and it’s probably my absolute […]