How to Deal With Fear and Panic

A few days ago, I felt terrified. And rightly so. I was afraid for my health. I have an already life-threatening immune system condition that makes me more vulnerable to things like COVID-19. I was afraid for my business. While my work springs forth from my most potent spiritual gifts, I do depend on the […]

the Truth is, I AM not enough

I AM not enough… to live up to all of the projected expectations of me. I AM not enough… to live the dream other people planned for me. I AM not enough… to be everything to everyone. I AM not enough… to build my dreams while putting everyone else first. I AM not enough… to […]

We are the ones.

Many, many moons ago, I woke up with a spark of Divine knowing. I could hear the sound of the Truth that when we heal our “issues” with self-confidence, worthiness, and enoughness, that we are not only healing ourselves, we are healing the folks who came before us and the ones who will come after […]

Want to stop caring about what other people think? Read this.

I know that you already know that the fear of other people’s opinions is fucking you up. You’re afraid to be seen as selfish.Or bossy.Or mean.Or rude. You don’t want them to feel hurt.Or disappointed.Or offended.Or mad. You walk on eggshells.Tiptoe around the Truth.Stay quiet. Be nice. Polite. This isn’t news to you. You’re already […]

Even if you never pay me a dime, know this.

I get a lot of questions about HOW to transform the shame that’s keeping you stuck in patterns of people-pleasing and over-empathizing. And, well, truthfully, that’s a tough question to answer in a general way because it’s very individual. Your patterns of shame are going to be very different from someone else’s because the shadow […]