Getting rid of shame

How many times have you been told to “just stop” being a people pleaser? Or caring what others think? Or putting everyone else’s needs first? But, it rarely works that way, right? If you could just magically start… setting boundaries… valuing your own needs… telling your naysayers to fuck right off… you’d have done all […]

Are you a worrier? Read this.

I’ve been a “worrier” for most of my life. I’ve worried about what other people thought of me. I’ve worried about the size of my body and my health. I’ve worried about money and how the bills would get paid. I’ve worried about the planet, social justice, and the state of our world. I’ve worried […]

The only thing you’re afraid of.

So, listen, I know that in your mind, you have a lot reasons for holding back or hiding your Creative spirit. Maybe you are afraid of what other people will think if you step outside your current Creative paradigm. You might be wondering who you think you are to channel this new flow of Divine […]

The “myth” of being a better person.

Culturally speaking, we are taught that our value as humans is derived from our ability to look good naked, make more money, gather more likes. To be more productive, make a more significant impact, go big or go home. To give more, to sacrifice more, to martyr more. We are taught that we should be […]

What is Shadow Work? Why It Matters + How To Do Shadow Work

Shadow work is the heart and soul of the magic that is flowing through me as a Master Energy Healer and Intuitive Guide. The only way that you can live your purpose and make the contribution that only you can make, you must deeply and completely love and accept yourself (aka do shadow work). It […]