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A Day in the Life of a Blogger, Master Healer, and Life Coach

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People watching is one of my favorite activities. Documentaries are my jam. Memoirs are LIFE. I love having deep conversations with strangers on the internet. And when someone I follow online posts a “day in the life” blog or vlog, I pretty much always immediately click.

I love learning how humans think, feel, and operate in their day-to-day lives (which is probably why I do what I do for a living!).  I am truly fascinated by the human experience.

So, today, I am peeling back the curtain to give you a peek into what a typical day in my life – as a full-time blogger, Master Energy Healer, and Life Coach – looks like. Most days, as you’ll soon see, it’s just me, my cats, and Alexa, lol.

A Day in the Life of a Blogger, Master Energy Healer, and Life Coach

This is an example of a very typical day during the week. I do usually work during “normal business hours” but as someone living with a chronic illness that impacts my energy levels, I do my best to honor my natural rhythms. That means that I occasionally work later into the evening or on the weekends and some days that I don’t work at all.

Morning Routine

As you may have read in my blog post about how to create the best morning routine, you know that I don’t believe in taking someone else’s routine and trying to make it fit your life. Instead, I encourage you to figure out exactly what you need and then developing a routine around those needs.

So, the things I do first thing in the morning are the things that I have found to set me up for the best day possible. These things are my “non-negotiables” and if I skip a part, it really does “throw off my whole day.”

Take Care of Practical Stuff

I usually wake up between 7 and 8 AM, without an alarm. As soon as I get up, I open the blackout curtains, turn off the white noise machine, and turn off the fan. I also take a serrapeptase and start drinking water right away. I fill up my 30 oz Yeti before going to bed every night and then aim to have it finished before I start work.

Work At My Altar

Then, I go to my altar space. Most days, I just light a candle and set intentions for the day. Other days, it might be more elaborate where I play music, set “bigger” intentions, add or take things away, or clean up any dust or cat hair. I’ve kept an altar, off and on, for most of my adult life but this particular altar has been the one I have been most consistent with. It has become a really important part of my day.

Get Ready

Once I’ve finished with the altar, I shower, brush + floss my teeth, take care of my skin, and drop some vitamin D3/K2 on my wrists. My immune system reacts to all makeup (even the really natural stuff) so, unless it is a super special occasion, I don’t wear any makeup. And even on those rare occasions, it’s just mascara and lipstick.

Get Dressed with my Capsule Wardrobe

After all of that is done, I go downstairs and fill my 10 oz Yeti with ice and cold brew coffee. If there is any quick housework that needs to be done, like throwing in some laundry, I will do them because I don’t usually get back downstairs until later in the afternoon. When I am back upstairs, I get dressed.

I have a capsule wardrobe which means that I have a very limited number of items. I don’t have an exact count (because the number itself doesn’t actually matter), but I would guess I have somewhere around 30 pieces, not including undergarments, pajamas, shoes, and jewelry (which is also very minimal).

I have also taken my capsule wardrobe a step further by making sure that every piece of clothing I own matches every piece of clothing I own and I do not keep clothes in my closet that I do not actively wear.

This makes getting dressed completely brainless and reserves that brain power for things like writing and supporting my clients.

I ask Alexa what the weather is for the day and that is the only thought I have to give getting dressed. Once I know the weather, I grab a top, a pair of pants, and an outer layer (when needed) and I’m DONE.

It also makes shopping for clothing a breeze; if I have something that needs to be replaced, I just replace it with that exact thing. For example, if I get a stain on a short-sleeved top that just won’t come out, I replace it with the exact same style shirt.

I realize that for some women, the idea of a capsule wardrobe is not appealing and that is totally cool. Perhaps you LOVE fashion and it’s an important part of your self-expression. I am 100% always about self-expression so my aim is not to take that away from you or to imply that my way is the best. But for me, as someone who used to HATE getting dressed and shopping, a capsule wardrobe has been a real game changer.


Meditation Time

Once I am dressed, I call my cats for meditation time. That probably sounds weird but, for them, it’s snuggle time and they both get super anxious without that time. Kind of like me, LOL.

I meditate for between 20 and 30 minutes every morning. If I feel that I need more time than that, I have been known to go as long as two hours before. It really just depends on what I feel I need on any given day.

I use the Insight Timer app with music and noise-canceling headphones. If I am planning to go somewhere that day, I will use regular earbuds, though. Since my hair is still wet when I meditate and I have a pixie cut, the noise canceling headphones can make my hair dry weird.

For meditation music, I prefer what they call “dissonant” sounds (this guy is my favorite) that I can really feel in my body. I can usually tell that I will like a piece of music if there are reviews saying that it made the person uncomfortable. I find that they help me to stay present in my body and breathe, instead of floating off into my to-do list, and they are also the very enlightening, and therefore, very healing.

Late Morning

This part of my day is more flexible than my morning routine and is based more on the needs of that day.

Personal Growth

Some days, that might mean doing some personal energy healing work, journaling, or reading. I honestly don’t journal much these days because I find meditation to be more enlightening but when I do journal, it is usually more targeted, with specific prompts I want to explore. If I am feeling stuck on something, I might pull some tarot, as I have found tarot to be a wonderful mirror of my inner landscape.

Other days, it might be researching something I am interested in or listening to a personal growth podcast.


This is also the time I reserve for planning and brainstorming.

For example, if I have a new program I want to launch or a process in my business that isn’t working as smoothly as I’d like, this would be the time I would brainstorm those types of things.

On Monday’s specifically, I also like to write out my plan for the week in my bullet journal.

Art Journaling

The other thing I might do at this time is working in my art journal. Art journaling is one of my go to’s when I am assimilating and processing my emotions. I think that is because it really gets me into my body and into a flow with my intuition.

Get To Work

And, finally, the other thing I occasionally do during this time is getting right to work. I do find that I am more focused and clear if I do some of the other things I mentioned, first, but sometimes, especially if there is a deadline looming, I will start work right away.

Early Afternoon

By early afternoon, I am ready to start working.

Checking Email

I usually start with checking email. I know that some say it isn’t the best way to start your workday but the large majority of the work I do with my clients is over email. I also have forums on some of my programs. So, serving my clients and students comes first in my business.

When I am finished with the emails, I will do whatever is on my plan for that day. Each day is different but includes some combination of…

Client Energy Work

For my Heart of the Matter clients, I do a piece of remote energy work as part of that service.

Once we come up with the intention for the work, I will look at my schedule to see when I have a more “fluid” day in my calendar. Meaning, I prefer to do energy work for my clients when I don’t have any other appointments for the day and when my schedule is free from deadlines or other commitments. I also aim to only do one piece of energy work per day because it can take a couple of hours from start to finish.

One of my main intentions for my business is to be a clear channel for the Divine. So, before beginning the client work, I will usually do some sort of energy clearing meditation, first. That helps me to let go of everything else and focus solely on the work.

Once I feel that my energy is cleared, I’ll ask Alexa to play my energy work playlist on Amazon Music. As soon as the music starts, I begin gathering my supplies and setting up the energy fields.

When everything is all set up, I do the energy work on a special piece of paper called a Soul Chart. I speak the healing protocol out loud and write it on the paper.

Once the work is done, I take a picture of it and then, sit down at my desk to interpret the work and aim to make practical sense of what showed up.

This is my absolute favorite thing to do, ever. I feel deeply, deeply connected to the Divine during this time and it feels so incredibly reverent. It’s like a little bubble filled with awe and pure expression that is completely free from any fear, doubt, worry, shame, or guilt.

It’s transcendent while being completely present. As I said, it’s my favorite.

Once I’ve interpreted the chart, I email the picture of the chart and the interpretation to the client. I also send them a copy of The Alchemist Toolbox, which is currently only available to my clients. After that, I package the hard copy of the chart up and get it prepared to go out in the mail. I don’t usually mail the chart on the same day it is done; I usually wait until a day that I am already planning to go out.

With the energy work all wrapped up (literally!), I close out the space. Sometimes, this means doing another meditation and other times, its a more simple invocation. And finally, I ask Alexa to stop the music.

Client Coaching or Healing Sessions

As I mentioned above, the large majority of the work I do with my clients is via email as part of the Heart of the Matter service. But, for that service, I also take a very limited number of clients who add on live sessions with me. (Get on the waitlist.)

Those sessions are held via the internet on an application called Zoom and they usually last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes long.  They are a combination of energy work, coaching, and intuitive guidance to help my clients continue to move forward with their intentions.

I also offer private coaching sessions as an option in my group program called Liberate, which I run once per year.

And finally, I offer a deep dive energy healing service that is very intensive and is by invitation only. Those sessions are much longer than regular sessions and can last up to two hours each. They include a more targeted form of energy work that helps clients heal from “core” wounds. My clients have called them massages for the soul as they are very restorative.

No matter what kind of sessions I am holding, though, the sessions are incredibly deep and, also, a lot of fun. We laugh and cry in equal measure.

For these sessions, I also prepare my energy with meditation before and after. This is also one of the ways I manage my energetic boundaries and let my energy body know when to “turn on” and “turn off” reading my clients energy. It took me a while to learn this but I’m getting better at it each and every day.

Blogging and Program Creation

When I am not doing client energy work or sessions, I am doing some kind of creative writing.

All of my programs – Liberate, Self Love School, Shadow + Light, Create Your Vision, and Heart of the Matter – include a written component. So, I am usually either writing an update for an existing program, writing marketing content for a program or developing a new program.

And if I am not working on a program, I am writing content for my blog or newsletter subscribers. I also create a lot of free worksheets and guides.

I have always been a writer and, for a long time, I denied my dreams of getting paid to be a writer. Being in my 40’s, blogging or creating online programs wasn’t even an option when I was in school. You could try to get a book deal, be a newspaper writer, or a freelance writer.

That was about it and none of those things appealed to me. So, my love for writing was brushed under the rug for most of my life.

Today, though, the internet has made it possible to make a living doing whatever you love. And for that I am truly grateful.

Nowadays, a day doesn’t feel complete if I haven’t written SOMETHING!

Administrative Work (Music Required!)

And, now we come to the not-glamorous-at-all part of being a full-time blogger, healer, and coach. The stuff that no one sees but must get done in order to run an online business.

Everything I do is mostly a one-woman show. That means that I also take care of a lot of administrative things, like addressing tech issues, setting up website plugins, figuring out how to make my shopping cart software talk to my program platform, and creating + scheduling my Pinterest pins.

Thankfully, things mostly run smoothly and I am pretty tech savvy. I’m also highly organized and systems-oriented so making things flow smoothly comes pretty naturally to me. But, even then, it can be anywhere from 5 to 10 hours per week of taking care of that kind of stuff.

I’ve worked with assistants in the past and for various reasons, things haven’t worked out. I am planning to bring on more help really soon because I am getting to the point where I know that not having help is really holding me back from sharing my gifts with the world.

For now, though, I listen to music while I am doing the admin work and that helps. Sometimes, I’ll ask Alexa to play my Coffee House playlist, which serves as great background noise and other times, I’ll ask her to play some music Trevor Hall. I am completely and totally obsessed with his music and listen to something by him at least once a day. I even own his CD’s for my car, lol. His music speaks directly to my soul, especially this song, this song, this song, and this whole album.

Late Afternoon

This is another one of those periods that are more flexible. In a PERFECT world, it would be more concrete like my morning routine (I’m working on it!).

In that perfect world, I would make some space to do more art journaling, meditating, or just chilling before going into my evening. I find that it is easier for me to wind down when I make those things a priority in the late afternoon.

But, a lot of times, especially if I am on a deep writing streak, I’ll keep working right up until it’s time to start making dinner. Most days, this is around 5:30 or 6 PM but, as I mentioned before can also be as late as 7 or 8 PM.


Closing Up Shop

Once I am done work, I wrangle the cats off of the kitty condo and shut the door to the office. I definitely feel that it is easier for me to separate work and home when the door is closed.

I also go ahead and close the blackout curtains in the bedroom, which is right across the hall from the office. For some reason, I don’t like waiting until right before bed to do that. When I am ready for bed, I just want to be able to go to bed!

Making Dinner

After I close up shop, I usually start making dinner right away. I like to take my time, ask Alexa turn on some music (usually Trevor Hall!), and usually make something “fun” to drink like a LaCroix or Zevia. I like to dance and sing around the kitchen while I chop, simmer, and stir.

Cooking usually relaxes me so, most of the time, I really love making dinner. I am human, so, there are days when it’s just about getting dinner on the table. I have a few tricks up my sleeve for those nights, but, in general, I like to take my time. Get my mis en place and do things in a relaxed way.

After Dinner

This varies and really depends on what time it is and what is going on. Some days, my husband and I will play games or cards, work on a project, or read. We also watch television. Usually, we’ll watch a drama type show and then a couple of episodes of a half-hour comedy; right now we’re watching Mom on Hulu. Having that laughter before bed helps me unwind and let go of the day.

Bedtime Routine

When it’s time for bed, I usually take a couple different types of magnesium (this one and this one), fill up my 30 oz yeti with water, and then go do my evening self-care.

Then, once I’m ready for bed, I’ll turn on the sound machine and the fan before getting into bed to read. I will usually read for about 10 minutes before falling asleep but sometimes, it takes longer. I ONLY read fiction at bedtime because otherwise, I get too stimulated to fall asleep. and, honestly, it’s usually Harry Potter.

I usually sleep for 8 or 9 hours and then it all starts over again!

In Conclusion

Well, there you have it, my friend. A day in the life of a full-time blogger, Master Energy Healer, and Life Coach.

I am grateful to say that, after years of getting clear about what I want from life, deciding what is most important to me, and learning how my own natural rhythms f energy work, most of my work days are awesome. My time is filled with work that I love, connecting with people, and writing. I’ve also carved out time and space for my own wellbeing and personal growth.

Yes, there are thing’s I’d like to improve on, like hiring more help in my business and creating a more transitional time between work life and home life in the evenings, but, overall, I like the way my days flow. I’ve spent a lot of time and energy figuring out what will work for me and it’s really paid off.

And I hope that your inner people watcher was delighted for this behind the scenes peek. 😉

I'm Christie Inge.

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