FAQ's about the Human Design Map

1. Once you make your purchase, you will be automatically redirected to a form to submit your birth details. An accurate birth date, time, and place is required to make your map.
2. You will get a receipt email. Keep this for your records. The receipt email will have a link to the birth details form just in case something goes wrong with the redirect.
3. You will receive an email from me with full instructions on your next steps. The next steps email will also have the link to the birth details form.
4. Within a few days of submitting your form, you’ll receive an email letting you know the expected delivery date of your map.
5. Within three weeks time, your map will be delivered to your email box and you’ll gain access to the Map Portal for Q + A, the deconditioning toolbox, and other helpful resources.

The Format:

Most readings are either recorded or are via zoom/phone on a scheduled call. The Map is a written digital guide. It is over 100 pages long and will be delivered straight to your email box. 

The Value:

Some Human Design design readings can be upwards of $600 for a single hour and don’t include ongoing access to the skills and support you need to actually apply the information.

The map is $222 and includes ongoing access to  Q + A, coaching, and deconditioning tools.

The Depth and Attention to Detail:

The Human Design Map goes beyond general explanations. It gets into specifics with practical examples and guidance.

It includes lots of little details that are written in an easy to assimilate format.

It is also quite beautiful and will be a digital treasure for the rest of your life. 

The ongoing support and deconditioning tools:

As a 5/2 profile, I have literally zero interest in leaving you wondering with questions or lacking clarity on what to do next (in your inner or outer world). 
Because what I know FOR SURE is that information is only as valuable as it’s practical application. 
That is why you will be given ongoing access to Q + A, coaching forums, and an overflowing library of coaching and energy healing tools. 

Beyond the practicalities…

Besides the super tangible differences, the Human Design Map is different from a reading with someone else because it is created from my perspective. 

If you love my perspective on Human Design, you will love having your map to refer to and build upon.

I’m a 5/2 splenic projector born in the LAX of the Clarion 2 (57/51, 62/61).

Here is the affirmative summary about me from my own Human Design Map:

In addition to the full details in your map, it will also include this same type of summary.

I don’t subscribe to any Human Design dogma or believe that your Human Design is a rule book.

To me, Human Design is a door; not a destination. 

Your chart is a brilliant mirror that takes you into yourself, your inner wisdom, and your soul essence. 

If you get guided into your inner wisdom through HD and start to trust yourself above all else, even if it doesn’t match “traditional” or “source” interpretations of your chart, then your chart and I have done our job.


 And while I respect the mechanical foundations of Human Design, I absolutely do not worship at the feet of Ra Uru Hu (the original channeler of HD). 

I do not believe that his interpretation of the system is the only valid interpretation. He was a fallible human being just like the rest of us with his own traumas, limiting beliefs, and perspectives. He even said as much in a variety of ways. 

We are on the leading edge of collective evolution.  As a fifth-line profile with individual and collective circuitry, I give zero fucks about the way things are “supposed to be” done. 

I am always going to be for what gets you walking through the door to your inner world and what actually works for getting you into the highest potential expression of your chart. 

Collective transformation is an inside job. 

And if that means saying fuck you to dogmatic bullshit, so be it. 

If you prefer dogma, rules, or fitting in over your spiritual awakening and personal sovereignty, then you will be better served elsewhere. 

 I AM a clear channel for Fierce Grace…

…a champion for personal integrity

…a leader in emotional maturity

…an embodiment of radical self-responsibility

…a lightning bolt of esoteric awareness and wisdom.

 I make Human Design simple and practical. I weave in decades of experience in energy healing, coaching, and alchemical magick, all with the aim of making sure that you can use your Human Design as the beautiful doorway that it is. 

The map covers your type + strategy, authority, profile, and all four gates of your incarnation cross. 


I do believe that my perspective on Human Design is unique. I say things in a way that people seem to resonate with. 

But, the real magic here is in the integration tools and coaching that are inside the map portal. 


All maps are made to order and will be delivered to your email in three weeks or less. 

At this time, we are not offering rush orders for maps. 

You will have access to the Q + A, deconditioning toolbox, and coaching tools for the foreseeable future. As of now, I have no plans to stop providing these resources because they are a critical part of helping you APPLY the information in your map. 

Absolutely! Feel free to print it on your home (or office) printer or send it somewhere like Staples for printing and binding. The map is in black and white and is between 100 and 150 pages long. 

I do not recommend purchasing a map if you do not have an accurate birth time. To get your birth time, you can:

  • Look at your birth certificate.
  • Ask a family member.
  • Contact the hospital you were born in.
  • Hire a Vedic astrologer to do a birthtime reconciliation.


We do not recreate or refund maps that are incorrect due to inaccurate birth data being provided.

We’ve taken measures to prevent this from happening. Before submitting your birth information form, you will be asked to verify that you have input the correct information. 

But, in the event that you still submit incorrect information, you will need to pay a $50 administrative fee to have your map remade. 

I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basics of Human Design first. The map focuses on the specifics of your design rather than the big picture of Human Design. 

I have lots of “human design basics” posts on my blog. I’d encourage you to read those before ordering your map. 

I coach people inside the Human Design Map Portal. 

I do not work with people privately. 

When your map is delivered, you’ll get access to the online portal where you can post questions for me and my team. 

By default, your Map will be created using traditional Human Design, which uses tropical astrology. 

But, if you prefer a different method, once you purchase your map, you will be able to upload any “non-traditional” chart you have and we’ll use it to make your map.

Yes, when you checkout, you will have the option to give the map as a gift. Just fill out the details on that form and we’ll take care of the rest.

Yes, of course! When you receive the birth information form, just put in your child’s information instead of your own. Feel free to still use your email address for delivery, though.

Yes, of course!  Email christie@christieinge.com and we’ll discuss the options. 

If you have questions that aren’t listed, please email christie@christieinge.com and someone on the map team will be happy to answer. 

Please note that we do not respond to questions that are answered in the information on this page.