You can turn your dreams into your reality.

It’s just a matter of getting into alignment with them. 

To get into alignment with your dreams, you have to compassionately identify any unconscious misalignments and bring them into the light for healing and transformation. 

But, between the demands of everyday life and that pesky mean girl that lives inside your head, it isn’t always easy to see where you are out of alignment, let alone see it with compassion.

It’s like you can’t see the forest for the trees.

When the shit really hits the fan and you fall back into unhealthy habits and self-sabotaging behaviors, it isn’t unusual to start blaming yourself or to assume that it’s because you have no willpower.

You might even start to think that you aren’t worthy of what you want or that it just isn’t meant to be for you.

But it isn’t any of that.

In fact, the roadblocks you face on the way to your dreams aren’t personal at all. 

If you can dream it, it is already yours.

When you hit roadblocks on your path, it means you’ve sparked the fires of your inner Alchemist.

Whatever awakens you to your alchemist is the elixir you need.

Iva Kenaz

When things “go wrong” this a tale-tale sign that you are in the first phase of Alchemy, the process of transforming lead into goal.  In the first phase, you throw your metaphorical lead into the fire and burn it until it turns to ash.

The fire is symbolic of the light of awareness.

During this time, you must look at your situation with fresh – compassionate and non-judgmental – eyes so that you can truly see the energetic roots of what stands in your way.

It is an invitation to get to the heart of the matter so that you can move forward with clarity, ease, and grace. 

If you try to skip this essential part of the natural alchemical process, you won’t move forward and it will start to feel like you are spinning your wheels. It might even start to feel like it’s “your fault.” 

And, that, my friend, never works out. 

But, if you let the fire burn and do it’s thing, it will totally guide your way.  

When you heal the heart of the matter, transformation is not only possible, it's inevitable.

Introducing the Heart of the Matter Energy Healing + Coaching

The Heart of the Matter Energy Healing and coaching is for folks who have a dream, goal, or intention that they want to bring to fruition but can’t seem to move beyond blocks like unhealthy emotional patterns, bad habits, and/or self-sabotage.

As a result of this work, you’ll go from frustrated (with yourself or with your circumstances), confused, and stuck to clear, focused, and confident. You’ll also:

  • know exactly what is standing in your way (it isn't your willpower or worthiness, I promise!)
  • gather the tools necessary to navigate your transformation
  • feel confident in moving beyond the blocks and obstacles
  • trust yourself to create what you want on purpose

By the end of our time together, I can’t promise that you’ll be at your ultimate destination (there are just too many factors for me to be able to honestly promise that!) But, what I can promise is that you will FEEL a shit ton better and will be well on your way to making your intentions your reality. 

Who I Am + Why This Work Matters to Me...

I’m Christie Inge. I’ve been called the love-child of Pema Chodron, Olivia Pope, and Samantha Jones. And, I gotta say, that’s pretty spot on because I’m one part old soul, one part make shit happen, and one part sass.

As a Master Alchemist, I guide tenacious dreamers, like you, into alignment with their deepest desires and heartfelt dreams.

My special alchemists’ goggles help me see the true root cause of the blocks, obstacles, and bad habits that prevent you from making your intentions real. The energy work I do heals those blocks so that you can move forward with ease. 

I’m passionate about this work because I know, first hand, what it’s like to feel stuck, unable to move forward, and wondering what the hell is wrong with me. It’s a pretty sucktastic place to be.

When I realized that all of those feelings were signs of my Inner Alchemist, instead of stop signs from the Universe, I knew that I must spread this work far and wide.

I can’t keep it to myself when I know that there are so many folks out there blaming themselves, trapped on a hamster wheel, and not able to move forward.

I want to live in a world where every being on the planet knows their Divine power to create their dreams and this work my contribution to that vision.

So, if you resonate with what I’ve shared with you here, you’re in the right place because I can help.

I’m ready when you are. 


This energy healing + coaching package includes...

  • My ninja intuitive skills to reveal the exact energy blocks that are preventing you from living your intentions (this part happens via email)
  • A powerful piece of energy work that will clear + heal the energetic blocks and will guide your way into alignment. This energy work is done on a special type of paper called a "Soul Chart." Once the work is complete, you'll receive a PDF copy of it via email and the original hardcopy in the "real" mail.
  • Seven (7) Private Alchemy Sessions (via Zoom) over the course of four months to receive additional energy healing, coaching, and intuitive guidance. People say that a single session is more effective than years of therapy.
  • Weekly email intention check-ins to help you embody the transformation that is happening at the energetic level.
  • A PDF copy of The Alchemist Toolbox, which is like a map of how to get from point A to point B in on your transformational path. It shows you which tools to use based on where you are in your process. It's truly my life's work in PDF format.

And, of course, I’ll also be there to answer your questions and offer you guidance via email all along the way. You are not alone in this! When you are ALL IN, I AM ALL IN. 

You can make your dreams come true.
I'll help you make it happen.

Let's Make Magic

The Heart of the Matter is currently sold out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You might be surprised to hear that I love this question. Because, honestly, if you would have told me fifteen years ago that I’d be an energy healer on the internet, I would have thought you were off your rocker.

All that to say that I totally get the hesitation. Energy work IS kind of weird and intimidating.

But, at the end of the day, I’m for what works. And the results that my clients and I have experienced speak for themselves.

So, the best way that I can describe is this:

Take a moment to imagine your bathroom mirror. In the recent past, it was covered in toothpaste speckles. And at some point, you made a conscious choice to clean it. Once the mirror was clean, you looked at your reflection and felt a sigh of relief. You could see yourself again.

Well, energy work is kind of like that.

In this metaphor, you are still you but the mirror is like a lens that you look at yourself, other people, and the world through. And the toothpaste speckles are all the energetic junk – limiting beliefs, unprocessed emotions, and unconscious behaviors – that distort what you see when you look in the mirror.

When the mirror is covered in toothpaste speckles, you aren’t able to see yourself clearly. When the mirror is clean, you can.

That moment that you decide to clean the mirror is what energy work is. It’s the conscious choice to acknowledge that the mirror is dirty and, then, with intention, clean it.

And once clean it, you see clearly again.

Once you make your payment, you’ll immediately receive a receipt email and an email with your next steps. 

Inside that email, you will find step-by-step instructions for getting started as well as some general advice about how to get the most out of this offer.

Once you buy, you’ll get an email from me with your next steps. Inside that email, you will find a form to fill out. 

You will fill this form out openly and honestly. The more open you are, the more I’ll be able to “see.”

When I read “the energy” your response, my intuitive gifts will kick in and I’ll “just know.” In particular, I am clairsentient, claircognizent, and clairaudient which means that my intuition comes through feelings, sounds, words, and my gut instincts. 

Sometimes, if you are feeling especially nervous or resistant, it will “come through” as a wall and we’ll need to ease your nervousness before I can “see” what is going on. 

In this case, I’ll let you know by email and we’ll have a deeper conversation by email. 

The energy work that I will be doing for you is done on a special “encoded” piece of paper called a Soul Chart. Once we know the heart of the matter and your overall intention, I will use the chart to do the healing work. 

You will not be present during this process. 

Once I have finished the healing work, done the intuitive interpretation of the chart, and written up the practical steps I recommend taking, I’ll send all of that to you via email. 

I’ll also be sending the hardcopy of your Soul Chart to you in the mail. They are beautiful and will serve as a lovely talismen of where you are headed. 

No. I do not offer refunds. 

Email me at and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. And no worries, I truly value the intimacy and intensity of the work, which means that I have no interest in selling you something you won’t benefit from. 

Let's Make Magic

The Heart of the Matter is currently sold out.