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How What I Do is Different

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One of the core differences between the work I do in WonderWork and the work you’ve likely encountered before is that I am all about energy work.

And while I’m not afraid of the woo and love to play in the land of magic, when I’m talking about energy here, I’m simply talking about the fact that everything is energy.

Your thoughts are energy.
Your feelings are energy.
Your body is energy.
The furniture in your house is energy.
The sky is energy.
Your car is energy.

Everything is energy.

And energy is either flowing freely, or it’s blocked.

When energy is blocked, the flow becomes distorted.

A simple metaphor here is like the drain in your shower.

If the drain in the shower gets clogged with hair, it disrupts the natural flow of the water. If you don’t remove the clog, eventually, the water will start backing up into the floor of the tub. And if that keeps happening, it will eventually flood.

By removing the clog, the water flows naturally again.

The energy of YOU works the same way.

But instead of hair, you have behaviors, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and shadows that you’re (innocently) running on autopilot. Left unconscious, they will eventually “clog” the flow of your energy.

If your energy is clogged, it will manifest itself as a whole host of issues. Those issues often look like “low self-worth” habits such as people-pleasing, settling in your job or relationships, underearning, or the diet/binge cycle.

If your energy is flowing in its natural state, you will be able to live a life that reflects your dreams, your needs, your values, and your purpose. (Which is precisely what “having self-worth” looks like.)

I'm Christie Inge.

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