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How your Human Design can help you feel less lonely, disconnected, and insignificant

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You know what feels like Hell on Earth?

Scrolling social media, desperately trying to feel more connected, belonging, or significant.

It rarely, if ever, actually works.

Most of the time, we come away from scroll holes feeling more lonely, disconnected, and insignificant. We compare ourselves to the highlight reels of the people we follow and convince ourselves that we are less than in this world.

The very thing we use to feel better actually perpetuates our pain and suffering rather than solving for it.

This is true for any type of buffer we might use to avoid our true feelings, whether its food, drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping, whatevs.

Just like food is only a solution for physical hunger, real connection is the only solution for loneliness.

In the Human Design chart, the gate in your Unconscious Earth is a tool you can use to actually feel more connected.

When you are using the energy of your Unconscious Earth gate in service to your highest potential, you will experience connection with yourself, your community, the collective, and the cosmos. It is your hotline to that thing that some call God and will create your very own heaven on Earth.

And when you are using it to your detriment, you will use it to create disconnection and to foster beliefs that you are insignificant or that life, people, and “God” are out to get you. It will become your very own hell on Earth.

One of the most powerful things you can do when you find yourself feeling lonely, disconnected, or like you are insignificant in the world is to go to the wisdom of your Unconscious Earth gate and ask yourself:

How might I deliberately create connection by devoting more energy (aka thoughts, feelings, and actions) to the highest expression of my Unconscious Earth?

In that devotion, you just may find that you are less compulsive around “buffering” feelings like loneliness, disconnection, and insignificance and are just “naturally” feeling more connected in your daily life.

That is what it means to do the inner work necessary to make outer change inevitable. That energetic math always adds up. It can only work that way.

How are you deliberately creating more connections today?

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