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What To Do If Your Human Design Chart Seems Wrong

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Occasionally, folx will come across their Human Design and feel like it’s the wrong chart or that it doesn’t describe them at all. 


Thinking that you have the wrong chart can happen for a couple of reasons. 


But, before I dig into them, it will be useful to understand the difference between resistance and genuinely believing that your Human Design chart is wrong. 


Resistance can absolutely masquerade as thoughts that something is wrong with any idea, person, system, or whatever. And Human Design is no different. 


Resistance, in it’s vibrational essence, is a form of fear, and like all fear, is an invitation to slow down, tune in, and discern risks within the available options in front of you. 


Resistance does not mean that you should or shouldn’t do something. It means you need more information before deciding. 


In many cases, resistance comes up when we are facing some sort of inner obstacle — especially the possibility of uncovering shadows.  


And if your Human Design spells out some shadowy shit that you’ve been unconsciously running from, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’re going to experience resistance.  


But that doesn’t make your Human Design wrong. It makes your Human Design a mirror for the places inside that are ready to expand into a fuller, richer, and deeper experience of YOUness. 


Resistance feels like an inner two year old pushing back against an outer reality, plugging your ears and screaming no, and turning your head to avoid looking. It feels like throwing up a wall and hiding behind it. 


And most importantly, it comes with a story of denial, avoidance, and a “you can’t make me” kind of attitude. 


When you genuinely believe that your Human Design is wrong — as in, the information wasn’t put in correctly, a glitch in the tech, or a setting that is off — will feel more clear. It won’t be surrounded with a bunch of stories or feelings. It will just be knowing that something isn’t right. 


Obviously, you need to address resistance and something just not being correct – technically speaking – in two totally different ways. 


But before I dig into how to deal with both of these issues, it is also important to note that the Human Design system isn’t something you need to “believe in.”


Human Design Is Not A Belief System


I can’t tell you how many people that I’ve “blown their minds” by “knowing” deep, dark parts of them just by looking at their charts. And I’m talking about the kind of people who are deeply — and spiritually — invested in believing that things like Human Design and Astrology are useless works of the devil. As well as folx who are very logic oriented and need facts and figures to “prove” things. 


That is because belief is not required for your Human Design to be an effective TOOL. 


Your Human Design is a mirror, reflecting back the character you wanted to play in this game of life, and it’s an invitation to experiment. Let your experimentation reveal it’s validity. 


So, with all that said, let’s talk about what to do when you have resistance to your Human Design vs genuinely believing something is just off with the chart. 


What To Do If Your Human Design Chart Seems Wrong


Like I said before, there are two main things happening when something is “wrong” with your chart. 


If you believe that something is “just off” or technically wrong  with your Human Design, there are a couple of things to look at:

  1. Make Sure That The Data Was Entered Correctly


There are a number of places that can enter your birth details and get your Human Design and you need to put the data in differently depending on which service you are using. 


So, take a closer look at the birth date on the chart and make sure that: 


  1. your birth date was put in with the correct format for the system you are using. Some systems use mm/dd/yyyy, some use dd/mm/yyyy, and Genetic Matrix, my personal favorite uses yyyy/mm/dd. 
  2. the time is in the correct format. Some systems use military time and others use standard time. The difference in a chart at 7:03 AM versus 7:03 PM (aka 19:03) will likely be different — and sometimes wildly so. 
  3. your birthplace is in the correct state. Some systems automatically pull in the state based on what is most common. For example, if you were born in Paris, Texas, USA, it would be very easy to input Paris France without even realizing it because the system may auto populate it. 


2. Be Sure That You Are Using An Accurate Birth Time


In order for your Human Design chart (and the guides I create for you) to be accurate, your birth time must be accurate. 


And in some cases, it needs to be accurate down to the minute. 


On dates where there are only a few planetary transits, your chart could stay essentially the same for a couple of hours. On days where there are lots of planetary transits, your chart could vary wildly within minutes.


When you couple that with the fact that your Human Design is taking into account TWO dates (your birthdate and the automatically calculated design date), there is a lot of room for fluctuation. 


So, if you are sure about your birth time, here are some options: 


  1. Look on your birth certificate and verify that you recorded it correctly. If it isn’t listed on your birth certificate, you can…
  2. Ask a family member if they know what time you were born. This definitely can help but it isn’t exactly reliable. So, proceed with caution. 
  3. Hire an Astrologer to do a birth time reconciliation. This is what I personally did since my birth time is not listed on my birth certificate 
  4. Purchase a pro subscription to Genetic Matrix and play with the times. I recommend running a chart for every hour of the day and look for what changes. 


There are many layers to the Human Design system and the more accurate your information is, the more resonant you’ll find your chart. 


But, not if you’re actually in resistance. 


If You Are In Resistance To The Information In Your Chart


If everything is technically right with your chart — and you aren’t just brushing it off because you don’t “believe in it” — then what you’re dealing with is actually resistance and that is 100% worth exploring. 


As I said before, the main resistance we experience because of our Human Design chart is when it reveals a part of our shadow self.  


Despite a lot of new age rhetoric, shadow isn’t the same as “negative” emotions or “bad” habits. 


Shadow is any part of ourselves that we have rejected, hidden, repressed, or avoided out of tribal shame. In many cases, these parts of ourselves are buried deep within our unconsciousness, therefore, we genuinely cannot see them without them being spelled out. 


When this is the case, here are the steps I recommend you take: 


If you are working with a guide that I created for you (such as the WonderFull Purpose Map): 


  1. Print out the guide you’ve purchased from me. 
  2. Grab two highlighters and a pen. 


If you are working with Human Design books or online resources: 


  1. Pull up your chart online or print it out. 
  2. Pull up the online materials or grab the books you are using to decipher your chart. 


And then…


  1. Drop all judgments, stories of should, rightness or wrongness. You cannot effectively do this work when you are holding judgement against yourself! 


Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. ~ Rumi


  1. Get grounded and present in your body. There are a number of options to do this online but it can be as simple as placing your feet on the floor, your hands over your heart center, and breathing deeply. 
  2. Go through the material you are working with — either my guide or other materials — and read it line by line. Read it slowly and deliberately without judgment. 
  3. In one color, highlight or make note of everything you resonate with. And in a second color, highlight or make note of everything that doesn’t resonate with.  
  4. Get curious about the contrast of what resonates and what doesn’t. If you resonate with the “positive” aspects but not the “negative” aspects, this is a sure fire sign that you’re facing your shadow. 


When working with your Human Design chart, it is important to remember that each part of a chart — type, strategy, authorities, centers, gates, lines, variables, etc. — are spectrums of energy. 


Your chart isn’t showing you either/or traits. It’s showing you both/and traits. 


On one end of the spectrum is the exalted expression and on the other end is the detriment expression. But the energy is the same — it’s just expressed differently depending on awareness, intention, skill, and responsibility.  


If you need some help embracing your shadows, I recommend my online course called Shadow + Light


Once we accept the fact that each of us embodies all the traits in the universe, we can stop pretending that we are not everything… ~ Debbie Ford


  1. By taking a closer look at what is resonating and what isn’t, you are likely to have more clarity about what you’re actually resisting. With this new clarity, I encourage you to stay in contemplations about these parts of yourself and remain open to a new understanding of Who You Really Are
  2. If after all of this, you still feel sure that your Human Design is wrong, you will want to consider getting a birth time reconciliation or moving on to a different system. 


If you have been struggling with thinking that your Human Design is wrong, I trust that you have found this post illuminating and helpful. 

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