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The official Human Design name for Gate 1 is “The Creative,” but I call it The Divine Masculine (which is about energy, not gender!).

Human Design Gate 1 is in the sign of Scorpio.

Scorpio is the sign of profound inner transformation, mystery, and erotic power. It’s all about going within and digging deep.

In the Human Design chart, Gate 1 is a gate in the G center, and it connects to the throat center via gate 8.


I don’t personally have gate one defined in my chart, but I am intimately familiar with it!

First, I have gate eight defined, making people with Gate 1 highly attractive to me. We are always drawn to people who complete channels in our chart. The more channels they complete, the more somebody will draw us in.

I have many friends, and family members with Gate 1 defined in their charts. In fact, one of my closest friends has Gate 1 defined in her personality sun (the personality sun is the most important gate in your chart!).

Secondly, a large portion of my clients have Gate 1 defined in their charts. Having Gate 1 isn’t a requirement to work with me, of course, but it just goes to how powerful that draw is!

The core theme of Human Design Gate 1 is having the capacity for Creativity.

It has a way of expressing itself through Creativity and being an example to others to do the same.

Whether you have Gate 1 defined in your chart or not, it’s that inner knowing that Creativity and expansion are the nature of reality on Earth.

In the shadows (aka unconscious), Gate 1 can lead to depression when you hit a Creative low. It can manifest itself as deep fear, panic, and anxiety, too.

Whether you internalize or externalize the shadow of Gate 1, it can look like buffering with food, alcohol, or drugs to dull “low” emotions or frustration, bitterness, anger, or disappointment in the natural ebb and flow of Creativity.

At its worst, it can lead to destroying “perfectly good” things so that you have a clear ground to Create from again. It can even lead to suicidal urges and rage. It feels dark, moody, and intense and is not afraid to burn some shit down.

The gift of Gate 1 is the awareness that all Creativity happens in the ebbs and flows of life. It’s perfectly normal to feel super Creative sometimes and completely uninspired at other times. It’s those Lord Shiva vibes and the willingness to let some things die for something new to be born.

Human Design Gate 1 is all about trusting in the natural flow of Creativity and not making it mean terrible shit when you’re feeling uninspired to Create.

One of the patterns I’ve noticed, both in folx who have Gate 1 defined and those who don’t, is this deep, deep story about unworthiness when they aren’t on top of their Creative game.

It’s like those low feelings roll in, and, all of a sudden, they start telling themselves that the Universe is punishing them for being human. They tell themselves that if they were better at managing their emotions or could just stay “high vibe,” that they would be Creative all the time.

I’ve been there myself more times than I could even count.

And what I’ve come to understand is that CHOOSING WORTHINESS is, of course, about honoring your Creativity and going with it. But, it’s also about dropping the story of unworthiness and trust that “negative vibes” are in service to your Creativity. They don’t “prove” horrible shit about you. I promise.

Up and down it goes like a great wave across my own home
All the questions of the mind trying to find a way to show
That I got darkness I got light I got everything in between
Don’t deny any side
I don’t cut branches off my tree
Great storm clouds holding rain
It’s part of nature to hold a bit of pain
All in all, that rain falls, and then we watch a new thing grow
Great Storm Clouds by Trevor Hall

It’s about knowing that “the low” is just as important as “the high” in your most authentic self-expression. Its energy. In motion.

So, for the next few days, here are some contemplative prompts for you to explore Human Design Gate 1:

When you stand in the Truth that your lows don’t mean anything about your Creative potential…

What does Creativity mean to you?

Are you connected to your Creativity?

Do you make your low feelings mean something about your Creativity and your worthiness? Why do you think that is?

How can you CHOOSE WORTHINESS by honoring your Creative highs more often? And by focusing on emotional self-care when you’re in a Creative low?

Who are your biggest allies who can remind you of your Creative genius?

Give yourself plenty of time and space with these questions. Use them as a prayer and actively seek the answers as you move through your days. Allow the answers to soak so deep into your bones that miracles happen.

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