Human Design Gate 19 – Gene Key 19 – The Sensitive Soul

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The official name for Human Design Gate 19 is The Gate of Wanting. But I call it The Sensitive Soul because its primary action is to be sensitive to the needs of others while maintaining proper self-care. 

About Human Design Gate 19 – Gene Key 19

Archetype Name: The Sensitive Soul

In Action: be sensitive to the needs of others (without sacrificing yourself)

Keywords: sensitivity, being attuned to needs, and community empowerment

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Official Gate Name: Wanting

Human Design Definition: That all things are interrelated is apparent and manifested through the action of approach. 

Core Theme: The pressure to be sensitive to basic needs. 

Bodygraph Center: Root center and connects to the Solar Plexus center via human design gate 49

Tropical Sign: Aquarius

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The Energy Spectrum of Human Design Gate 

All energy in the Human Design chart exists on a spectrum of potential

On the “positive” end of the spectrum, Human Design Gate 19 is the energy for being sensitive to the needs of others while maintaining proper self-care. Gate 19 believes individuals, communities, and the collective thrive when basic needs are met. It loves being around emotionally healthy people and thrives when those around it are thriving. 

 On the “negative” end of the spectrum, Human Design Gate 19 is the energy for not understanding your own needs and putting your needs last. When gate 19 isn’t taking time for its own needs, it can easily become overwhelmed by the energetic input of others. 

If you don’t like the results that the “negative” side of the spectrum is creating in your life, you can raise the frequency of Gate 19 with a number of boundaries, practices, and tools. 

(I cover the practices for the gates of your incarnation cross in The Human Design Map.) 

The most important thing to raise the frequency of gate 19 is to Set and honor your time, communication, energy, and space boundaries. 

My personal contemplation of Human Design Gate 19 (Gene Key 19)

I don’t have gate 19 defined in my chart but I do have hanging gate 49 (the other side of the channel). My husband and I complete this channel together and I also seem to magnetize a lot of people that have this whole channel. 

The really interesting thing to me is that I’ve been told for my whole life that I am “too sensitive.” In fact, I used to wear “being an empath” as a badge of honor. 

I would cry at the drop of a hat and I have been hypervigilant about the needs of others – especially their emotional needs. I’ve tiptoed around people’s feelings and walked on eggshells because it felt SO terrible inside to be around people who were feeling uncomfortable emotions. 

I’ve also been known to really step into that 49 energy and cut people out of my life if I couldn’t handle their emotional intensity. I didn’t really understand that there were other options. 

What I’ve come to understand through Human Design is that, with my undefined solar plexus and root, it is that I have been unconsciously amplifying the energy of the defined roots and solar plexus’ around me. 

These days, I’m able to simply observe others’ emotions without taking it on. I’ve been able to establish boundaries around my emotional caretaking. And I am able to maintain those boundaries even in the face of very intense emotion like rage, terror, shame, and despair. 

I’m not perfect at that, of course. There is always more wisdom to be discovered. 

But, what I do know for sure is that when we are in integrity with the highest potential with Gate 19 and have the necessary boundaries in place, sensitivity is a beautiful gift. 

We all want to be understood. We all want to be seen in all our emotional messiness. We all want to have our needs acknowledged and honored. 

And Gate 19 does that so beautifully. 

Now it’s your turn to contemplate Gate 19

When you stand in the truth that the gifts of Gate 19 are available to you, (whether it’s defined in your chart or not)…

What is your relationship to being sensitive?

Are you attuned to the needs, especially the emotional needs, of others? 

How are your boundaries around that? 

Have you experienced the beauty of having your needs and emotions deeply seen by others?

I encourage you to take some time with these questions. Take them out into your world and let their answers reveal themselves to you. Intend for deeper levels of clarity about gate 19

And, if you have gate 19 in your Human Design Incarnation Cross, be sure to check out The Human Design Map where I go super deep into each gate of your cross.