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Being Your Own Sovereign Leader

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The official name for Human Design Gate 34 is The Gate of Power but I call it The Sovereign. It’s in the sign of Sagittarius. 


Sagittarius is a fire sign. It’s a sign of aspiration, optimism, and new adventures. It’s about aiming for a brighter future. 


In the Human Design chart, Gate 34 is a gate in the Sacral center and it connects to the G center via gate 10. It also connects to the spleen center via gate 57 and the throat center via gate 20. 

Human Design Gate 34

The Energy Spectrum of Human Design Gate 34


The core theme of Human Design Gate 34 is pure power to empower. 


It is the energy for harnessing power for the good of the collective. It is strong, majestic, and sovereign. It deeply trusts in Divine Timing and reserves energy for aligned action. 


When Gate 34 is manifesting in your life unconsciously (aka the shadow), it can try to push or force your dreams into reality. 


Depending on whether you internalize or externalize the shadow of Gate 34, it can look like being drained from wasting time, energy, and resources due to lack of clear vision or acting without thinking. 


In the shadow frequency, it often feels busy, hectic, and fearful. 


But, as with all shadows, there is always a gift. Our inner work is to bring the shadow into the light of consciousness and embrace the full spectrum of it’s potential.  


In doing so, we step into worthiness of the gifts of gate 34. 


The gift (aka the conscious side) of Gate 34 is the awareness that clear vision + aligned action + divine timing = magic. It’s knowing a brighter future is always possible and miracles abound. And it’s cultivating inner strength, faith, and flow to make their visions a reality. 


How to Choose Worthiness of the Gifts of Gate 34


I don’t have gate 34 defined in my chart but one of my former energy healers/coaches does. 


I can remember it like yesterday. She was talking to me on Marco Polo and was wearing either a shawl or blanket around her shoulders. It was wrapped in a distinctly regal way and she truly looked like a Queen. 


I immediately replied and told her that she was bringing the 34 vibes HARD with that shawl. 


We got a good chuckle out of it because she hadn’t consciously chosen to rock the Queen look that day. It is just what felt natural to her. And that is how our energy works so much of the time. It’s playing out in both big and small ways, we just have to know where to look. 


All of that to say, I am forever grateful for her and the work we’ve done together over the years. 


I’ve got big, bold, clear visions. And now that I’m no longer trying to prove my worth by working my ass off, I’m only interested in taking focused and aligned action. 


But, OMG, I’m not exactly known for patience. Or waiting for right timing. Or surrendering to the mystery of the way that vision, action, and Divine Timing collide into miracles.


Even without her really meaning to, she showed me that I didn’t need to rush. That I could slow down. That I could trust in my knowing of right timing. 


And, probably most importantly, that by rushing, pushing, and forcing, I was adding unnecessary limits, struggle, and suffering to my life. 


And that seems to be how it goes. When we try to make shit happen, without faith in our vision and deep trust in Divine timing, we end up settling for much, much less than we actually deserve. 


But, when we surrender…


Miracles become the norm. 


Your Personal Contemplation of Human Design Gate 34


When you stand in the Truth that you are worthy of miracles


What is your vision? Where are you headed? What are you creating with your life force energy? 


When you have so much faith in your vision becoming real that it’s as good as done in heart and mind, what actions do you take? What energy do you bring to the way you move through your days? What is your way of BEING in the world? 


What are your indicators of right timing? What ways does the Divine wink and nudge you along? 


And, most importantly, are you willing to surrender to your magic? Are you truly open to miracles? 


These questions are a good reminder for me. And I hope that they will be powerful for you as well. 

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