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You Don’t Have to Keep Repeating the Same Mistakes (Human Design Gate 44 – Gene Key 44)

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The official Human Design name for gate 44 is “The Gate of Alertness,” but I call it The Pattern Interrupter.

Human Design Gate 44 is in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of profound inner transformation, mystery, and erotic power. It’s all about going within and digging deep.

In the Human Design chart, Gate 44 is a gate in the spleen center. It connects to the will center via gate 26.

I personally have Human Design Gate 44 defined in my chart. It’s in my unconscious North Node and has had a massive influence on my life direction.

About Human Design Gate 44 – Gene Key 44

The core theme of Human Design Gate 44 is the fear of repeating mistakes from the past.

It has a way of sniffing out the habitual patterns that need to be broken to create well-being and prosperity. It can literally smell potential and possibility.

Whether you have the 44 defined in your chart or not, it’s that inner knowing that unconscious patterns are destined to repeat themselves unless you consciously choose a new path.

In the shadows, it creates trauma bonds and the shame soaked hell of repeating patterns of unnecessary suffering.

As with any shadow, you can project it outward or internalize it (or both). If you internalize the shadow of the 44, you might continuously beat yourself up for past mistakes. If you project it, you might find that it’s hard to trust others who’ve made mistakes in the past. At its worst, it can hold you back from moving forward with what you really want because you are afraid of repeating mistakes of the past. It feels shameful, powerless, and unwise.

The gift of the 44 is the awareness that every moment and memory holds the potential for healing and transformation. It’s the resolve to keep going and to learn from your mistakes. It’s the willingness to forgive everything that has ever happened and to begin making new choices going forward.

The 44 takes the mistakes and patterns of the past and interrupts them. It does this through honest awareness and the willingness to be in the river of misery.

As I look back on my own life, I can see how often I’ve held myself back because I was afraid to repeat the same mistakes twice. (Or a million times!). And I can see why I feel so passionate about habit change and the concept of CHOOSING WORTHINESS.

So many of us run around this Earth, believing that we are unworthy. That belief creates specific patterns and unworthiness habits– habits like overeating, overdrinking, overworking, underearning, people-pleasing.

We have to be willing to look at those patterns right in the eye, integrate their wisdom, and start to make new choices ON PURPOSE. It’s literally the only way we can ever break those old patterns.

Old patterns and habits don’t just magically change because we want them to. Our patterns change when WE CHANGE. We have to consciously make a choice, especially when it’s easier to stay on loop mode.

I’d invite you to contemplate the following questions about Human Design Gate 44:

Where are you holding yourself back out of fear of repeating mistakes of the past? Where do you need to forgive yourself or others because of past mistakes so that you can move forward?

What unprocessed emotions and blocked shadows are keeping you in loop mode? Are you willing to show up for yourself to do the inner work required to make a real change?

What did you learn from your mistakes? And what practical steps can you take to integrate those lessons?

In what ways are you staying stuck in your habits of unworthiness? What small – but completely conscious – step can you take today to break that pattern?

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