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The Key to Finding Joy

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If you are new here, welcome! This is a post in my Human Design Gates series and covers Human Design Gate 58 (aka Gene Key 58), which is all about cultivating joy. If you aren’t familiar with Human Design, it is my absolute favorite tool for knowing who you are and your purpose in life. I recommend starting with my intro blog post on the Human Design Chart Basics

Human Design Gate 58 is The Gate of Vitality. 

But I call it The Joy Junkie. It’s in the sign of the Capricorn. 


Capricorn is an earth sign. It’s a sign of caution, responsibility, and hard work. It’s about the details and convention. 


In the Human Design chart, Gate 58 is a gate in the Root center and it connects to the Splenic center via gate 18. 

The Energy Spectrum of Human Design Gate 58


The core theme of Human Design Gate 58 is pressure to make things better. In this context, pressure is not necessarily a problem. It’s really about acting from the amount of pressure that is correct for you. 


With the right balance of pressure, Gate 58 is the energy for experiencing the joy in life…just by being alive. It sees the potential for joy in all things and contributes value to others by revealing the behaviors and patterns that prevent joy. 


When Gate 58 is manifesting in your life unconsciously (aka the shadow), it seeks joy from external factors rather than internal cultivation. 


Depending on whether you internalize or externalize the shadow of Gate 58, it can look like allowing stress and pressure to override joy or being pushy to figure out why others are unhappy. 


In the shadow frequency, it often feels bitter, stressful and under pressure. 


But, as with all shadows, there is always a gift. Our inner work is to bring the shadow into the light of consciousness and embrace the full spectrum of it’s potential.  


In doing so, we are able to step into worthiness of the gifts of gate 58. 


The gift (aka the conscious side) of Gate 58 is the awareness that joy and contentment are the natural state of humans. It’s having alignment in the present moment with your internal source of joy. 


And it’s the willingness to know everything on the outside can be perfect and humans will still feel unsatisfied. We must learn to focus inward to access true joy. 


How to Choose Worthiness of the Gifts of Gate 58


I am no stranger to believing that joy and happiness come from the outside — other people, stuff, food, etc.


At one time in my life, nothing “made me happier” than going to Target, grabbing a latte, and browsing the aisles for the latest and greatest thing. 


If people didn’t behave the way I thought they should, I complained. I huffed and I puffed. I raged all around me.


When I was unhappy at work, I’d look for a new job. When I was unhappy with my boyfriend, I broke up with him. When I “had nothing to wear”, I’d go buy more clothes. 


I used food, drugs, alcohol and sex to numb my emotions. 


But, no matter how much stuff I accumulated, how much food I ate, and how many boys liked me, it was never, ever enough. 


And that is because of two things:


First, life is 50/50. 


We aren’t designed to be happy all of the time. Sometimes, life is amazing and sometimes life sucks. 


Emotions are energy in motion — they are not supposed to be static and never changing — they are meant to flow in and out. 


And when we are present with them, even the most intense waves of emotion, they have so much beauty, depth, and wisdom to offer us. The contrast of emotions is what makes it all worth it. 


 And, secondly, our emotions are not caused by other people, our clothes, that cute pillow at Target, or the amount of money in our bank accounts. They come from the way our nervous system interprets the things happening around us and the meaning our brain gives to our circumstances.


Now, please don’t mistake what I mean here. I’m not saying that if you just think positive you’ll be happy all the time, that you should stay in miserable situations because they are your fault, or that you are to blame for everything that you’ve experienced in your life. 


Sometimes, changing the outer influences in our lives can be very helpful. And certain situations are understandably easier to interpret with joy and happiness. And some situations just plan fucking suck. 


But the emotions are still coming from your brain and nervous system – not the circumstance. 


You can absolutely choose new interpretations and meaning. You can reprogram your brain. And you can expand the capacity of your nervous system and create new default patterns. 


 But to do those things, you must accept that…


There is no upside to believing that things outside of you cause your emotions. Because if things outside of you cause your emotions, you are powerless to change them. 


If you need your boss to be a certain way for you to be happy, you’re in for a crap shoot. 


If you buy that cute pillow at Target, once its been in your living room for a little while, you aren’t even going to notice it anymore. 


If it’s raining outside, hating the weather does absolutely nothing to change it. 


But when you recognize that happiness and joy are an inside job and that you aren’t meant to be happy all the time, there you have freedom. There, you have a solid foundation to build upon. There, you stop giving all of your power away and become the real creator of your life. 


These are the lessons and gifts of Human Design Gate 58. So, as the Sun transits gate 58, I invite you to contemplate where you believe that joy and happiness come from and if those beliefs are serving you. 


Your Personal Contemplation of Human Design Gate 58


When you stand in the Truth that you are worthy of the kind of joy and happiness that can only come from inside…


How dependent on “outside things” are you to experience joy and happiness? Do you like having that attachment? What if it changes? 


How can you make space in your life to experience the full range of emotions so that the joy becomes that much sweeter? 


In what ways can you cultivate joy and happiness with your thoughts, beliefs, intentional feelings, and actions? 


How can you begin to choose more joy today? 


And be sure that you pay extra attention to your answers. Look for any places that aren’t actually in your control because those are the places where you are giving away your freedom and power. 

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