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Your Soul’s Purpose for Incarnating on Earth

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I’m back with another post in the Human Design Basics series, and I’ll be covering the Human Design Incarnation Cross and the significance of the four gates that make up the cross. 

Before you jump in, though, be sure that you have your chart nearby. If you don’t have your human design chart yet, you can get one for free on Genetic Matrix. Sign up for your free Genetic Matrix account here. 

Introduction to the Human Design Incarnation Cross

When you look at the left-hand side of your Human Design Chart, you’ll see something called an incarnation cross. Here is the Magical Unicorns chart with the human design incarnation cross circled.

Your Human Design Incarnation Cross is, essentially, your soul’s purpose for incarnation.

Many people truggle with feeling a sense of purpose in life (especially those of us with human design gate 28). And there are a few reasons for that.

First, our culture, particularly new-age or religious culture, often tells us that we need to “find” our purpose. Purpose becomes this elusive thing we have to hunt for and dig around to find.

Secondly, many people believe that their purpose and their job are the same things. And, they think that if they don’t find the right job, then they aren’t living their purpose and that their life is a waste.

And, most painfully of all, through religious or social conditioning, we come to believe that our purpose is to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of others. We ignore our own inner authority and wisdom and do what we think will earn us love, recognition, and approval.

I can personally relate to all three of those. And one day, I had a massive a-ha moment that changed everything:

Our purpose in life is to experience life as ourselves – with all of our shadows and our gifts. 

And in that experience, we come to know our Divine I AM and our innate worthiness.

There is NOTHING we need to do except live our lives. There is nothing to prove. Or earn. And no elusive perfect job to find.

Just live. Trust life.

The only thing God, Universe, the Divine, Source, Whatevs wants from you is for you to BE YOU.

What a fucking relief, right?

So, when we are talking about the human design incarnation cross being the soul’s purpose for incarnation, it isn’t about finding something. It isn’t a great mystery. It’s YOU.

In fact, when I do soul purpose readings for my clients, they often tell me that it didn’t tell them anything they didn’t already know. And, at first glance, that might seem like a “bad” thing. But, it’s actually a very healing thing. It’s like the pressure releases and a deep sense of permission washes over them. They can finally stop fighting with what they already know and just LIVE.

Instead of something you need to aim for, your incarnation cross (aka soul’s purpose) is something that you already ARE. You will be THAT no matter what you do in your life.

Even if you end up in jail. Or meditate on a mountain top for your whole life. Or watch Netflix stuffing Cheetos down your throat.

It doesn’t matter what you DO. You are THAT. No matter what.

The Four Gates of the Human Design Incarnation Cross

The four gates that make up your incarnation cross are like a specific set of tools, practices, and boundaries to help you make the most of life — as yourself. They are “the gifts” GIVEN TO YOU to make life more fun and meaningful. And, as a bonus, mastering your specific set of tools will benefit others by default. But they are for you, FIRST.

Each gate has a specific purpose within your incarnation cross. I’ll talk about those in just a moment but first, let’s look at where you’ll find these gates in your chart. Here is Magical Unicorn’s chart with the gate of the incarnation cross circled.

The four gates that make up the incarnation cross are:

  1. Conscious Sun — The number in the first black square on the right-hand side of the chart. On Magical Unicorn’s chart, its gate 43.5.
  2. Conscious Earth — The number in the second black square on the right-hand side of the chart. On Magical Unicorn’s chart, it’s gate 23.5.
  3. Unconscious Sun — The number in the first red square on the right-hand side of the chart. On Magical Unicorn’s chart, it’s gate 29.1.
  4. Unconscious Earth — The number in the second red square on the right-hand side of the chart. On Magical Unicorn’s chart, it’s gate 30.1.

And each one reveals specific tools, practices, and boundaries that will help Magical Unicorn live their best life. Here is what they each represent:

The Conscious Sun

Your conscious sun placement is the most important placement in your human design chart. In fact, Ra Uru Hu (the original channeler of HD) said that it makes up 70% of Who You Really Are. That is a huger percent, especially when you consider the number of variables within a chart.

Your Conscious Sun is like an invitation that the Divine sends you, over and over again. But, for a good portion of your life, you ignore the invitation. You resist it. You tell yourself that that can’t be “it.” But really, the resistance is because of everything you’d have to overcome to wield the power of your unique invitation.  

Eventually, though, particularly after your first Satun Return (around age 28), you realize that it is the most important thing for you to live a fun and meaningful life. You, somewhat reluctantly, accept the mission and commit to doing the work it will take to harness this gift. 

As you overcome the obstacles, your Conscious Sun becomes your deepest source of inner and outer transformation. 

Again and again, it will lead you up and around the spiral of transformation, polishing the sacred mirror of life, helping you see your Divine I Am with Crystalline Clarity. 

It always comes back to this question:

Are you honoring your Conscious Sun? 

The Conscious Earth

Your Conscious Earth works together with your Conscious Sun to invoke new cycles of transformation and healing. It serves as the ground under your feet that, depending on your consciousness, will create stability and a strong foundation or it will throw you off balance. 

In some cases, your Conscious Earth will appear in your life as an external trigger or “problem.” But, whatever is happening on the outside is simply a reflection of what is awaiting transformation on the inside. 

Your Conscious Earth is guiding you into your next iteration. 

Balancing your Conscious Earth, receiving its gifts, and mastering its power will ground and stabilize your energy, giving you the solid foundation necessary to grow in your Life’s Work. 

The more grounded you are in your Conscious Earth, the more ease and grace you will experience as you accept the invitation of your Conscious Sun. 

It always comes back to the question:

Am I grounded and stable in my Conscious Earth? 

The Unconscious Sun

As you become grounded in your Conscious Earth and honor your Conscious Sun, you will be drawn into the depths of your unconscious for radical self-acceptance. Like a nightlight in a dark hallway, your Unconscious Sun will illuminate the way. 

It will become a tool for scrubbing away the debris that clouds your perception and will reveal the subtle layers of Who You Really Are.  

Your Unconscious Sun is the healer within. The revelation. The mirror of all mirrors. 

By tending the fires of your Unconscious Sun, receiving its gifts, and mastering its energy, your aura will radiate out into the world and become incredibly magnetic in its purity. People will be drawn to you, and your magic, like a moth to a flame. 

When your Unconscious Sun is buried in your psyche, you may feel confused if/when people tell you it’s your greatest gift. 

And while your Unconscious Sun isn’t technically your “greatest” gift, it will unlock magic in your life and it’s highly likely that it is one of the things you’ll be known for.  

It always comes back to the question:

What is holding me back from shining? 

The Unconscious Earth

What your Conscious Earth is to your Conscious Sun, your Unconscious Earth is to your Unconscious Sun. 

It creates the spiritual foundation necessary for the radiance of your Unconscious Sun to shine its brightest. It is your unique path to that thing that some call God. 

Without this spiritual foundation in place, you will hesitate to navigate your shadows and heal the wounds that hold you back. But, with a devotion to your Unconscious Earth, receiving the gifts of that devotion, and wielding its power, you will have the strength to navigate your shadow and discover the ultimate gift of life — the Gift of Holy Unconditional Love.  

It always comes back to the question:

Where is my devotion to spirit?

How To Work with the Gates of Your Human Design Incarnation Cross

Each of the gates of your incarnation cross works together to create your soul’s purpose and provide you with the exact tools you need to create a life that is both fun and meaningful.

To work with these tools, I recommend that you start by understanding the essential spectrum of energy within the gate itself.

The spectrum of each gate goes from shadow to gift. I cover the basics of these in my star study emails (sign up for email notifications here) and I deep dive into them in my Soul Purpose Readings. You can also learn about them from the plethora of Human Design resources out there. Here are my favorites.

Once you understand the essence of the gate, you must fully embrace the shadow as being a part of YOU. 

We cannot harness the power of our gifts if we are resistant to owning the shadow. So, we must “own” the shadow and see it as a lovable and valuable part of ourselves. Recognize that without the shadow, you also don’t have the gift. It’s a package deal – a both/and kind of thing.

I teach people how to do this, step-by-step in my Shadow + Light Workshop as well as in my program, WonderWork. I also really love the books The Dark Side of the Light Chasers and Existential Kink for working with shadow.

Once you’ve fully owned that you are both have the capacity for both the shadow and the highest potential of the gate, you will want to begin working with the energy consciously by using tools, practices, and boundaries that harness the energy. I give a full set of boundaries and practices for each gate when I do my Soul Purpose Readings.

But, to give you an example, my Conscious Sun is gate 57, the gate of intuitive clarity.

The invitation of my life is for me to trust my intuition. But, in order to trust my intuition, I have to hear it!

So, I have some boundaries in place to ensure that I can hear the voice of my intuition. With my clients, I ask that they connect with me from a place that is free from background noise. This ensures that I can hear them and the intuitive messages that are coming through the tone of their voice. I also make sure that I get plenty of alone time every single day. This ensures that my channels are open and clear from external interference. And, I have lots of tools on hand – like tarot cards, a pendulum, etc. – to ask use as jumping-off points for accessing the intuitive wisdom that lives inside of me.

With these things in place, I’m setting myself up to harness the full power of my intuitive gifts.

No matter what your gates are, they are showing you the exact tools, boundaries, and practices to implement in your life.

Finally, make it a regular practice to ask yourself the guiding questions of each placement in your incarnation cross. Perhaps setting up a daily journal practice to set intentions around these questions and then reflect on how it went.

That’s a wrap on the four gates of the incarnation cross!

I hope that you have found this post useful in learning about your incarnation cross. I’ll be writing more soon so be sure to sign up for email notifications here and book a reading using the links below if you want me to deep dive on your incarnation cross.

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