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Your Soul’s Purpose for Incarnating on Earth (Human Design Incarnation Cross)

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I’m back with another post in the Human Design Basics series, and I’ll be covering the Human Design Incarnation Cross and the significance of the four gates that make up the cross. 

Before you jump in, though, be sure that you have your chart nearby. If you don’t have your human design chart yet, you can get one for free on Genetic Matrix. Sign up for your free Genetic Matrix account here. 

Introduction to your Human Design Incarnation Cross

When you look at the left-hand side of your Human Design Chart, you’ll see something called an incarnation cross. Here is the Magical Unicorns chart with the human design incarnation cross circled.

Your Human Design Incarnation Cross is, essentially, your soul’s purpose for incarnation.

Many people struggle with feeling a sense of purpose in life (especially folx with human design gate 28). And there are a few reasons for that.

First, our culture, particularly new-age or religious culture, often tells us that we need to “find” our purpose. Purpose becomes this elusive thing we have to hunt for and dig around to find.

Secondly, many people believe that their purpose and their job are the same things. And, they think that if they don’t find the right job, then they aren’t living their purpose and that their life is a waste.

And, most painfully of all, through religious or social conditioning, we come to believe that our purpose is to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of others. We ignore our own inner authority and wisdom and do what we think will earn us love, recognition, and approval.

I can personally relate to all three of those. And one day, I had a massive a-ha moment that changed everything:

Our purpose in life is to experience life as ourselves – with all of our shadows and our gifts. 

We are actually already living our purpose. It’s just a matter of which part of the spectrum of energy we are on.

And through our experience, we come to know our Divine I AM and our innate worthiness.

There is NOTHING we need to do except live our lives. There is nothing to prove. Or earn. And no elusive perfect job to find.

Just live. Trust life.

The only thing God, Universe, the Divine, Source, Whatevs wants from you is for you to BE YOU.

What a fucking relief, right?

So, when we are talking about the human design incarnation cross being the soul’s purpose for incarnation, it isn’t about finding something. It isn’t a great mystery. It’s YOU.

In fact, in the WonderFULL Purpose Map, folx often tell me that it didn’t tell them anything they didn’t already know.

And, at first glance, that might seem like a “bad” thing. But, it’s actually a very healing thing. It’s like the pressure releases and a deep sense of permission washes over them. They can finally stop fighting with what they already know and just LIVE.

Instead of something you need to aim for, your incarnation cross (aka soul’s purpose) is something that you already ARE. You will be THAT no matter what you do in your life.

Even if you end up in jail. Or meditate on a mountain top for your whole life. Or watch Netflix stuffing Cheetos down your throat.

It doesn’t matter what you DO. You are THAT. No matter what.

The Four Gates of the Human Design Incarnation Cross

The four gates that make up your incarnation cross are like a specific set of tools, practices, and boundaries to help you make the most of life — as yourself.

They are “the gifts” GIVEN TO YOU to make life more fun and meaningful. And, as a bonus, mastering your specific set of tools will benefit others by default. But they are for you, FIRST.

Each gate has a specific purpose within your incarnation cross. I’ll talk about those in just a moment but first, let’s look at where you’ll find these gates in your chart. Here is Magical Unicorn’s chart with the gate of the incarnation cross circled.

The four gates that make up the incarnation cross are:

  1. Conscious Sun — The number in the first black square on the right-hand side of the chart. On Magical Unicorn’s chart, its gate 43.5.
  2. Conscious Earth — The number in the second black square on the right-hand side of the chart. On Magical Unicorn’s chart, it’s gate 23.5.
  3. Unconscious Sun — The number in the first red square on the right-hand side of the chart. On Magical Unicorn’s chart, it’s gate 29.1.
  4. Unconscious Earth — The number in the second red square on the right-hand side of the chart. On Magical Unicorn’s chart, it’s gate 30.1.

And each one reveals specific tools, practices, and boundaries that will help Magical Unicorn live their best life. Here is what they each represent:

The Conscious Sun

Your conscious sun placement is the most relevant in your human design chart; it makes up about 70% of your energy. 

The gate of your conscious Sun is the Divine Invitation that, when accepted and integrated, will lead you to the revelation of your Divine I AM. It is your life’s calling; it drops you into the flow of life and aligns you. 

Everything else in your chart (and your life) supports you in accepting the invitation. 

The trouble with the Divine Invitation is that, for many, it is so simple and obvious that we ignore the invitation. 

We create resistance by believing that there must be something more. We tell ourselves that our purpose is way more complicated than what is natural and that we have to dig around in the depths of our soul to find it. 

We humans sure do like to make things more complicated than they need to be. 😉

The good news is that our souls are tenacious. It just keeps sending the invitation – over and over again – until you finally get it. 

You may finally get it when there is a drastic change in your life’s circumstances. Perhaps it will be a traumatic event, the death of a loved one, ending a significant relationship, or unexpectedly losing your job.

It might also be more subtle, showing up as clues, hints, winks, and nudges from the Divine. 

Either way, life calls until you answer. 

In an epic DUH moment, you stop resisting. You surrender. You realize that the energy of your conscious sun is your most potent ally. It’s the gift – given to you – to make the most of your life. 

As you heal from the years of resistance, your conscious sun becomes your most profound source of inner and transformation. It becomes a power tool and a way-shower. 

Again and again, it will lead you up the spiral of transformation and reveal your Divine I AM with Crystalline Clarity. 

Life always will come down to this question:

Are you honoring your Conscious Sun? 

(Get my free gates cheatsheet to understand more about your conscious sun gate.)

The Conscious Earth

Your Conscious Earth serves as the ground under your feet. 

Depending on where you are on the gates spectrum, your conscious earth will create stability and a strong foundation or throw you off balance. 

The more stable and robust your foundation, the more easily you will be able to Gracefully accept the gifts of your conscious sun. 

At specific points in our dharma, we come to crossroads where it seems that our foundations are crumbling or that it’s time to burn down the foundations we’ve built our lives on. 

In these times, your Conscious Earth may appear in your life as an external trigger, problem, or reason why things aren’t going well. 

But, as above, so below. 

Whatever is happening on the outside is simply a reflection of what is happening on the inside. 

Your shaky foundations are an opportunity to transform something in your inner world and to re-root into your Divinity. 

You seize that opportunity to rebuild your foundation by harnessing the gifts of your conscious earth. 

You create a new ground on your feet. One that is stronger, more stable, and more reliable. You are rooted. Grounded. Firm. 

With the magic of your conscious earth, you have everything you need to continue on the path. 

When life feels unstable, ask yourself this question: 

Am I grounded and stable in my Conscious Earth? 

(Get my free gates cheatsheet to understand more about your conscious earth gate.)

The Unconscious Sun

As you become grounded in your Conscious Earth and accept the Divine Invitation of your Conscious Sun, your unconscious sun will draw you into the depths of your shadows for radical self-acceptance, forgiveness, and unconditional love. 

You will likely find yourself returning to the “negative” side of your unconscious sun’s spectrum. It will awaken your deeper fears of inadequacy and “not-enoughness. ” It will open deep wells of shame. 

You may even tell yourself that if you could be more {keywords of your unconscious sun}, then you will be enough. Then you will have everything you need. Then you will be worthy. 

But the poison is the medicine. 

Your unconscious sun is the blaring sign that it’s time to expand your self-concept. It is showing you that you aren’t seeing yourself clearly and are holding yourself back. 

You have forgotten. 

And when you remember, your unconscious sun becomes the healer within. The revelation. The stainless mirror. 

By observing your Unconscious Sun in action and using it as a gateway for healing your shadow, your aura will become “purified.” 

Your energy will radiate out into the world and become incredibly magnetic. People will be drawn to you and your magic, like a moth to a flame. 

And even still, your Unconscious Sun will continue to taunt you with this question:

How can I love every part of me so that I may shine my brightest? 

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The Unconscious Earth

What your Conscious Earth is to your Conscious Sun, your Unconscious Earth is to your Unconscious Sun. 

But instead of grounding you here on Earth, your Unconscious Earth creates the spiritual foundation necessary for the radiance of your Unconscious Sun to shine its brightest. 

It is your unique path to that thing that some call God. 

By using your Unconscious Earth as a spiritual practice, it will build the spiritual foundation necessary to navigate your shadows with Grace and heal the wounds that hold you back. 

And, most importantly, it will help you to discover the ultimate gift of life — the Gift of Holy Unconditional Love.  

When you’ve lost your way spiritually speaking, ask yourself:

How can I devote myself to the boundaries, practices, and tools of my Unconscious Earth? 

(Get my free gates cheatsheet to understand more about your unconscious earth gate.)

What to “do” with the four gates of your Human Design Incarnation Cross

No matter what your gates are, they are showing you the exact tools, boundaries, and practices to implement in your life and will help you improve the quality of your life.

I recommend starting off by understanding the basic energy of each gate in your incarnation cross. (Get my free gates cheatsheet.)

Then, turn use that basic energy to develop the questions posed in this post.

For example, if you have gate 57 in your conscious sun, the question becomes:

Am I honoring and trusting my intuition?

Then, being asking yourself those questions on a regular basis. You can use the questions as prompts for journaling or for pulling tarot cards. Whatever method works best for you, allow the contemplation to bloom. You will gain so much clarity this way!

Then, when you’re ready, you can start doing deeper experiments with the gates of your incarnation cross. In the WonderFULL Purpose Map, I give a full set of boundaries, practices, and tools for each gate.

That’s a wrap on the four gates of the incarnation cross!

I hope that you have found this post useful in learning about your incarnation cross.