Deep Dive Series

Human Design, Projectors, Projection Fields, and Psychological Projection

(Oh my!)
A clarification of what all these terms mean in the context of Human Design, how they are different from one another, and most importantly, how to use them for understanding others and expanding your consciousness.

Why this Series on Human Design and Projection Matters

In Human Design, “projection” is all over the chart.

    • projector types

    • projected gates and channels

    • projection fields of 2nd and 5th profile lines 

    • the double projection field of the 2 /5 and 5/2 profiles

    • projection fields of 2nd and 5th lines for gates outside of the incarnation cross.

And, while the specific language of projection isn’t always used directly, it is often implied with reflector types, too.

That’s a lot of projection!

But projection doesn’t mean the same thing in all of those contexts. 

Combine that with the growing collective awareness that, as humans, we “project our shit” onto others and the tendency to (incorrectly) make it a moral conversation, you have yourself a recipe for confusion. 

Its a crying shame, too. 

Time and time again, people who don’t understand the contextual meaning of projection and Human Design mechanics make incredibly disempowering assumptions about themselves and others.  

And, well, you know what they say about assumptions. 

As we move into the age of individual empowerment (2027 is coming quickly!), it is important that we don’t bring these disempowering assumptions with us. 

What You'll Learn in this Deep Dive on Human Design and Projection

In this series, I’ll alchemize the disempowered assumptions around Human Design and projection and transform them into tools you can use to understand yourself and others more deeply. I’ll be covering:

  • the six different kinds of projection, including psychological projection
  • a break down of each context that we see projection in Human Design
  • how to discern the difference between these different kinds of projection in yourself and in your relationships.
  • what to actually do, IRL, when you or someone you know has one (or more!) projection aspects in their chart.

And, of course, since I am going with the whims of my spleen here, we will likely foray into all sorts of delightful territory along the way.

For real, I’m an esoteric firehose who can spin out on an etheric tangent like no other. There is no telling what else you’ll learn along the way. 

Grab a pen and paper (or your favorite note taking app) and enjoy everything I’ve written for this series so far.

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What is psychological projection?

In this first post from the deep dive series on Human Design and projection, you will learn the six different types of projection outside of the Human Design context, what psychological projection is, and how psychological projection relates to the shadow.

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