Human Design

a custom made deep-dive guide written by Master Energy Healer, Christie Inge

The Human Design Map will take all of the confusion out of the most important parts of your Human Design. It explains things simply and practically without ignoring the pure magical potential of your chart.

The Map gives you the information, tools, and ongoing support you need to…

and most importantly, BELIEVE in your ability to make changes that are aligned with the highest potential of your Human Design.


There is nothing stopping you. I’ll show you the way. 

The Human Design Map Covers...

Inside your map, you will find comprehensive, clear, and actionable details about your…

Type + Strategy

Your Human Design strategy is determined by your type and shows you how to create more ease, flow, and natural magnetism in your daily life. By following your strategy, you will experience less resistance and attract more of the right people, opportunities, and situations into your experience. The map will explain what your strategy is and how to implement it in your life. 


Your authority comes from your center definition and is the voice of your inner wisdom. Once you are in tune with your inner wisdom, it becomes a reliable way to make decisions, build self-trust, and embody confidence as you live your life. The map explains your inner authority, how to get in touch with it, and the signs and signals for aligned decisions. 


Your profile comes from the lines of your incarnation cross. It is your karmic role in the world and reveals your needs for taking in and sharing information with others. When you honor the needs of your profile, you will serve yourself and others in the way that feels right for you. The map will explain both sides of your profile, the karmic needs of your body and mind, and the best ways to meet those needs.


All Four Gates of
Your Incarnation Cross

In addition to your type + strategy, authority, and profile, all four gates of your incarnation cross will be explained in your map. Your incarnation cross comes from the four gates at the top of your chart (the top two on the left and right) and is your life purpose. You are here, on Earth, to embody these four things.

Unconscious Sun

Your unconscious sun gate is your most potent tool for turning your inadequacies into magnetism.

Unconscious Earth

Your unconscious earth gate connects you to yourself, your community, the collective, and the cosmos. In other words, it’s a hotline that connects you directly with that thing that some call God.

Conscious Sun

Your conscious sun gate is the most significant gate in your Incarnation Cross. It is like a magic wand for your whole life and will get you “unstuck” in almost any situation.

Conscious Earth

Your conscious earth gate is the energy that grounds you and is your most reliable tool for finding your center. It will help you stay grounded as you navigate life as a human being.

The map will go into details about all four of your incarnation cross gates and will show you the best way to embody the highest potential of them.

The Map isn’t just an information bomb, either.

The map is easy to assimilate and is filled to the brim with practical insights (it is over 100 pages long!), detailed information, and magical guidance. 


But, you won’t be left wondering what to do with all of the information.  The map spells out the exact practices for applying the information and it even includes guidance on choosing where to start. 


My 5/2 profile wouldn’t have it any other way. 

You are designed to experience radical self-trust, live from unshakeable confidence, and know in your bones that you are here on purpose.

And I want to give you everything you need to live from that place. When your map is delivered, you will also get LIFETIME ACCESS to:

Q + A and Virtual Coaching Discussions

My team and I will be available to answer any questions you have about your map and how to apply it in your life. These discussions are on a private website (NOT on Facebook) and you can post as many times as you’d like.

The Deconditioning Toolbox

Your map gives you the direction you need for making aligned decisions and showing up to your highest potential. And, let’s be real, the years of resistance built up in our brain and nervous system can make those changes tricky to navigate. But, showing you how to navigate those changes is actually easy for me. I guide people through it all day every day. And I’ve broken that process down into a step-by-step process to guide you through it, too.

A Library of Tools for Overcoming Your “Blocks”

I’ve been doing healing and coaching work for over a decade. In addition to the Deconditioning Toolbox, my toolbox is overflowing with step-by-step instructions for moving through anything that will come as you take action on your map. Here are just a few of them:

And, as I often joke, my defined head and ajna thinks in worksheet format. I am always thinking of new ways to walk you through the “inner work” it takes to step into your highest potential. So, no doubt, I will continue adding to this library for years to come.

You deserve to live in the highest potential of your design and the map will help you get there.

Before buying your map, please note:

Once you order, look for an email with the subject line: 

{The Human Design Map} Next steps inside.

That email will have the form to submit your birth information. Once your map is made, we’ll send it to your email box + give you access to the all the extras. 

How the Map is Different
from a Reading

I am often asked how the Human Design Map is different from a typical Human Design live reading.

Here is my answer:

One of the most magical things about Human Design is that there are lots of different perspectives out there to learn from.

No two people experience Human Design exactly the same way. Even when a whole group of people agrees on big-picture ideas, every single person brings their own unique experience to the table.

So, of course, the most important difference between a Map and a reading from someone else is that the Map is created from my unique perspective.

I’m a 5/2 splenic projector born in the LAX of the Clarion 2. Here is the affirmative summary about me from my own Human Design Map:

(In addition to the in-depth details about your design, your map will also include the same type of summary based on your design.)



Beyond the way my own design mechanics influence my perspective, you might also like to know that I don’t subscribe to any Human Design dogma or believe that your Human Design is a rule book.



And while I respect the mechanical foundations of Human Design, I absolutely do not worship at the feet of Ra Uru Hu (the original channeler of HD). I do not believe that his interpretation of the system is the only valid interpretation. 


We are on the leading edge of the collective evolution and, as a fifth line profile, I give zero fucks about the way things are “supposed to be” done. I am always going to be for what gets the ball rolling and what works. And if that means saying fuck you to dogmatic bullshit, so be it. 



I AM a clear channel for Fierce Grace, a champion for personal integrity and emotional maturity, and a lightning bolt of esoteric awareness and wisdom.



I make Human Design simple and practical. I weave in decades of experience in energy healing, coaching, and alchemical magick, all with the aim of making sure that you know what to DO with the information in your design. 


Speaking of practical, the map is different from a regular Human Design reading in a number of practical ways, too. 

The format.

Most readings are either recorded or are via zoom/phone on a scheduled call. The Map is written (PDF), is over 100 pages long, and will be delivered straight to your email box. You will be able to view it on your phone or on your computer for years to come. People say they LOVE referring to it over and over again.

The Value

Some Human Design design readings can be upwards of $600 for a single hour. The map is $222 and, because it is in written format, you won't need to rely on your memory or barely legible notes. It will all be right there, in black and white, for you to revisit as often as you'd like.

The depth and detail.

The map is a manual on YOU. It goes into much deeper detail than could possibly be covered in a single hour-long reading. To get the level of information and detail that is covered in the map, you’d need to book multiple sessions with a reader. It is also quite beautiful if I do say so myself. 😉 ​

The ongoing support.

I’m not interested in leaving you wondering with questions or lacking clarity on what to do next (in your inner or outer world). That is why you will be given unlimited access to Q + A, virtual coaching, and an overflowing coaching and energy healing toolbox.

You deserve to live in the highest potential of your design and the map will help you get there.

Before buying your map, please note:

Once you order, look for an email with the subject line: 

{The Human Design Map} Next steps inside.

That email will have the form to submit your birth information. Once your map is made, we’ll send it to your email box + give you access to the all the extras. 

The Human Design Map is truly unlike anything you've seen before.

Here is what people are saying:

People say that I explain Human Design in a way that makes it “click” like it never has before — even if they have heard “the same thing” from a hundred different people.

I’ve been super interested in Human Design but also incredibly confused by Human Design. I’ve had multiple readings, talking to many people, read books… nothing really landed.  
After years of trying to understand my human design, finally I get it!

And I understand the promises (and pitfalls) of being me in new and refreshing ways.

The map has helped me clarify what I’ve known about myself but even more important has helped me act on that knowledge with more consciousness.

The way that the map named and spoke to my gifts and talents has helped me appreciate things about myself that I may have previously glossed over or dismissed as important aspects of who I am and what I bring to the table. 
If you are interested in understanding your purpose, gifts, talents, and all-around awesomeness through the lens of Human Design I can’t say enough good things about the map. 

Nona Jordan

2/4 Sacral Generator

And they say that it has been very affirming of their inner Truth…

leah b

Every time I dove into Human Design, I found myself swirling in a sea of complicated information. I read, researched, paid for full readings but just couldn’t make sense of my design or figure out how it could change my life the way others said it could.

Enter Christie Inge and the map.

I already knew Christie to be a genius and would say, in general, buy any product and service she has to offer. She is a rare gem, one in a billion. And she has exceeded my already cosmically high regard for her gifts with her work in Human Design.

The Maps Christie creates takes this vast universe of Human Design information and synthesizes it into a format that makes it clear and easy to understand, without dumbing it down or diminishing any of the nuance or potency of the information. It is pure magic. 

The map has been like a mirror of the deep knowings I’ve had about myself all my life. I have experienced deep affirmation of my own inner truth. I’ve put to rest the turbulence that was being kicked up by trying to make myself do things and be things inconsistent with who I really am and how and what I’m built for.

It has helped me appreciate and understand myself in such a way that I want to live aligned with who I am and how I am built, not how I have been conditioned to think I must operate in the world.

If you are feeling called to Human Design as a way to better understand yourself, live in integrity with your own truth, and express your potential, I highly recommend The Map.

Leah Campbell Badertscher

6/2 Emotional Generator

And that their map feels like a homecoming…

I purchased the map because I really resonated with Christie’s voice– her approach and her willingness to wade through life’s muck with humor, grace, compassion and irreverence.

I had had a Human Design reading and really wanted to access more understanding of my chart. What does all this info mean for how to show up and live my design? The Map sounded like the exact perfect fit for more clarity and more specificity, without being overwhelming or hard to understand. Plus, I loved the idea of having it to refer to over and over as needed.

I loved that the map felt like a homecoming. Clear, magical and expansive. For most of my life, I’ve been seeking how to do it other people’s way– here was a map to reveal my way.

The map deepened my understanding of the many parts of HD. It made the design information easy to follow and yet there were places I could really sink in to as I started to look at my life through the map’s lens. It felt liberating, engaging and “oh how amazing it is to be you” with all the parts of who we are (not just the ones we love to show off).

I have recommended these maps to many of my clients as a way for them to see themselves apart from the way paradigms the world has set in motion. As a way to see how incredible and intentional it is to be exactly who they are– without a project to fix themselves or be more like someone else. The map becomes a symbol of personal sovereignty. A coming home to an individual’s unique magic and learning how to live from that spiritual, human, messy all-amazing truth.

If you are considering purchasing your map, DO IT! Of all the HD content I’ve consumed, my map is the one I refer to over and over again. It has depth and practicality– with of course, irreverent magic and what HD junkie doesn’t want that??!!!

Stacey Andon

3/6 Emotional Generator

The Human Design Map

Before buying your map, please note:

Once you order, look for an email with the subject line: 

{The Human Design Map} Next steps inside.

That email will have the form to submit your birth information. Once your map is made, we’ll send it to your email box + give you access to all the extras.

You've got questions. I've got answers.

No. All maps sales are final.

If you are afraid you won’t resonate because of my particular approach, I’d recommend getting very familiar with my approach before purchasing. To do that, see the last question, my blog, and my newsletter. If you resonate with my free content you will eat up your map like candy.

If you are afraid you won’t resonate because of certain elements in your design, this is something I can help you work through that via the Q + A access you’ll get upon purchase. That said, I’ve been told repeatedly that the way I speak about Human Design is what makes it “click” for people.

The map only covers the aspect of your chart that are listed on this page. If you do not see it mentioned on this page, it is not covered in the map. 

All maps are handmade and may take up to 6 weeks to be delivered. 

You will have access to all of the extras (Q + A, deconditioning toolbox, and coaching tools) for the life of the product. 

Absolutely! Feel free to print it on your home (or office) printer or send it somewhere like Staples for printing and binding. The map is in black and white and is between 100 and 150 pages long. 

I do not recommend purchasing a map if you do not have an accurate birth time. To get your birth time, you can:

  • Look at your birth certificate.
  • Ask a family member.
  • Contact the hospital you were born in.
  • Hire a Vedic astrologer to do a birthtime reconciliation.


We do not recreate or refund maps that are incorrect due to inaccurate birth data being provided.

We’ve taken measures to prevent this from happening. Before submitting your birth information form, you will be asked to verify that you have input the correct information. 

But, in the event that you still submit incorrect information, you will need to pay a $50 administrative fee to have your map remade. 

Yes. I genuinely believe that every human being on the planet would benefit from knowing, understanding, and implementing their Human Design and the map is a wonderful way to do that.


That said, I also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basics of Human Design first because the map mainly focuses on telling you what your design means. I have lots of “human design basics” posts on my blog. I’d encourage you to read those while you wait for your map to be made.

I am not accepting new one-to-one clients for the foreseeable future.

When your map is delivered, you’ll get access to a Q + A link. I aim to answer these questions as often as I can.

By default, your Map will be created using traditional Human Design, which uses tropical astrology. 


But, it can be created using any calculation method you personally resonate with. Once you purchase your map, you will be able to upload any “non-traditional” chart you have and we’ll use it to make your map.

Yes, when you checkout, you will have the option to give the map as a gift. Just fill out the details on that form and we’ll take care of the rest.

Yes, of course! When you receive the birth information form, just put in your child’s information instead of your own. Feel free to still use your email address for delivery, though.

Yes, of course!  Email and we’ll discuss the options. 

Have questions that aren’t listed here? Email us at

You deserve to live in the highest potential of your design and the map will help you get there.

Before buying your map, please note:

Once you order, look for an email with the subject line: 

{The Human Design Map} Next steps inside.

That email will have the form to submit your birth information. Once your map is made, we’ll send it to your email box + give you access to the all the extras.