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Foundational Human Design Readings

Energy Aura

+ Daily Virtual Coaching

You are designed to engage with the world in a way that is unique to you and your energy. This is known as your aura. 

In your Human Design, the foundational elements of your aura are your:

★ type & strategy

★ authority

★ profile

★ center definition

This guide covers the most important information about how your aura is designed to operate. 

+ includes the essential boundaries and practices for building a strong energetic foundation.

+ 5 days of virtual coaching



+ Daily Virtual Coaching

Your purpose is to experience life AS YOURSELF. In Human Design, this is called your Incarnation Cross. 

This guide covers all four gates of your cross:

★ conscious sun

★ conscious earth

★ unconscious sun

★ unconscious earth

+ includes the essential boundaries and practices to embody your purpose.

+ 5 days of virtual coaching



+ Daily Virtual Coaching

The different aspects of your energy communicate and move through your Human Design Channels*. These channels indicate where your energy naturally flows and how to harness the superpowers of YOU.  

This guide covers:

★ all defined channels in your design

★ the essential info on the gates that make up your channels

★ your channel definition type and how to make the most of it (different than design type)

+ includes the essential boundaries and practices to harness the energy of your channels.

+ 5 days of virtual coaching


*If you are a reflector with no defined channels, the guide will go into details about the extra special superpowers of the reflector. 

Foundational Guide Bundle

+ Extra Daily Virtual Coaching

 This guide covers everything from all three of the foundational guides: 

★ Energy Aura Guide 

★ Purpose Guide

★ Channels Guide 

+ all the essential boundaries and practices to live the basics of your design. 

+ a full month of daily virtual coaching (more time than if you purchased them separately!)


Advanced Human Design Readings

If you are not already familiar with your Human Design, I recommend starting with the Initiation Guide 

or the Foundation Bundle before booking these readings. 

Prosperity Guide

+ Daily Virtual Coaching

Prosperity is conscious and ever-expanding abundance in all areas of life. It is the birthright of every human being on the planet. 

You tap into prosperity by embodying the gifts of your:

★ Conscious Jupiter

★ Unconscious Jupiter

★ Unconscious Mars

★ Conscious Sun

Your aura will then “pull” your orbit of influence closer through the value you create in the world. 

This is guide covers those four gates of your design. 

+ includes the essential boundaries and practices for tapping into prosperity.

+ 5 days of virtual coaching


*This guide is very useful for service based business owners and especially useful if you struggle to determine your “niche.” 


Stellium Guide

+ Daily Virtual Coaching

Some souls choose to incarnate with a rare and special gift that will be like a magic wands for overcoming obstacles in your life. But, if you don’t wield your wand with mastery, it will be a force of destruction in your life. 

These gifts are called Stelliums and are revealed by any gate that appears more than three times in your design. 

This guide covers: 

★ a deep dive on the sign and gate of your stellium. 

★ the areas of your life that will be most heavily influenced by your stellium (planets and houses). 

★ the most important thing for you to do to harness the gift of your stellium. 

+ includes the essential boundaries and practices for your magic wand.

+ 5 days of virtual coaching

*This guide only covers one stellium. More than one is incredibly rare but, if you have more than one and want a guide, please email me at christie@christieinge.com for pricing. 



+ Daily Virtual Coaching 

We come into this life with “baggage” from past incarnations. To reach our full potential, we must identify the lessons the “bags” are holding and then let them go. From there, we are free to move in a more empowering direction. 

Your specific “baggage” and empowered direction is revealed in the gates of your North and South Nodes. 

This guide covers: 

★ Conscious South Node 

★ Unconscious South Node

★ Conscious North Node 

★ Unconscious North Node.

★ Real life indicators that you are “stuck” in your karmic baggage and guidance for learning your lessons and moving forward.  

+ includes the essential boundaries and practices for all of your nodes.

+ 5 days of virtual coaching


Online Courses + Workshop


Break the habits that sabotage your magic. 


Shadow + Light

Practice shadow work and radical self acceptance. 


Create Your Vision

Figuring out what you really want in your life.


Private Energy Healing

Choosing Worthiness

Daily virtual energy healing, intuitive guidance, and Human Design integration to build your self-worth.

starting at $3,000

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