I'm Christie Inge.

Master Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, and Human Design Heretic.

I offer human design guidance that is clear, detailed, and, most importantly, empowered. I also offer online courses to help you do the “inner work” necessary to make lasting changes in your life. Scroll to see the options.

WonderFULL Purpose Map

+ Virtual Q + A Coaching

Your purpose is to experience life AS YOURSELF. Your Human Design gives you a map to explore what that really means. 

The WonderFULL Purpose Map is a 50+ page digital guide that dives deeply into the following elements of your design:  

★ Type

★ Strategy

★ Authority

★ Incarnation Cross which includes the gates of your:

     ★ conscious sun

     ★ conscious earth

     ★ unconscious sun

     ★ unconscious earth

For all elements in the map, you will get clearly defined and detailed information about:

★ the keynotes for each element (the gates of your incarnation cross will also include magickal correspondences such as crystals, animals, and Godheads!)

★ the exhalted expression of each element

★ emotional sign posts for the exhalted expression

★ the “Inner Truth” of each element

★ the detrimental expression of each element including negative thought patterns, habits, and emotional experieinces and the key to transforming those patterns

★ shadow traits for the determinal expression

★ boundaries, tools, and practices to raise the frequency of your expression of each element

★ guidance on how to proritize makes changes in your life based on your design

As you can see, there is a lot of information in the map and I want to answer your most pressing questions about it. So, you will get 5 days of virtual coaching access with me to ask questions and get some coaching to help you take action on your map. 

You’ll also receive the following bonuses:

The Lines and Profiles Guide ($22 value)

This guide is a deep dive into all six lines and all 12 profiles. It includes all of the information about exalted expressions, detriment expressions, shadows, and the practices for raising the frequency of each line. 

The Nine Centers Guide ($22 value)

This guide is a deep dive into all nine of the energy centers. It covers the basics of each center, including the difference between defined and undefined, shows you how to identify your specific center definion, and, of course, includes all of the information about exalted expression, detriment expression, shadows, and practices for each center. 

The Gates Cheatsheet ($12 value) 

This is a cheatsheet with keywords for each of the 64 gates. 

The Planets Cheatsheet w/Fill In The Blank Templates ($12 value)

This cheatsheet covers what the 13 planetary aspects of our chart represents in our lives. It also includes fun fill in the blank templates, to use with the gates cheatsheet, to help you know the “quick and dirty” version of your placements. 

You are WonderFULL. 

And the WonderFull Purpose Map will show you all the ways that your wonder dances through your body, heart, mind, and flows out into the world. 


An accurate birthdate, time, and place is required for the WonderFull Purpose Map. After you purchase, you’ll get an email with detailed instructions to provide me the information I’ll need to do your map. 

All Maps are created by hand and will have a turnaround time of 3 to 4 weeks. 

All sales are final.

Online Courses + Workshops


Break the habits that sabotage your magic. 


Shadow + Light

Practice shadow work and radical self acceptance. 


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Figuring out what you really want in your life.