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WonderFULL Purpose Map

The Comprehensive Guide to the Treasure that is YOU

Your purpose is simple. 

There is nothing to “find” and there isn’t one mysteriously very specific thing that you “have to” do with your life. It’s actually way more simple than that. 

Your purpose is to experieince life as the MAGIC that is YOU. 

And, no, you don’t need to just shift your focus to figuring out who you are. 

You are already YOU. You are already living your purpose. You are already whole and complete. 

Your gifts are simply waiting for you to receive them. 

In your WonderFULL Purpose Map, I’ll use your Human Design to help you start doing that…ASAP. 

You will see, in black and white, your natural brillance so clearly that you’ll finally “get it.” 

You will see it. You will feel it. You will know it. 

Because, the Truth is… 

You are wonderFULL

And the WonderFULL Purpose Map will spell out all the ways that’s true.  In this deep, yet easy to assimilate guide, you will learn all about your Human Design:  

★ Type & Strategy

★ Authority

★ Profile

★ Incarnation Cross (aka your purpose, which is made up of the gates in your conscious sun, conscious earth, unconscious sun, and unconscious earth.) 

For all elements in your map, you will get clearly defined, easy to assimilate, and empowering information about: 

★ the keynotes for each element (the gates of your incarnation cross will also include magickal correspondences such as crystals, animals, and Godheads!)

★ the full spectrum of potential that lives inside each element of your design (and that you will totally recognize yourself in!). 

★ the “Inner Truth” of each element – the things you are likely to learn through both your “positive” and “negative” experieinces. 

★ taboo and golden shadow traits for that you are likely to “wrestle” with

Most importantly, I’ll take the mystery out of what to DO with the information by giving you specific boundaries, tools, and practices to experiment with. 

These experiments will help you fully receive the gifts of your MAGIC. And just to make sure you get the full firehose experieince that is me (and my design!) you’ll also get:

★ the Special Considerations and Nuances Guide
★ the Nine Centers Guide
★ first dibs access to virtual coaching with me
★ first priority to get your Human Design + spiritual and emotional healing questions answered on my blog. 

You are WonderFULL. When you’re ready to see it, the map will show you. 


All sales are final.

An accurate birthdate, time, and place is required for the WonderFull Purpose Map. You will have the option to choose from Tropical or True Sidereal. After you purchase, you’ll be redirected to submit your birth info. 

All Maps are handcrafted and may take up to one month to be delivered. Me, or my assistant, will email you with an approximate delivery date once you submit your birth information. 

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