5 Steps for Making Soul-Aligned Decisions

I’ve noticed in myself, and others, that one of the most painful places to be is “knowing” what you want to do but not actually doing it. You know that you want to do what is right for you but you keep people-pleasing. You know you want to put yourself out there more but you […]

Common Mistakes Human Design Emotional Authorities Make

In Human Design, your authority is the primary way that your inner wisdom (aka your soul) communicates with you about decisions. Once you are in tune with your inner wisdom and act according to what it tells you, it becomes a reliable way to make decisions, build self-trust, and embody unshakeable confidence. And, while on […]

Critical Boundaries for Each Human Design Type

Despite what you may have heard, your boundaries aren’t about what other people are doing; they are about what YOU are doing. Boundaries ensure your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. They are “if this, then that” formulas for how YOU take care of YOURSELF inside of relationships. For example, If you project some disintegrated […]

What it feels like to step into Projector Success

I’ve got a map to all the things you’ve been guessin’Like the halo you constantly testin’Trevor Hall, Wander, The Fruitful Darkness In mid-December of 2021, I wrote an email called Dreams coming true can feel like shit and shared the incredible amount of discomfort I was feeling as I stepped into the reality of a decade-long dream. In […]