Human Design Ajna Center Affirmations

The Ajna Center is an awareness center that creates our mental perceptions of the world. It uses the pressure of the “higher inspiration” from the human design head center and processes it to create useful concepts, theories, and ideas.  Learn, studying, researching, formulating opinions, and creating duality as a way of understanding the world is […]

The # 1 misconception about the undefined centers in your chart

I often have people ask me how they can “get” the energy that is undefined in their human design chart. For example, if they have an undefined sacral center, they might ask how they can get more sacral energy? And the answer is simple. You don’t need to. It is your conditioning that is asking […]

The Nine Human Design Centers

I’m back with another post in the Human Design Basics series, and I’ll be covering the nine energy centers and what it means to have your centers defined or undefined. Before you jump in, though, be sure that you have your chart nearby. If you don’t have your human design chart yet, you can get […]

Things to say FUCK NO to for each Undefined Center

As someone with splenic authority, I am highly attuned to the magic of NO. Your authentic NO is one of the most important boundaries for keeping your mind, body, and spirit safe and healthy. And it doesn’t matter if your spleen is defined, undefined, or your authority. Your NO is sacred. This morning, I’m feeling […]

Affirmations for the Human Design Head Center (even if yours is undefined)

The Human Design Head Center is a pressure center that evokes inspiration, big ideas, and questions. It ponders, wonders, and marvels at life. The head center takes in life and looks at it from a macro perspective. It takes what it “sees” and turns it into inspiration in the form of high-quality questions. The questions […]