The Magic of Your Human Design Unconscious Sun Gate

I see you. You are doing the brave work of breaking free from old patterns that aren’t creating the outcomes you really want. Those patterns served you at one point in your life. They kept you safe. They ensured your very survival. They saved your life. But now, you’re going for something far beyond safety […]

Affirmations for the Human Design G center gates

The Human Design G center is about your identity, direction, and ability to love and be loved. Because it is the home of the magnetic monopole (aka higher self, soul, divine self, etc.), it is the driver of our lives. So much so, when a projector is “reading” your aura in order to guide you, […]

Defined vs Undefined: the toolbox, van, shed metaphor

“Living your Human Design” won’t take away the 50/50 nature of life. Life will always change the music and ask you to dance along. That is truly the beauty of life. But, working with your Human Design does make the dance of life more fun. It shows you which risks are worthwhile and which ones […]

signs you are in a flow state with the gates of the spleen

The Human Design Spleen center has 7 gates and is about our existential, instinctual, and intuitive awareness. Using the senses of the body – sight, touch, taste, smell, hearing, and intuitive knowing – it attunes to the present moment and sends an alert (aka “true” fear) when there is a risk to our safety, health, […]

Signs the 7 gates in the Solar Plexus are “blocked”

The Human Design Solar Plexus Center has a total of seven gates and is all about our emotional connection to life. It is poetic, romantic, compassionate, and filled with spirit. As with all gates in the chart, there is a full spectrum of energy to experience in our lives and the “frequency” we are on […]