the truth about Human Design, your career, and life purpose

I recently noticed a theme about Human Design, purpose, and career in the intake form that my map clients fill out. An abnormally large portion of them indicated that they are hoping that Human Design will tell them what to do with their career. Then, just this week, one of them asked me in the Q + […]

Signs that your human design profile lines are blocked

There are six lines that make up the 12 profiles in Human Design. Line 1: The Investigator Line 2: The Hermit Line 3: The Martyr Line 4: The Opportunist Line 5: The Heretic Line 6: The Role Model As with all energy in the chart, there is a full spectrum of energy to experience in your life and the “frequency” you […]

Creating miracles in the Human Design Sacral Gates

Nothing feels quite as good as being in the flow. Am I right? And despite what you may have heard, you don’t actually need long rituals, meditations, or visualizations to get moving in the “right” direction. Even the tiniest shift in perspective is all it takes to create miracles. One of the easiest ways to […]

Defined vs Undefined: the toolbox, van, shed metaphor

“Living your Human Design” won’t take away the 50/50 nature of life. Life will always change the music and ask you to dance along. That is truly the beauty of life. But, working with your Human Design does make the dance of life more fun. It shows you which risks are worthwhile and which ones […]

signs you are in a flow state with the gates of the spleen

The Human Design Spleen center has 7 gates and is about our existential, instinctual, and intuitive awareness. Using the senses of the body – sight, touch, taste, smell, hearing, and intuitive knowing – it attunes to the present moment and sends an alert (aka “true” fear) when there is a risk to our safety, health, […]