Misconceptions about Human Design Reflectors

In Human Design, Reflectors are only 1% of the population and are here to be the sacred healing mirror for their community. They sample all that life has to offer and reflect back the integrity of their environment, the people they spend time with, and their lifestyle. In their presence, you see the full spectrum […]

Signs that a Human Design Projector is in a flow state

In Human Design, Projectors are here to guide others into their highest potential of success. By focusing in on the G center of the other person (organization, company, or system) and sensing their overall state, they can see: what isn’t working where the potential problems are the highest potential and possibility how to get them […]

Stop Settling and Start Trusting (by Human Design aura type)

The people that recognize and invite me have deep values around making a contribution to the world by being authentic. (I know this because I have human design gate 8 in my Unconscious Jupiter.) And we have been conditioned to believe that it is just our actions that contribute. It is that very belief that […]

Human Design Projector Recognition vs Attention

As a Human Design Projector recognition and invitation is the path to success. But often, projectors mistake attention for recognition. Learning this distinction will create inevitable success. And, this was a distinction I didn’t even know needed to be made until recently! With an unconscious 2nd line in my profile (I’m a 5/2), three right-facing […]