Dancing with Life with Your Human Design Strategy

When I was a very young girl, I spent a lot of time with my maternal grandmother. I loved being with her. She truly hung the moon in my eyes. I didn’t know until after she passed away in 2020 that she was a 2/4 Manifestor with the 12-22. And, OMG, did she initiate me […]

The Importance of Sleeping Alone for Human Design Projectors

Projectors often hear that they will benefit from sleeping alone. It is one of the recommendations I make in the Human Design Map, and I talk to a lot of projectors about this. There is often a bit of resistance that comes when this recommendation is made. Whether it’s practical reasons like space and having […]

The Human Design Projector Invitation (a rant)

This rant is specifically for Human Design Projectors. But, since all types work together and it is super helpful when we understand how the other types work, it will be beneficial for everyone to read.  With that said, let’s get on with the show.  When I first learned that I was a Human Design Projector and […]

The Biggest Human Design Manifestor Misconception

You don’t have to go very far into the world of Human Design before you come across some very disempowering information about Manifestors. They often get painted with a very broad and “negative” brush and are made out to be angry ego-maniacs who give absolutely no fucks about the world around them.  Of course, there […]

The #1 Deconditioning Tool for all Human Design Types (aka Pure Aura Time)

In Human Design, it is always important to make sure that the boundaries, tools, and practices that you are putting into place are “correct” based on your specific chart. For example, a Generator wouldn’t want to operate from the Projector strategy. And an Emotional Authority wouldn’t want to use their spleen as the deciding factor […]