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Taurus Season Tarot Card for the Human Design Profiles (2023)

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Today, Thursday April 20th, 2023 at 4:13am EDT the sun entered the sign of ♉️ Taurus.

That means that, for the next month-ish, the sun will be shining the light of consciousness onto the Taurus archetype.

You will likely notice your personal expression of grounding, practicality, and materialism and how those energies play out in others.

With the abundance of light on Taurus – which moves through gates 3, 27, 24, 2, 23, 8 – you will have ample opportunity to explore and reclaim its shadows. (Even if there is no Taurus in your chart.)

Some of the golden shadows of Taurus are:

  • earthy
  • practical
  • stable

Some of the taboo shadows of Taurus are:

  • materialistic
  • possessive
  • stubborn

Whether you see these shadow traits as “positive” or “negative”, rejecting them is how you become “blocked.”

If you aren’t honoring your inner wisdom, it’s because of a shadow. If you can’t stop overworking, it’s because of a shadow. If you can’t give up people pleasing, obsessing, or any other “bad” habit, it’s because of a shadow.

By loving these parts of yourself and skillfully directing them towards your intentions, you expand your capacity to show up and make the contribution that only you can make. This reclamation is the aim of all magick.

I’ll walk you through how to do shadow reclamation inside the Human Design Map portal.

In the meantime, I’ve pulled a tarot card for the profiles to help you begin the process.

The card’s message will offer further illumination as you reintegrate the full expression of the Taurus archetype into your consciousness.

I use the Thoth Tarot deck, and the interpretations are my own.

Tarot Card for the Profiles During Taurus Season

Card: Knight of Disks

(Corresponds to the King of Pentacles in RWS)

General Meaning:

LOL, it is so fun the synchronicities of drawing cards.

The Knight of Disks is the embodiment of Taurus.

In its high expression, they are prosperous, rooted in their body’s needs, and are intentional about reaping what they sow.

The Knight of Disks is a leader and is deeply influential in terms of mundane matters (like health, wealth, and security). Most importantly, they are adept at deliberately creating their Earthly reality.

In that way, the inherent need for balance between the two sides of the profile feels very Knight of Disks and Taurus, to me. I’ve never quite thought of it in those terms before.

In order to fulfill the highest potential of your karmic role (covered in the Human Design Map), you must honor both sides of your profile and deliberately create balance between them.

To me, this indicates that now is prime time to have an honest check in with how you are doing in the Earthly realm. And to directly apply intention to re-establishing balance.

Here is my take on how the Knight of Disks applies to each profile for Taurus Season

Personal Destiny Karmic Roles*

Your karmic role is about you and what you need to thrive.

If you are a 1/3, now is a great time to look at your body’s need to get out of the classroom and start experimenting. If you are getting stuck in investigation mode, your body does not have what it needs to create material wealth and somatic health.

Restore the balance by trying some shit and noticing the results.

Does your experiment lead you closer to what you want to create for yourself? Or do they take you farther way.

Keep experimenting.

If you are a 1/4, use the energy of Taurus season to reconnect with your network and pay close attention to to places where you are and aren’t feeling seen as a resource.

Being seen as a resource by the people around you is the fuel you need to put your investigation energy into things that will create success, satisfaction, peace, and delight in the mundane world.

If you find that your network is filled with those who do not highly value you as a resource, it’s time to build a new network.

If you are a 2/4, you are here to live in your own flow and to be supported in that by your network.

Your ability to flow depends on a network that highly values — and calls you out on – the things that are natural to you. They will want you to be their go-to person in the realm of your natural talents and your body deeply craves that kind of recognition (projector or not!).

When that is there, you will move through your life with so much more ease and Grace. Life won’t be perfect, of course. Because true flow in life is about an ability to move freely through whatever comes your way, rather than a life that is free from obstacles.

But, when you are seen as a resource for your natural talents, the obstacles become a part of the fun of life in the Earthly realm.

So, look around you and move towards the people who see your in all of your natural genius.

If you are a 2/5, like the 2/4, you are also here to live in your own flow but you do that by offering practical solutions to the problems of the world.

It can get tricky for you, though, because unlike the 2/4, you are in a double projection field. People don’t really see you – they see how your natural talents can solve their problems.

But you aren’t here to be called out by others like that. You are here to call yourself out in ways that ensure your own personal thriving.

And what your body needs – more than anything else – is for you to “hand back” other people’s projections and expectations of what you should be doing with your energy.

Without that awareness, you’ll get jerked around the other people’s flow, rather than honoring your own.

So — stop that shit. Start questioning what other people expect of you and become the creator of your flow.

If you are a 3/5, now is the time to pay close attention to what you are experimenting with and the mistakes you are making.

Are they leading to success, satisfaction, peace and delight?

If not, it is highly likely that you are experimenting and trying things because others have expectations of you. And you are not here for that.

Like anyone with a 5 in their profile, you are here to be self-determined. And with your 5 on the unconscious side, your body deeply needs that.

Look for places where people are insisting that you “just try” to solve their problems for them. Or where they are making what you are doing about them. Be especially mindful of any unspoken expectations and how you are engaging with them.

Honor your body by handing back the expectations that aren’t yours to meet and begin experimenting with the things that your inner compass is pulling you towards.

If you are a 3/6, like the 3/5, you are here to experiment and learn through making lots of mistakes. But instead of checking in on the expectations of others, now is the time to check in on where you are feeling shame.

Ooof. I know.

With a 6 on the unconscious side of your profile, your body is creating resilience and wisdom by processing shame (including the forms of shame often called guilt, embarrassment, humiliation, etc.).

It is through that processing that you are lead to your next experiment. It is how you become the deliberate creator of where you go next.

As much as it sucks sometimes, it’s what you need to create the material wealth and somatic health that you crave.

So, go be with your shame. Let it make you wise.

(You’ll learn the skills of effectively processing shame inside the Human Design Map portal and, as such, I have an astonishing number of 6th lines as clients!)

If you are a 4/6, you are here to be grounded and supported by your network. You are a fountain of foundational information and you are highly regarded as a resource to the people around you.

And, you love it that way.

Except when you are in the throes of shame.

Like the 3/6, your body needs to build the capacity to process shame and resisting shame will prevent you from being the best resource that you can be.

No matter what phase of your 6th line process you are in, now is the time to connect with your body and notice the places that are holding shame.

Give them some space to breathe. Sort the tribal shame from the righteous shame and restore your sense of integrity.

This is what it takes to create the Earthly reality of being a shining star in your network and being supported in your karmic destiny.

*Karmic Roles are covered more in depth in the Human Design Map.

Fixed Fate Karmic Role*

Your karmic role is to be deeply rooted and supported in how you show up for others.

If you are a 4/1, you are here to be “fixed” in how you engage with the world. You aren’t here to waffle or to be jerked around by the whims of your thoughts or by the needs of others.

You are the pillar, deeply rooted in the earth, and a shining example of what it means to live a life of inner authority. Your aura is a like a street sign that points the personal destiny folx back to themselves and the transpersonals back to the leading edge of transformation.

Your most abundant mundane reality comes from standing tall.

Even when others call you stubborn, uncompromising, or headstrong.

And to stand your tallest, your body needs you to be the scientist of life. You need to study the way life works and build your foundation higher and higher.

If you aren’t feeling very tall right now, become grounded by learning more about the thing that has held your interest for your entire life. Its where your foundation is built.

Get building. Now is the time.

*Karmic Roles are covered more in depth in the Human Design Map.

Transpersonal Karmic Roles*

Your karmic role is to be a catalyst for the karmic transformation of others by transforming first.

If you are a 5/1, you have a critical role to play in the karmic transformation of the world because you are a mirror of empowerment. They will see you as a victim, a villian, or a savior.

But you don’t transform karma by becoming who they think you are.

By internalizing the projections, mundane reality feels like a chore. And you may even question if you are on the ass end of karmic punishment.

Not only that, you steal their chance to be their own hero.

And those moments are your gold.

They reveal your own victim consciousness. And show you what needs to be transformed inside of you to be the pristine mirror.

The first step in transforming your own karma is investigation.

By researching, figuring out the mechanics of life, and filling yourself with knowledge, you create stability. You become clear and can see all of the places where you’ve given in to distorted ideas about how life works.

In that clear vision, your victim consciousness dissolves. And the mirror polished. Ready, willing, and able to let them see what is really there.

Now is the time to notice how secure you feel in what is yours to own and where you need to polish the mirror. Transform your shit and you will transform your world.

If you are a 5/2, like the 5/1, others will see you as the victim, the villain, or the savior. But because you are in the double projection field, they will also see you as someone who can not only save them but save the world with your natural gifts.

At times, this will feel heavy and like the karmic load you are carrying is too much to bare.

And this is good news. Because, similar to the 5/1, these moments are the time to polish the mirror. They are when you transform first.

Use these moments as a sign to find your second line flow. In traditional Human Design, this is called “hermitting.”

And while it can be useful to hole yourself up, alone, somewhere, it is more likely that your body is actually SCREAMING to move through the world in the way that feels natural to you.

No agendas or expectations. Just doing what feels natural in your body.

This provides immense clarity on all of the places where you are holding onto victim consciousness and weighing down your world with the demands of others. And letting all of that go is sets transformation in motion.

And there is no time like the present to go first.

If you are a 6/2, in your peak role model phase, you are a shining example of integrity. You show us what it means to be a person rooted in your values and aligned with your inner compass. (Or not.)

And this means you will be someone who carves the trail for being adept at processing shame. (Or doesn’t.)

Sometimes, that feels like a catch 22. Like you can’t escape the shame (guilt, humiliation, embarrassment, being bad or wrong, etc.)

Because, your body deeply needs to be in your second line flow. It needs space to process and to move energy around in natural ways.

And, especially in the earlier phases of your life, all of the shame you’ve been avoiding by being out in the world is going to crop up.

By processing that shame, you step deeper and deeper into integrity.

You can’t have one without the other. And the Knight of Disks wants you to know that if you want to create a new outer world, you do it by being deliberate in how you are working with shame.

(You’ll learn the skills of effectively processing shame inside the Human Design Map portal.)

If you are a 6/3, like the 6/2, you are here to be a role model of integrity and you’ll have a very intimate relationship with shame. Afterall, shame is the emotion that gives us the energy to restore integrity.

And, your catch 22 is all about your body’s need to experiment, make mistakes, and integrate the lessons from those mistakes…without piling on more shame.

Now is the time to take an honest look at what you make mistakes mean about you.

Do you make your mistakes mean you are a horrible, awful person who never gets anything right? Or that you are a huge fuck up? Or that you’ll never get where you want to go? (aka shaming yourself)

Or do you make your mistakes mean that you are well on your way to being a beacon of integrity? That you are learning what is true for you? And that you are figuring your shit out? (aka integrating your experience — notice the link between the words integrity and integrate!)

What is your answer to those questions? Integrating is how become the wise old crone you’ve always known you will be.

*Karmic Roles are covered more in depth in the Human Design Map.

Consider what the Knight of Disks may reveal about the Taurus shadows that are ready for your reclamation and how fully owning them will help you make your unique contribution in the world.

If you’re one of my Human Design Map clients, I’ll walk you through it inside the portal:

1. Go to “The Worthy Parts” lesson of the deconditioning toolbox. This is the lesson where I teach you exactly how to love, value, and use your shadows towards your higher purpose.

2. In the lesson, download the “Starting with an Existing Shadow Word” guide, and use the shadow word that stands out most from this email as your starting point.

3. From there, go through the reintegration process in “The Worthy Parts” guide.

4. And as always, post in the discussions if you want personalized guidance or have any questions.

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