Are bad habits and self sabotage blocking your magic?

Yes? i made my Wonderwork coaching program just for you.

Perhaps you’re on a mission to make the world a better place but you spend more time scrolling social media than focusing on what you came here to do.

Or it could be that you want to set an example of body-confidence and self-worth for your young daughters, but you’re always bashing your body in front of them. 

Or maybe you want to start a regenerative farm out in the middle of nowhere, but you don’t have the funds because you spend more than you save.

No matter what your dreams are, you know that you could do big things with your life if you could just get out of your own way.

It feels like torture to know that you were made for more only to discover that the one thing stopping you is YOU. It’s a sure-fire recipe for guilt, shame, and self-doubt.

I get it. I lived in that particular flavor of hell for years and years and years.

And, I have some WONDERful news for you:

You don’t have to keep repeating the cycle of feeling on-fire and inspired by your dreams only to plummet back into self-hatred and despair when you self sabotage and go right back to your old habits. 

What if you could use your bad habits in service of your dreams and goals?

What if it's all unfolding for your benefit?

What if the things that seem like obstacles are actually the map?

You can.

It is.

They are.

I know it seems like a crazy paradox. And, honestly, it kind of is. It blows my fucking mind every time I think about it.

But, the Truth is that all of your bad habits ARE DOORWAYS INTO the confidence and sense of self-worth that you need to make magical shit happen in your life.

You don’t need to get rid of your bad habits. You don’t need to force yourself to stop them with willpower. And you don’t need to be perfect every single minute of every single day to make magic in your life.

Instead, you need to go INTO your habits. You need to discover the hidden potential inside of them. You need to accept their invitation to power and grace.

And everything you need to do that is already inside of you. 

How do I know? Because you are an Alchemist.

You wouldn’t be reading this page right now if you weren’t.

As an alchemist, you are up for the challenge. You aren’t afraid of a little paradox. You can transform your lead into 24k gold. 

It’s just that no one has given you the right tools or taught you how to masterfully wield them. 

And that is where WonderWork comes in.

WonderWork is an online coaching program for folks who feel like their own worst energy and are ready to stop that shit, immediately, so they can make some serious magic. 

As a result of doing your WonderWork, you can expect to experience...

Break habits that no longer serve you without using force or willpower...

One of the things people tell me all the time is that they just need more willpower. But, running out of willpower doesn't mean you're weak or worthless. It means you're human. Willpower is a FINITE resource for EVERYONE and, because of that, it isn't useful for lasting transformation.

WonderWork is about going within to discover your INFINITE source of True Power and using that power to fuel your dreams.

Transform shame, guilt, and doubt into unshakeable confidence and self Worth...

Right now, I know you probably use your bad habits as evidence that you aren't worthy of what you really want in life. Every time you "mess up" or "self-sabotage" or "fall off the wagon," you make it mean that you're a failure or that something is wrong with you.

But, the Truth is, you can actually use your habits as doorways into an unshakeable sense of confidence and self-worth. You do that by going INTO them and finding their innate wisdom and power, which is this:

You are a fractal of the Divine.
You are the Universe experiencing itself.
You are powerful beyond measure.

You already have everything you need to live and express the Truth of your deepest intentions. You just need some help drawing it out.

Create Vibrant energy and radiate Light...

Listen, here's the straight Truth:

It takes a lot of fucking energy to fight against yourself every day. Every single time you fall down a rabbit hole of shame and guilt, it sucks more and more life out of you. You feel like you constantly have to hide your Truth and can't let anyone see the real you.

And that is a magic killer, my friend. But when you transform that energy into fuel, you become unstoppable.

Ironically, it actually takes LESS energy to transform the energy than it does to fight against it. Crazy, I know. But, true nonetheless. And, in WonderWork, I'll show you how.

And like magic, you'll get all of that energy back to focus on the things that really matter to you and radiate the light that you are.

I'm Christie Inge, and I'll be your guide...

I am a Master Alchemist, and I will turn your worst habits into fuel for living your purpose.

I’m proud to say that I’ve overcome:

❖ binge drinking
❖ drug addiction
❖ smoking a pack a day
❖ hooking up with bad boys
❖ binge eating and body hatred

I can even go into Target without buying a thing.

Along the way, I figured out that if we don’t heal the underlying root cause of our habits (hint: our lack of self worth!), then we just end up going round and round on the self-help hamster wheel or trading in one habit for another.

And when that happens, we start to blame ourselves and make it mean that we aren’t enough or that we are unworthy of what we most want out of life. The cycle just endlessly continues.

But, what I know for sure is that it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ll show you a new way (one that actually works!).

It's time to get out of your own way. I can help.

Feel drawn to WonderWork but have some questions before going all in? CLICK HERE to have a zero-pressure conversation with me. 

WonderWork went deep into the ingrained patterns of my fear of being a disappointment and a failure, patterns of people-pleasing, patterns of “not enough” mindset and self-worth. 

My patterns of “not enough” has been quietly dissipating on their own. I don’t feel time pressure the way I used to. I’m doing less, accomplishing more, and feeling more satisfied at the end of my days. I’m better rested, as well, and better at noticing when I’m starting to veer into the territory of “not enough” and depleting myself. I’ve also gotten so much better at holding a loving, forgiving space for myself.

I can tell you that I felt the shifts and the true changes I’d been longing for, the true inner freedom and empowerment. I’m grateful, but because the inner work was so real, I have a settledness and calmness and deep confidence that I am truly changed, and things will be different from now on.

WonderWork has been one of the best programs I’ve ever done.

Leah Campbell Badertscher


transform your worst habits into unshakeable confidence and self worth

WonderWork is an online coaching program for soul-full + tenacious folks who are ready to stop using their bad habits as evidence for their unworthiness and learn how to transform them into unshakeable confidence and self-worth.

On the surface, WonderWork is about breaking the habits that get in the way of your heartfelt dreams and intentions.

But, really, it’s about going below the surface to:

❖ identifying the emotional and spiritual blocks that are driving your habits and transforming them into fuel

❖ re-writing your stories of unworthiness, not-enoughness, and deserving so that you can build unshakeable confidence and a deep sense of self-worth

❖ reclaiming your power to live a life that is soul-filled and joyful

It’s going to be messy. You’ll feel uncomfortable, and you’ll probably cry more than a few times. There will be plot twists, and you’ll discover things about yourself that you had no clue were simmering under the surface.


And it’s going to be SO worth it. 

You will blow your own mind.

over and over and over again. 

The Nitty-Gritty details of WonderWork

WonderWork is a 4-month coaching program, created by Master Energy Healer and Confidence Coach, Christie Inge. Your registration includes…

Nine WonderWork Lessons

These lessons are like a map, guiding you down the path of transforming your worst habit into unshakeable confidence and self-worth. They are in both audio and written format so that you can learn in whatever way works best for you.

Step-by-Step Homework

The homework for WonderWork has been specifically created to take the guesswork out of applying the lessons to your unique situations and circumstances. You’ll know exactly what you need to do to get the results the program promises.

Integration Assessments

Each WonderWork lesson builds upon the next, which means you’ll need to complete one lesson before you’re ready for the next. To help you determine your readiness, there is an integration assessment at the end of each lesson.

Weekly Audio Q + A

As you do your WonderWork, you’ll likely have questions and I’ve got answers, my friend! You’ll be able to submit your questions to me and, each week, I’ll create an audio recording of my answers and post them to the WonderWork website.

Online Coaching with Me

To get help between the weekly Q + A audios, I’ll coach you on the WonderWork website. You’ll let me know what’s going on for you and I’ll help you overcome any challenges and transform any blocks that are showing up for you.

Lifetime Access

WonderWork is so much more than a program about changing habits. It helps you build skills that will apply to your whole life. So, to honor that, you’ll have lifetime access to the WonderWork materials.

It's time to get out of your own way. I can help.

Feel drawn to WonderWork but have some questions before going all in? CLICK HERE to have a zero-pressure conversation with me. 


When I signed up, I was stuck. I wanted to find out why I was overeating, fat and causing myself misery. I had a few ideas, but there seemed to be a missing piece to the answer. I wasn’t sure the course would answer my problem. I was hesitant because of the cost, and I wasn’t sure if it could be done without one to one therapy.

As a result of participating, I found the answer I was searching for, relief, peace and freedom.

I no longer believe I am bad or greedy. I am working on the issues uncovered at a pace that suits me. I have stopped focusing on food, punishing myself by dieting and have lost some weight.

This program makes you see yourself in a totally different way. It unlocks the door to moving forward and personal growth. You face up to yourself, warts and all, and actually realise it’s ok to be you.

Christie has such brilliant insights and a way of helping you to move forward, all done with a ‘we’re all in this together’ approach and at the right times, with humour.

She has transformed my life. Her wisdom, humour, insights and down to earth approach have helped me to understand myself and shown me how I can work to make my life the way I want it to be.

It is a life-changing course and I thoroughly recommend it.

Elaine Kiendrebeogo

Is WonderWork right for you?

WonderWork will blow your mind if...

You’ve tried a lot of things in the past that haven’t worked and you’ve spent enough time going within to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your habit – be it overeating, overspending, mindless social scrolling, or something else – isn’t actually about the behavior itself and you’re ready to go ALL IN on figuring out what it’s actually about.

You are prepared to be uncomfortable; as the saying goes, growth does not happen inside your comfort zone. This program WILL make you uncomfortable. I’ll be there to support you and give you tools for navigating that discomfort, but if you’re looking to “feel amazing” 24/7, this ain’t the rodeo for you.

You are looking for a practical roadmap (with a side of woo) that guides you through the process of transformation with signs to look for and tools to use when you see those signs. My clients have repeatedly told me that this work “ties all the other self-help together.”

You know, at least on some level, that the stories you tell yourself about worthiness and deserving are bullshit and you’re ready to start working with them in a more empowering way.

❖ You are ALL IN and are self-motivated. You will show up and do the work, even without a lot of outside accountability. WonderWork is not an accountability program. There will be email reminders and check in emails, but I will not be “holding your feet to the fire.”

But it's totally not for you if...

You are looking for strategies to help you increase willpower, avoid triggers, or to “make yourself” change. That isn’t how I roll (because it doesn’t work!) and you will not find these types of strategies in WonderWork.

You are chemically dependant on drugs or alcohol, are in the throes of an eating disorder, or are experiencing mental health challenges. I am not a licensed therapist or psychiatrist and am not qualified to work with these types of situations. Please seek the help of something who can truly support you in these situations.

You are actively processing trauma. Some of the materials in WonderWork may be triggering if you are working through trauma. You’d be better served to find someone who specializes in working with trauma.

You are offended by words like fuck and shit. I cuss like a sailor because sometimes, only an f-bomb will do. And since the core of my work is really about integrity, it doesn’t make sense for me to hide this part of myself.

You aren’t willing to prioritize least two hours per week to devote to the program. Some weeks you may need a little more, and some weeks it might be a little less. Either way, it will take focused and dedicated time as true healing is not a passive process. You will ONLY get results when you show up for yourself and do the work.

It's time to get out of your own way. I can help.

Feel drawn to WonderWork but have some questions before going all in? CLICK HERE to have a zero-pressure conversation with me. 

vanessa (1)

This is truly a unique experience. It cracks you wide open, gives you insight about yourself so that you can then proceed in your life from a grounded, centered place. It’s a down-to-earth pathway to a more integrated you.

As a result of my participating, I understand myself more; my patterns have come into the light. I am more calm and gentle with myself; I no longer beat myself up. I speak up more now when I need to address issues with the people in my life.

I now notice that I am more at ease with myself and I am not so quick to condemn myself or the situation that I am in.

Vanessa Watkins

louise (1)

When I signed up for Liberate, I really wanted to shift some habits and patterns of behaviour that I feel were not serving me, and I knew I could not do it alone. I was definitely not disappointed!

As a result of my participating, I have a lot more self-awareness. More compassion for myself. Realizing that I was trying to fit into rules that were ‘imposed’ on me, when I could have been listening to my own needs, and creating my own life and way of being without worrying what others on the outside are doing or thinking. I’m definitely feeling a lot more freedom and relaxing into creating my life the way I want it.

WonderWork is phenomenal. The quality and depth of work is fantastic. Christie really has created a body of work to be proud of. It’s truly amazing. And I feel grateful and blessed to have come across it.

I absolutely would recommend to those who are ready to make some significant changes in their lives to jump in and join Christie on the WonderWork journey. You won’t find another program like it, for sure.

Louise Crooks

beth (1)

I signed up because I wanted to change my relationship with social media; I felt too attached to it and wanted to shake up the habit I’d developed of checking it way too much.

I ended up choosing a different, deeper pattern to work on after the second module, and by Module Six I identified a major driver of that pattern and released it.

I’m also becoming better at the day to day choices I need to make to really break free from the pattern.

In addition, I’m more aware of the connection between my thoughts (such as judgments) and what originally might have happened long ago to cause me to have the thoughts now. The awareness pops in my mind and I realize there is a connection. That is a fabulous thing to me!

I highly recommend WonderWork if you are ready to do the deep work necessary to realize long-term changes.

It’s a fabulous program and joining it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Christie had mentioned to me once in passing that when her clients work through the deep work with her, they often fire their therapists. I chuckled at the time, but seriously, you very well may end up finding this more effective than therapy.

Beth Grant

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers.

My schedule is hectic. How much time will WonderWork take?

So, first, I’d say that thinking of WonderWork as “taking” your time isn’t going to be the best mindset. Instead, I’d encourage you to think of this work as an investment in your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. And, depending on the habit, your physical well-being, too.

The better you feel – on a daily basis – the more you have to focus on the shit that matters to you, like your children, your family, and/or making the world a better place.

Which means that your well-being is the absolute best investment of your time, energy, and money because it will come back to you tenfold.

That said, you’ll need at least 2 hours per week to take in the materials and do the homework; some weeks will be a little more and others will be a little less. Do note that the 2-hour guideline does not include the time you invest in getting help on the forums which will vary from person to person.

Will you be the one answering my questions on the forums?

Yes. I will be the one responding to forums discussions. I usually respond a few times during the work week. 

Also note that I have a strict “no coaching fellow students” policy in the forums. You are not allowed to coach others in the forums and they are not allowed to coach you. This ensures both the safety and integrity of the forums. 

How do I know that this will work for me?

If you feel drawn to WonderWork but have some hesitations or questions before going all in, CLICK HERE and let’s have a zero-pressure conversation about where you are, where you want to go, and if WonderWork can help you get there. 

I pinky swear, no sleazy sales tactics, just a heart-to-heart about whether or not I can help you. 

How will I connect with the WonderWork Community?

WonderWork is not a community based program and is designed that way on purpose.

Most of the folx who are drawn to my work tend to be highly sensitive empaths who LOVE to help people.

Which, is amazing, of course, but the problem is that they often put others before themselves. When there is a strong community vibe, it’s easy to get wrapped up in other people’s energy and lose sight of WHY you are there.

The point of WonderWork is for you to learn how to manage and transform YOUR energy. It’s a space for YOU to get the help you need. Give that gift to yourself. 


When does WonderWork start?

The moment you register! As soon as you sign up, you’ll get immediate access to the WonderWork orientation.

Then, 24-hours later, you’ll get access to the first official lesson. The remaining lessons will be delivered every two weeks. 

I'm not on Facebook. Should I still sign up?

Absolutely sign up. WonderWork is not a community based program, so, there are no parts of WonderWork that happen on Facebook. Everything happens via email and on the WonderWork website. 

When are the live calls?

WonderWork does not include live calls. 

When you have questions during the program, you can get them answered in one of two ways:

  1. On the discussion threads.
  2. In the Weekly Q + A audios. You’ll submit questions on a form and then, each week, I’ll record my answers and post them to the WonderWork Website. 
When I have availability, you’ll also get first dibs access to my private coaching calendar (for an additional fee). 

Do you offer refunds?

I have zero doubt that the work you will do in WonderWork is AMAZING but, I also know that it is natural to have hesitations. WonderWork is an investment of time, emotional energy, and money, and at the end of the day, I’m a stranger on the internet!

So, if you have ANY questions, please reach out by email and we’ll have a heart-to-heart. You can email me using this form.

But, if you are just kinda sorta thinking about it and want to use a refund policy as a backup plan, this is not the program for you.

Be ALL IN or be ALL OUT.

There are no refunds for WonderWork.

Is there a payment plan?

Sure. CLICK HERE to pay over the course of four months.

How long will I have access to the materials and support?

Until the internet explodes! Amazing, right?!?!

I have a question I don't see answered here.

I’d love to answer any question you have about WonderWork. CLICK HERE to ask me your questions and I’ll get back to you ASAP. 

It's time to get out of your own way. I can help.

Feel drawn to WonderWork but have some questions before going all in? CLICK HERE to have a zero-pressure conversation with me. 

amy (1)

When I signed up, I was particularly enticed by her description of WonderWork as helping me to actually change my self-destructive patterns through something other than willpower (which has only failed me in the past).

WonderWork is life changing. It’s so much more than simply a program to change a habit. It is an approach to rewriting my patterns, healing my wounds and continuing to move towards living fully into my essential being.

The most profound effect of WonderWork is in how I approach my regular and on-going efforts to be the best Amy I can be. WonderWork has greatly enhanced my ability to stay compassionate and curious about myself. And, I have found a sense of joy and play in this work. No, not always, of course! But sometimes. What a bonus when I do!

I know I will be following the process I learned in WonderWork for the rest of my life. I’m so very grateful to Christie for providing this roadmap for transformation and growth.

Amy Norris


As a result of WonderWork, I am more aware of my behaviors and patterns and am learning to be more compassionate with myself. I am able to own some parts of myself that I previously didn’t like, and therefore avoided or tried to hide. I’ve released a lot emotionally, which is huge for me since I usually stuffed my emotions in the past.

As a result of so much releasing and shifting, I lost the extra weight I’ve been carrying and trying to lose for the last five years without even focusing on it. This was an amazing added bonus and it made it clear how much this extra weight was tied to all the emotional burden I’d been holding onto.

WonderWork goes much deeper than other programs do and therefore is more impactful. I love that Christie doesn’t shy away from the difficult or “ugly” stuff in life – instead, she embraces it and brings it forward to be explored. This is tough, emotional work, but she has a very specific process that takes you step-by-step, which makes it feel doable.

If you truly want to have shifts in your life and are willing to own all parts of yourself, even if it’s uncomfortable, then WonderWork is a perfect fit.

Marlene Clay

jessica (1)

I have invested in several trainings, coaches, courses to kick my overeating habit.

With WonderWork, just the first modules were enough magic to deeply understand, and better yet, just dissolve the triggers of this habit.

I remember exactly the first time, I listened to that voice in the afternoon: tacos, tacos, tacos… Before WonderWork, that led me to a case of overeating, and binge… Now this voice just fades away, without white knuckling, without resistance.

What I liked best about WonderWork is that it is deep, gentle, useful. And at the same time, very practical. And Christie’s voice is, besides wise, so so soothing.

If you are curious, willing to learn (and unlearn), and have tried “everything”, I’d recommend WonderWork to help you have a deep and gentle understanding of your habits. You will learn new tools and a whole new vocabulary to explain your life.

Jessica Vazquez

It's time to get out of your own way. I can help.