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WonderWork went deep into the ingrained patterns of my fear of being a disappointment and a failure, patterns of people-pleasing, patterns of “not enough” mindset and self-worth. 

My patterns of “not enough” has been quietly dissipating on their own. I don’t feel time pressure the way I used to. I’m doing less, accomplishing more, and feeling more satisfied at the end of my days. I’m better rested, as well, and better at noticing when I’m starting to veer into the territory of “not enough” and depleting myself. I’ve also gotten so much better at holding a loving, forgiving space for myself.

I can tell you that I felt the shifts and the true changes I’d been longing for, the true inner freedom and empowerment. I’m grateful, but because the inner work was so real, I have a settledness and calmness and deep confidence that I am truly changed, and things will be different from now on.

WonderWork has been one of the best programs I’ve ever done.

Leah Campbell Badertscher



When I began WonderWork, I was stuck; there seemed to be a missing piece to the answer. I wasn’t sure if WonderWork would answer my problem. I was hesitant because of the cost.

As a result of participating, I found the answer I was searching for, relief, peace and freedom.

I no longer believe I am bad or greedy. I am working on the issues uncovered at a pace that suits me. I have stopped focusing on food, punishing myself by dieting and have lost some weight.

This program makes you see yourself in a totally different way. It unlocks the door to moving forward and personal growth. You face up to yourself, warts and all, and actually realise it’s ok to be you.

Christie has such brilliant insights and a way of helping you to move forward, all done with a ‘we’re all in this together’ approach and at the right times, with humour.

She has transformed my life. Her wisdom, humour, insights and down to earth approach have helped me to understand myself and shown me how I can work to make my life the way I want it to be.

It is a life-changing and I thoroughly recommend it.

Elaine Kiendrebeogo

vanessa (1)

This is truly a unique experience. It cracks you wide open, gives you insight about yourself so that you can then proceed in your life from a grounded, centered place. It’s a down-to-earth pathway to a more integrated you.

As a result of my participating, I understand myself more; my patterns have come into the light. I am more calm and gentle with myself; I no longer beat myself up. I speak up more now when I need to address issues with the people in my life.

I now notice that I am more at ease with myself and I am not so quick to condemn myself or the situation that I am in.

Vanessa Watkins

louise (1)

I really wanted to shift some patterns of behaviour that I feel were not serving me, and I knew I could not do it alone. I was definitely not disappointed!

As a result of my participating, I have a lot more self-awareness. More compassion for myself. Realizing that I was trying to fit into rules that were ‘imposed’ on me, when I could have been listening to my own needs, and creating my own life and way of being without worrying what others on the outside are doing or thinking. I’m definitely feeling a lot more freedom and relaxing into creating my life the way I want it.

WonderWork is phenomenal. The quality and depth of work is fantastic. Christie really has created a body of work to be proud of. It’s truly amazing. And I feel grateful and blessed to have come across it.

I absolutely would recommend to those who are ready to make some significant changes in their lives to jump in and join Christie on the WonderWork journey. You won’t find another program like it, for sure.

Louise Crooks


beth (1)

I highly recommend WonderWork if you are ready to do the deep work necessary to realize long-term changes.

It’s a fabulous program and joining it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Christie had mentioned to me once in passing that when her clients work through the deep work with her, they often fire their therapists. I chuckled at the time, but seriously, you very well may end up finding this more effective than therapy.

Beth Grant

amy (1)

WonderWork is life changing. It is an approach to rewriting my patterns, healing my wounds and continuing to move towards living fully into my essential being.

The most profound effect of WonderWork is in how I approach my regular and on-going efforts to be the best Amy I can be. WonderWork has greatly enhanced my ability to stay compassionate and curious about myself. And, I have found a sense of joy and play in this work. 

I know I will be following the process I learned in WonderWork for the rest of my life. I’m so very grateful to Christie for providing this roadmap for transformation and growth.

Amy Norris


As a result of WonderWork, I am learning to be more compassionate with myself. I am able to own some parts of myself that I previously didn’t like, and therefore avoided or tried to hide. I’ve released a lot emotionally, which is huge for me since I usually stuffed my emotions in the past.

As a result of so much releasing and shifting, I lost the extra weight I’ve been carrying and trying to lose for the last five years without even focusing on it. This was an amazing added bonus and it made it clear how much this extra weight was tied to all the emotional burden I’d been holding onto.

WonderWork goes much deeper than other programs do and therefore is more impactful. I love that Christie doesn’t shy away from the difficult or “ugly” stuff in life – instead, she embraces it and brings it forward to be explored. This is tough, emotional work, but she has a very specific process that takes you step-by-step, which makes it feel doable.

If you truly want to have shifts in your life and are willing to own all parts of yourself, even if it’s uncomfortable, then WonderWork is a perfect fit.

Marlene Clay


jessica (1)

WonderWork is deep, gentle, useful. And at the same time, very practical. And Christie’s voice is, besides wise, so so soothing.

If you are curious, willing to learn (and unlearn), and have tried “everything”, I’d recommend WonderWork to help you have a deep and gentle understanding of yourself. You will learn new tools and a whole new vocabulary to explain your life.

Jessica Vazquez


WonderWork is on Waitlist.

Add your name and email address below and you’ll be the first to know when I have spots open. In the meantime, I’ll email you tips, tools, and guidance on all things self worth and energy alchemy.