Welcome, my sensitive, intuitive, empathic friend.

You’re here, on this page, because you’re ready to manage your empathic abilities without giving all of your power away.

You’re no longer willing to live your life in a chronic state of emotional overwhelm.

You’re SO done with the people-pleasing and trying to make everybody feel better.

You’re tired of saving the world while you’re left feeling helpless, drained, and resentful.

You’re sick of feeling like a sponge whose sole purpose in life is to clean up other people’s emotional messes.

You’re completely over making your world smaller and smaller to accommodate your sensitive nature.

You’re ready to take back your time, your energy, and, most importantly, your power.


I like you already. And I can help.

I’m not your average highly sensitive, intuitive, empath.

I won’t teach you how to build walls of protection around your energy. I won’t guide you through meditations for creating bubbles of white light. And I won’t be telling you which crystals to buy to keep you safe from all of the emotional energy around you.

Why? Because all of that is bullshit.

At best, it’s keeping you stuck.

At worst, it’s making your world smaller and smaller because you always feel like you have to be on the lookout for emotional danger.

And that’s a big fuck no for me.

I’m not interested in helping you make your world smaller.

I will help you make your world as big as you want it to be.

As a Master Energy Healer, my job is to show you how to work with your energy in masterful ways.

When we work together, you will…

❖ feel free to go wherever you want to go, whenever you want. Without feeling like you need to hole yourself up in a quiet room for three weeks afterward.

❖ be able to spend time with the people you care about – no matter what kind of mood they are in – without feeling like you’re soaking up their feels.

❖ discern what is yours from what isn’t and easily let go of the shit that isn’t

❖ make conscious choices about how you invest your time and energy, instead of choosing certain things because of how draining they will or won’t be

❖ maintain impeccable boundaries – energetic and otherwise

❖ feel like the powerful force of nature that you are instead of like a victim to the world around you

❖ say yes to YOU, your needs, and your desires

Learning to manage your empathic nature will be the best investment you've ever made. It will serve you now and for the rest of your life.

No joke. 

To get started, you’ll tell me more about your situation and what you’d like to happen.

If I believe I can help you, I’ll reach out to you by email (within a couple days) and we’ll have a deeper conversation to figure out together if working together is going to be a good next step. 

If it is, we’ll talk specifics about how coaching with me works, hammer out the nitty-gritty details (session times, payment arrangements, etc.), and I’ll answer any questions you have before you make your decision.

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