WonderFULL Purpose Map

The Comprehensive Guide
to the Treasure that is YOU

The WonderFULL Purpose Map is a 100+ page deep-dive guide based on the most important elements of your Human Design.

The map is comprehensive, practical, and highly actionable. It far exceeds what you will find for free online, in books, courses, or even paid readings.

I've done all that deep dive studying so you don't have to.

It even includes magickal touches and details that you won't find anywhere else.

In the WonderFULL Purpose Map, you will come to understand your:

  • Type & Strategy: the way to create more ease + flow + synchronicity in your life.

  • Authority: the way to make aligned decisions

  • Profile: the effortless way to express your gifts

It also goes into depth about the four gates of your Incarnation Cross:

  • Conscious Sun Gate: the magic wand for your whole life

  • Conscious Earth Gate: the thing that grounds you and brings you back to your center

  • Unconscious Sun Gate: the place where shadows transform into light

  • Unconscious Earth Gate: the spiritual path you are here to walk

For each of these areas of your design, you will get clearly defined and empowering information about:

  • the keynotes (the gates of your incarnation cross will also include magickal correspondences like crystals, animals, sound healing frequencies, and more!)

  • the full spectrum of potential expression

  • the empowering beliefs to cultivate on purpose

  • taboo and golden shadow traits that you are likely to “wrestle” with

  • specific self care practices to put your map into action

All of it is laid out in an easy to digest format (think bullet points, tables, and clear language) so that you'll be able to STOP the endless searching for information about your Human Design and START being empowered to work with your purpose and gifts in your day-to-day life.

And, of course, it will be filled to the brim with affirmation, validation, and recognition of the Truth that lives inside of you.

Because I can't help myself, you’ll also get:

  • The deconditioning toolbox which walks you through, step-by-step how to live in alignment with the HD practices + choices that work for you

  • Q + A online library to get your human design and deconditioning questions answered

  • ​An ever growing library of coaching worksheets and guided meditations for even deeper integration.

  • the Nine Centers Guide -- a 100+ page deep dive on the nine energy centers, how they work, and how your definition effects your energy. You'll get this within minutes of your purchase. Look for it in the "next steps" email.

  • the Special Considerations and Nuances Guide -- this quick and easy to read guide helps you to understand how your specific gate definition effects the different gates in your design.

You are WonderFULL and the WonderFULL Purpose map is your next step in embodying that Truth.


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    How is the WonderFULL Purpose Map different than a Human Design Reading with a “Reader”?

    One of the magical things about Human Design is that there are lots of different perspectives out there to learn from.

    No two people experience Human Design exactly the same way. Even when a whole group of people agrees on big-picture ideas, every single person brings their own unique experience to the table.

    So, of course, the most important difference between a WonderFULL Purpose Map and a reading from someone else is that the WonderFULL Purpose Map is created from my perspective.

    I AM a clear channel for Fierce Grace, a champion for personal integrity, and a lightning bolt of esoteric awareness and wisdom.

    My perspective is magickal and empowering without sugar-coating or coddling. I don’t subscribe to any Human Design dogma or believe that your Human Design is a rule book or a curse. My focus is on helping you to see the full potential of your energy and giving you actionable ways to begin working with it.

    People say that I explain things in a way that makes things “click” in a way they never have before -- even if they have heard “the same thing” from a hundred different people. I’ve even been told that a single sentence from me heals lifetimes of shame and that my writing is as poetic as it is practical.

    Speaking of practical, the WonderFULL Purpose Map is absolutely different than a reading in a number of mundane ways:

    1. The WonderFULL Purpose Map is written. It is a sacred memento that you will refer back to for years to come.
    2. All maps are more than 100 pages long; it is like a book of YOU. It goes into much deeper detail than could possibly be covered in a single hour-long reading. To get the level of information and detail that is covered in the map, you’d need to book at least seven or eight sessions with a reader and you still wouldn’t get everything included in the map.
    3. Human Design readings can be upwards of $600 for a single hour with a reader and would only cover a fraction of what is covered in the map. The map is $222.
    4. The map includes access to my deconditioning toolbox. This is a guided course on transformational alchemy that provides you with the emotional, mental, and energy tools necessary to make changes in your life based on your design.

    When will I get my map?

    All maps are hand-made by me and my small but mighty team. We aim to deliver your map within one month of your purchase date.

    But, you’ll get the Nine Centers Guide immediately upon purchase so that you can start digging into your design right away.

    What if I don’t know my birth time?

    I do not recommend purchasing a map if you do not have an accurate birth time. To get your birth time, you can:

    • Look at your birth certificate.
    • Ask a family member.
    • Contact the hospital you were born in.
    • Hire a Vedic astrologer to do a birthtime reconciliation.

    We do not recreate or refund maps that are incorrect due to inaccurate birth data being provided.

    What is included in the deconditioning Toolbox?

    It is based on my signature energy alchemy method (formally known as WonderWork) and walks you through the process step-by-step. You will be given the tools to navigate the obstacles along the path of deconditioning and in the right order. You'll come away knowing how to support yourself with the right tools at the right time.

    It also includes lifetime access to Q + A with me.

    I’m not familiar with Human Design. Will I still benefit from a map?

    Yes. I genuinely believe that every human being on the planet would benefit from knowing, understanding, and implementing their Human Design and the map is a WonderFULL way to do that.

    That said, I also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basics of Human Design first because the map mainly focuses on telling you what your design means. I have lots of “human design basics” posts on my blog. I’d encourage you to read those while you wait for your map to be made.

    The Map looks great but I’d like to work with you one-on-one instead. How can I hire you?

    I am not accepting new one-to-one clients for the foreseeable future.

    What if I have questions about my map?

    When your map is delivered, you’ll get access to a Q + A link. I aim to answer these questions as often as I can.

    Which system of astrology do you use to calculate Human Design?

    By default, your WonderFULL Purpose Map will be created using traditional Human Design, which uses tropical astrology.

    But, it can be created using any calculation method you personally resonate with. Once you purchase your map, you will be able to upload any "non-traditional" chart you have and we'll use it to make your map.

    Can I give the map as a gift to someone?

    Yes, when you checkout, you will have the option to give the map as a gift. Just fill out the details on that form and we’ll take care of the rest.

    Can I get a map for my child?

    Yes, of course! When you receive the birth information form, just put in your child’s information instead of your own. Feel free to still use your email address for delivery, though.

    What is your approach to Human Design?

    I am a heretic through and through (5/2 profile).

    I understand and respect the mechanical foundations of the Human Design chart but I am not into Human Design dogma. I do not worship at the altar of "Ra said so."

    I give zero fucks about following arbitrary rules and give all the fucks about meeting people where they are on their path. I believe Human Design is a powerful tool that everyone has the right to use in the way that works best for them. The only wrong way to use Human Design is when you are using it against yourself or others.

    I believe that you are the Divine incarnate on Earth and that you are playing a game of hide and seek with yourself. Your Human Design shows you the energetic tools that you're playing with. And by harnessing the power of the tools, you will find yourself.

    I believe in free will and making conscious choices about how we use the energy in our charts, in the transits, and in the world around us.

    I believe that our mind is a powerful ally in our healing and deconditioning process. I believe that making the mind the enemy is actually detrimental in learning to love and embrace our individuality and wholeness.

    I believe in the wise words of the serenity prayer.

    I believe in the power of healing, magic, and the miracles of Fierce Grace.

    I believe that we are responsible for the energy we bring to every situation and that our charts are not an excuse to roll over and play dead or blame the stars for our (conscious + unconscious) choices.

    You are a sovereign human being and the whole point of Human Design is to find YOUR unique way of walking through this world. Everything else is projection, fear and weird saviorism packaged up as wisdom.

    When you are in my world, your path = your rules. And that includes walking away from me if my approach is a NO for you. May the force be with you.

    My perspective is fluff-free, magickal, and deeply rooted in the world of practical action. And, probably most importantly, overflowing with Fierce Grace.

    If you're curious, here is my design:

    What if I don't resonate with my map? Can I get a refund?

    No. All maps sales are final.

    If you are afraid you won't resonate because of my particular approach, I'd recommend getting very familiar with my approach before purchasing. To do that, see the last question, my blog, and my newsletter. If you resonate with my free content you will eat up your map like candy.

    If you are afraid you won't resonate because of certain elements in your design, this is something I can help you work through that via the Q + A access you'll get upon purchase. That said, I've been told repeatedly that the way I speak about Human Design is what makes it "click" for people.

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