I'm Christie Inge.

I’m a foul-mouthed Fairy Godmother for creative rebels who are committed to making a difference in the world by being themselves

It's time for you to become the next creative version of yourself.

You know it. I know it. It’s time to stop fucking around. 


You're going to need someone on your side who will:

✪ guide you to your life purpose, core gifts, and prosperity gifts

✪ read you like a book (no more hiding from yourself!)

✪ get you out of your head and into your body and intuition

✪ show you how to collect and channel your energy with integrity

✪ hold your vision with unwavering clarity

✪ patiently remind you of who the fuck you really are

✪ pick you up and turn you around when you’ve lost your way

✪ guide you through the sticky parts of decision making and action taking

✪ practice radical honesty and vulnerability (because that shit is magic)

✪ support you in making sense of intense emotions, chaos, and confusion

✪ shake you when you need to be shaken and hold you when you need to be held

and, most importantly, love you to pieces, even when you think you’re the worst. 

That someone you're calling in is...Me.

Here is what Leah, an Artist and Master Coach, said about working with me.

leah b

If you are committed to living a fulfilling, thriving, soulful life, Christie is a powerful guide and ally to have at your side. Her long term work is life changing and she can also shift energy with a single sentence or even text. This is true release from suffering and returning to love in a difficult moment(s), and it also allows you to return to living life with your heart more open and ready to create, give, and receive. I cannot say enough about how remarkable she is. Work with her.

Leah Badertscher​

Artist + Master Coach

Are you ready to feel more seen, heard, and supported in your creative expression than you ever have?

Awesome. I cannot wait to be that space for you. 

Since your needs and vision are as unique as you are, I will create a custom package for you. My packages range from $1,500 to $6,000

The common themes I build my packages around are:

✪ creating your WonderFull Purpose Map*, which gives you language and practical tools for understanding your unique energy, life purpose, and Divine gifts. 

✪ radical self acceptance and trusting your inner guidance system

✪ self confidence and making decisions with radical integrity

✪ shadow-self discovery and integration to dissolve creative blocks

✪ a mind-body-spirit approach to processing emotions and expanding emotional capacity

✪ building unshakeable self worth and the courage it takes to BE yourself

✪ healing your relationship with that thing that some call God  

*I use Human Design for this because it is the most amazing shortcut for understanding who you are and what you are here to contribute to the world. If you are already familiar with Human Design and you find it both compelling and confusing AF, I’ll make sense of if for you in a radically empowering and practical way. If you are no familiar with Human Design, I’ll make sure you’re up to speed before we begin. 

Let's start with a pressure free conversation.

I cannot wait to connect with you, explore working together, and create a custom package for you. 

To start, fill out this short form to tell me more about yourself and what you are looking for.

 If I believe that I can help you, I’ll email you with instructions for a complimentary and 100% pressure free conversation on Voxer. 

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