Even if you never pay me a dime, know this.

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I get a lot of questions about HOW to transform the shame that’s keeping you stuck in patterns of people-pleasing and over-empathizing.

And, well, truthfully, that’s a tough question to answer in a general way because it’s very individual.

Your patterns of shame are going to be very different from someone else’s because the shadow aspects that are “under” the shame are different. And those shadows were formed from your unique experiences and emotional or spiritual traumas.

Whatever path you take to uncover those shadows, though, it’s the integration of them that heals and transforms the shame.

In doing so, the outward-facing patterns, such as people-pleasing or over-empathizing, transform on their own, no willpower or force necessary.

Stepping into a new way of being is the natural result of that work. Energetically speaking, it can only be that way.

As above, so below. As within, so without.

When the energy “under” your actions is flowing differently, the outside expression has to flow differently, too.

And, now, listen. Don’t get it twisted.

I’m not talking about some fluffy spiritual bypassing LOA love and light bullshit here.

Because the truth is that when you ignore your real emotions and the energy your carrying (mostly unconsciously), you can’t just gloss that over with positive affirmations and crystals. You can’t “hide” your energy from the Universe by pretending to be a unicorn. LOL.

What I’m talking about is transforming the energy at its most basic level.

To do that, you have to look right yourself right in the eyes and LOVE IT ALL WITH WILD ABANDON.

Be with yourself. Hold space for yourself Feel your fucking feelings.

Meet yourself with the LOVE, the COMPASSION, the RELENTLESS FORGIVENESS that you are craving.

And in that healing space, let your emotions, including shame, guide you into Divine Wisdom. Divine Truth. Divine Love.

And in the golden rays of that kind of love and space, healing WILL happen. Transformation WILL happen.

As I said, it can only be that way because UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is the most potent healing force available to us.

And you find it by GOING WITHIN yourself. It’s all inside your heart, waiting for you. I promise.

It’s just that no one has really shown you how to go within or how to meet what you find with LOVE.

If you want more in-depth guidance and support on that, consider my WonderWork program (click here). And, if you’re ready to go to the deepest of the deep end of healing with someone who can hold that kind of pure space (like for real, you can’t shock me with your humanity!), consider working with me 1:1 (click here).

Whatever you do, though, even if you never pay me a single dime, please know that you have what it takes to heal.

You are an Alchemist.
You are the Divine Incarnate.
YOU are the magic.

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hey there.

I’m Christie Inge and I’m a Master Energy Healer. 

I take the mystery out of building self-worth with my reliable, clear, and magical method called WonderWork.