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The only thing you’re afraid of.

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So, listen, I know that in your mind, you have a lot reasons for holding back or hiding your Creative spirit.

Maybe you are afraid of what other people will think if you step outside your current Creative paradigm. You might be wondering who you think you are to channel this new flow of Divine presence. You might even be afraid of success.

Really, the list is endless. If you’re human at all (LOL!), you’ve probably got a list a mile long of things you’re afraid of.

But here is what you need to know:

You’re actually only afraid of ONE thing.

Yes, even when it looks like you are afraid of SO MANY things, it all comes down to ONE thing.

Ready for it?


The absolute worst thing that can happen is a feeling. Ever. Always and 100% of the time.

If people think you’re a crazy artist, the worst thing that can happen is a feeling.
If it seems like you’re just being too big for your britches, the worst thing that can happen is a feeling.
If you blow your expectations out of the water, the worst thing that can happen is a feeling.

The good news is that you can do feelings. They are just energy in motion. All of them.

Shame. Disgust. Disappointment. Guilt. Hatred. Jealousy. Selfish.

All just feelings that you can experience. They won’t kill you. They don’t prove anything.

And get this:

As a human being, you’re supposed to feel those things.

How do I know? Because if you weren’t, you wouldn’t.

Think about that.

And here is the amazing news:

When you are willing to experience the feelings of NOW, over and over again, you continue to EXPAND and ITERATE. You begin to discover that every emotion can be channeled in a multitude of ways and when you do it consciously, ALL emotions become fuel for your Creative Gold.

Very good to know.

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