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You are not “blocked.”

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One of the common terms used in the world of energy is the word “blocked.” People use this word to describe situations where they can’t seem to move forward in the way that they want. 

I’ve never resonated with the word. It isn’t energetically accurate and it is 1,000,000% disempowering. 

I do occasionally use the word and will often put it in quotation marks because I know that it’s something that people believe about themselves. And, as someone who is an inspiration for empowerent and healing, it is important that I meet people where they are. 

But, the Truth is, you are not blocked and I want you to stop telling yourself that you are. Fucking ASAP. 

Because here is the thing: 

If you go around telling yourself that you are blocked,  you are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Believing that you are blocked will absolutely make you feel stuck. And when you feel stuck, you will not take the actions necessary to create the results you want in your life. You will stay stuck. 

Give it a try right now. 

Think to yourself (or out loud if you are alone):

I can’t do what I want in my life because I am blocked. 

I can’t do what I want in my life because I am blocked. 

I can’t do what I want in my life because I am blocked. 

I can’t do what I want in my life because I am blocked. 

I can’t do what I want in my life because I am blocked. 

For real. Close your eyes and do it now. 

What happens in your body when you think that? 

Do you feel free and uninhibited? 

Do you feel like going out into the world and doing some magical shit? 

Do you feel like making bold moves and showing up like you mean it? 

Um. No. It probably feels tight and anxious. And, well, rather stuck like. Right? 

Now, put that shit on loop mode in the background of your everyday life and you have a perfect recipe for holding yourself back in your life. 

So, stop that shit. And let’s look at it another way. 

Your energy is not blocked. Yes, of course, there can be fears, beliefs, and blah blah blah but the energy itself isn’t blocked. 

A better term to use would be energy “pooling.” 

Pooling happens around the defined gates and centers in your Human Design chart. For a variety of reasons, the flow of energy slows way down, and in some cases, it comes to a complete halt. 

When pooling happens, the energy stops moving towards (or out of) the throat for outward expression as communication, action, or art. 

 But, there isn’t a mysterious object in the way of the energy moving. 

The energy itself has stopped moving. 

You don’t need to “remove” the block. The energy is ready and waiting for you. 

You simply need to intentionally get the energy moving again. 

No force required. It is so much easier than we think it is.  

That is so good to know, right? 

In the Nine Centers Guide, which is included in your WonderFULL Purpose Map purchase, I go into specific ways to get your energy moving with boundaries, practices, and tools for each center. I also include them for each part of the map including type, strategy, and all the gates of your incarnation cross

But, for now, I’ll say that it does not have to be complicated. 

In many cases, feeling your feelings will do the trick. Emotions that are not flowing correctly are one of the biggest reasons energy pools. 

In other cases, it can be as simple as setting an intention to move some energy and going for a walk, sound boarding with a willing ear who can just listen, or doing a sound healing meditation. 

For those with a defined solar plexus, you can even just go to sleep! Talk about easy! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had defined solar plexus clients check in with me in the evening with all sorts of twisted up stories and then check back in the morning to let me know things shifted while they were sleeping. 

I personally love to move energy by decluttering, organizing, decorating, or going for a drive. 

But you can do whatever works for you and your specific energy. 

And, here is the most magical part:

As the energy gets moving, any fears, or beliefs, or disempowering stories, they will literally just lift out with no work required. It is very similar to what happens when we spend time in our own Pure Aura

When the fears, beliefs, and stories, lift out, it is like blowing bubbles using soap and a bubble wand. The bubble floats up and pops all on it’s own. 

In an instant, you will see the fears, beliefs, and stories for what they are: 

Completely optional ways of seeing yourself, your loved ones, your communities, the collective, and the Divine. 

And, from that awareness, you now have a choice in how you show up in the world. 

The problem is that, when we believe we are blocked, we chase the bubbles and poke at them with our willful fingers. 

But, they will pop on their own. They always do. 

You just have to allow that to happen. 

And when you do that — you are free and uninhibited to do the things you actually want to be doing. 

So, no, you are not blocked. 

All you need to do is intentionally move some energy. 

And the rest will take care of itself. 

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