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Things to say FUCK NO to for each Undefined Center

Written by Christie Inge, 5/2 Splenic Projector, born in the LAX of the Clarion 2 (57/51. 62/61) and creator of the Human Design Map

NOTE: My Human Design content is my personal interpretation of mechanics and is always written through my heretical + alchemical lens. It often does not align with traditional HD perspectives. And this post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase after clicking one of my affiliate links, I may make a commission. 

As someone with splenic authority, I am highly attuned to the magic of NO.

Your authentic NO is one of the most important boundaries for keeping your mind, body, and spirit safe and healthy.

And it doesn’t matter if your spleen is defined, undefined, or your authority.

Your NO is sacred.

This morning, I’m feeling inspired to share so sacred FUCK NO’s for each of the undefined centers:

Undefined Head

Just say fuck no to chasing inspiration. The muse comes when you least expect it.

Undefined Ajna

Just say fuck no to needing to be right. Your open mind is your superpower.

Undefined Throat

Just say fuck no to speaking just to fill space. Silence, as they say, is Golden.

Undefined G

Just say fuck no to defining yourself with rigid identities. Your fluidity is captivating.

Undefined Will

Just say fuck no to proving your worth. Worthiness is a construct of the human ego (aka its not a thing in the eyes of the Divine).

Undefined Spleen

Just say fuck no to staying in unhealthy situations. Your body always knows and you have what it takes to get the fuck out.

Undefined Solar Plexus

Just say fuck no to trying to save people from their emotions. Their emotions are medicine that only they can swallow.

Undefined Sacral

Just say fuck no to doing all the things. Most your to-do list is made up rules, after all.

Undefined Root

Just say fuck no to the pressure to do, grow, and evolve. Your evolution happens in the pressure free zone.

Harness your no. It’s the magic.

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