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The Nine Human Design Centers

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I’m back with another post in the Human Design Basics series, and I’ll be covering the nine energy centers and what it means to have your centers defined or undefined. Before you jump in, though, be sure that you have your chart nearby. If you don’t have your human design chart yet, you can get one for free on Genetic Matrix. Sign up for your free Genetic Matrix account here. You may also want to read the first post in the series about the basics of the human design chart.

The Nine Energy Centers in the Human Design Chart

In the Human Design Chart, there are nine energy centers. They are represented by the geometric shapes in the middle of the chart. The easiest way to think about the nine energy centers is that they are indicators of the way that energy is consistently flowing through you. The centers are: 

Nine Energy Centers in Human Design

Each of the nine energy centers produces a specific type of energy. Here are the keynotes for each center:

Head = Big ideas, macro perspective, Divine inspiration

Ajna = Practical concepts, workable theories, useful ideas, micro or detailed perspective

Throat = communication, action, and outer manifestation of inner energy

G = direction, love, identity

Will (aka Heart) = willpower, ego, the material world, drive, determination, worthiness

Sacral = vital life force, reproduction, availability, sustainability, sexuality, creative power

Spleen = primal intuition and instincts, health, values, safety, self confidence

Solar Plexus (aka Emotional) = emotions, moods, feelings, social awareness, spirit

Root = pressure, sustainability, stress, forward momentum, change, growth, transformation

I cover these in much deeper detail in my Human Design Readings. And, I’ll likely write more about them in the future. Get notified of future posts here

Nine Energy Center Definition

You will notice that some of the energy centers on your chart are colored in and some of them are white. This is known as your center definition. 

If a center is colored in, that center is defined. If a center is white, that center is undefined. Your center definition determines:

  1. Your Human Design Type and Authority. Different combinations of definition in the nine energy centers determine whether you are a Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Manifestor, or Reflector and what kind of authority you have. I’ll be writing a full post about this soon. Get notified of future posts here
  2. Your most reliable energy sources. The centers that are defined in your chart are the centers that consistently produce energy for you to work with on a day-to-day basis. 
  3. Your most unreliable energy sources. The centers that are open or undefined are the centers that do not consistently produce energy for you to work with on a day-to-day basis. 

And, most of all, they are showing you are metric ton about your energetic boundaries. But, I’ll talk more about that below. For now, let’s look at…

Your Defined Centers

Your defined centers (colored in) are the places where you will consistently produce energy to move through the world. You can rely on this energy on a daily basis (though, there can be blocks to the flow!). They are also the energies that others will consistently experience when they are around you. 

For example, in Magical Unicorn’s chart, the head, ajna, throat, solar plexus, and sacral are all colored in.

Assuming all energy if flowing freely, Magical Unicorn will consistently:

  • produce their own inspiration (head)
  • be able to translate big ideas into practical ideas and workable theories (ajna)
  • communicate their inspiration and ideas (throat)
  • ride the emotional wave from hope to clarity to pain to clarity (emotional solar plexus)
  • generate creative life force energy (sacral)

When other people are around Magical Unicorn, they may “pick up on” these energies and see Magical Unicorn as someone who is inspiring, thought-provoking, communicative, lit up, and emotional.

Your defined centers are the places where you will feel most “at home” in your body and in the world. You will not have to “fight” or force these energies. They are just there and available to you at all times.

Your Undefined or Open Centers

Your open or undefined centers (white) are the places where you will experience inconsistency in your energy. You will experience these energies when you “pick it up” from the people you spend time with, the collective, and the astrological transits. You may also discover them through shadow work

If you have poor energy boundaries, you will unconsciously amplify the energy you are picking up with your undefined and open centers.  You may even begin to identify with it in an unhealthy way. 

However, when you have strong energy boundaries, you will be able to discern what, energetically speaking, belongs to you or doesn’t. And with that discernment, you can make conscious choices about how to use, interact, or simply observe the energy. 

For example, in Magical Unicorn’s chart, the G, will, spleen, and root are all white.

Assuming that Magical Unicorn’s energy boundaries are in place, they will inconsistently experience:

  • a strong sense of direction in life (G)
  • the drive and willpower to pursue mundane goals (Will)
  • fear, primal instincts, intuitive knowing*, and self-confidence (Spleen)
  • stress and the pressure to grow, evolve, transform (Root)

They will have moments when these energies are present in them but it won’t be all day, every day. They can work with them when necessary and let them go when not.

*In this context, I am talking about the splenic intuitive knowing about what is safe for the body and what isn’t. There are other types of intuition and I may get into those at some other time. Get notified of future posts here

However, if Magical Unicorn’s energy boundaries are terrible, these centers are likely to be highly conditioned by other people’s energy. As such, this person will likely experience: 

  • worry or fear about their sense of direction in life (G)
  • feeling low self-worth and like they need to prove themselves (Will)
  • lack of self-confidence (Spleen)
  • stressed out and feeling pressured to always be moving (Root)

These are indicators that Magical Unicorn needs better energy boundaries and to learn how to discern other people’s energy from their own. And, most importantly, to let go of any energy that does not serve them at the moment.

What is the difference between open and undefined? 

These terms are often used interchangeably because they are very similar “in the real world.” I personally tend to use the term open or openness to describe open centers and undefined centers. But, there is a subtle difference between them. So, before I wrap up this post, I want to clarify them for you.

An undefined center is any center that is white on the human design chart and has at least one hanging gate defined. 

An open center, on the other hand, is any center on the chart that is white and has no gates defined around it.

For Magical Unicorn’s Chart above, the G and Spleen are undefined and the root and will are open.

The big difference between an open center and an undefined center is that someone with an open center is going to be more prone to energy boundary issues.

That’s a wrap on this second post in the Human Design Basics series. I hope that it has helped you to understand your consistent energy via the nine energy centers.

I’ll be back soon to write about how your definition determines your type and authority. So, if you haven’t already done so, go ahead and get on my email list.

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