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The Full Spectrum of Energy in the Human Design Gates

Written by Christie Inge, 5/2 Splenic Projector, born in the LAX of the Clarion 2 (57/51. 62/61) and creator of the Human Design Map

NOTE: My Human Design content is my personal interpretation of mechanics and is always written through my heretical + alchemical lens. It often does not align with traditional HD perspectives. And this post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase after clicking one of my affiliate links, I may make a commission. 

In the traditional human design space, it isn’t unusual for some gates to be called “good” and others “bad.”

For example, Human Design Gate 49 is often called “the butcher” or “the murderer” because it is deeply devoted to its principles and will “cut” the things that don’t align. Meanwhile, Human Design Gate 25 is often referred to in super squishy ways with all of its unconditional love and respect.

But the idea that some energy is good and some is bad is faulty. When we base our understanding of something on a faulty premise, we block our ability to understand it.

Let’s say you have learned that having a defined gate 49 is bad, and you have it defined in your chart. Maybe you even have it defined somewhere prominent, like your conscious sun—your brain will start looking for how YOU are bad.

Through that “Gate 49 is bad” lens, you will be so focused on “what is wrong with you” that you won’t be able to see all of the amazing qualities that Gate 49 brings to the table. And if you have any tendencies towards people-pleasing, you might even start to deliberately hide Gate 49 traits from the world around you, furthering disconnection from your whole Self and purpose.

To understand our energy and, therefore, work with it in empowering ways, we must strip away all of its moral meaning and biased judgments and look at it from a bigger perspective. We must also understand how healing and expanding into deeper authenticity and contribution happen energetically.

Removing Judgment from the Human Design Gates

To remove judgment, it is important to remember that all gates in the chart represent a range of potential. And, more importantly, that “good” and “bad” are subjective.

Good and bad are actually illusions of the ego, and they keep you separated from your Divine I AM.

We can see the illusions of the ego very clearly by looking at the comments section of any topic that is even slightly controversial posted on social media. They are a fucking shit show. You can even see it in reviews of almost anything on Amazon. One person will give something a 5-star review for whatever reason, and someone else will give it a 1-star review for that exact same reason.

It is all a story made up in the mind. And your Free Will is your ability to direct your mind towards authenticity.

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a human design bodygraph with text that reads Human Design: The Full Spectrum of Potential Understanding this is the KEY to healing blocks and aligning to your highest potential

Consider water: it’s essential for life, yet it can also be destructive. It can sustain you, or it can flood your home. In both scenarios, it remains simply water. Water is as water does.

Similarly, when a house is on fire, firefighters use a powerful hose to extinguish the flames. But a gentle watering can is best for watering a delicate rose garden.

The choice of tool and method depends entirely on the situation—it’s about aligning the application with the need, not about the inherent quality of the water itself.

This analogy extends to every aspect of the Human Design chart. There’s no reason for shame or beating yourself for being one way or another. All that does is separate your more from your Self and it holds you back in being authentically loved by others.

The truth is you, you hold the potential for all possible expressions—you are the fire hose and the watering can, the refreshing ice-cold water on a hot day, and even the flood in your basement.

You are the house, the garden, and every rose within it. Embracing this diversity within yourself is not about striving to shift from one end of the spectrum to another. Instead, it’s about recognizing:

  • Your awareness of the full potential of each element in your design.
  • Your intentions and how they shape your experiences.
  • Your skill in purposefully harnessing the energy and applying it correctly.

If we go back to the gate 49 example, it is about cutting out the shit that actually harms you, boldly standing up for your principles, and taking radical responsibility for your emotional well-being.

Sometimes, that is going to look like being a total asshole, and other times, it will look as peaceful as the Buddha. The real magic happens when you can discern which situations call for which way of being.

Discernment is everything—truly, everything. That is I teach so many skills of discernment inside the map portal. Most of us are not using our own inner discernment, we are using the world’s conditioning to decide for us.

This leads me to the second really important part…

HOW we heal and expand

Our purpose in incarnating is to expand our consciousness by being authentic and, in doing so, come to know our Divine I AM. That expansion does not happen by accident; it happens through healing.

In the process of peeling back the layers of judgment about where you are on the spectrum, you discover parts of yourself that you lost through people-pleasing. You become aware of parts of your whole Self that you hide in a well-meaning attempt to stay safe and to belong. You reconnect with what authenticity actually means for you and what it might actually look like to be your whole Self.

By meeting these parts of your whole self with radical self-acceptance and unconditional love, something deeply magical happens:

Your consciousness automatically expands. You won’t even have to try to raise your vibration.

The “lower” the frequencies are that you can love, accept, and integrate, the more effortlessly the “higher” frequencies will flow. It is like unclogging blocked pipes.

That is because LOVE, true unconditional Love, is the highest vibration on the planet. Nothing else you could ever say, do, or be could even remotely compare with Love’s power to transform.

Love is the path to your Divine I AM.

So, whether you currently appreciate the results you’re creating with the incredible potential that lives within you or not, this is your opportunity to understand and accept all facets of your being. It is an invitation to recognize that what might appear as ‘lower’ or ‘higher’ frequency expressions are merely different aspects of your whole Self, calling you to deeper self-acceptance and love.

There is so much more where that came from:

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