Human Design Gate 49 – Gene Key 49 – The Revolution Ringleader

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The official name for Human Design Gate 49 is The Gate of Principles. But I call it The Revolution Ringleader because its primary action is to take the lead and move people through rocky times. 

About Human Design Gate 49 – Gene Key 49

Archetype Name: The Revolution Ringleader

In Action: leads revolutions by living your principles

Keywords: transformation, being a leader in relationships, and being revolutionary

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Official Gate Name: Principles

Human Design Definition: Ideally the transformation of forms based on the highest principles and not simply for power. 

Core Theme: Fear of Nature.

Bodygraph Center: Emotional Solar Plexus center and connects to the Root center via human design gate 19

Tropical Sign: Aquarius

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The Energy Spectrum of Human Design Gate 49

All energy in the Human Design chart exists on a spectrum of potential

On the “positive” end of the spectrum, Human Design Gate 49 is the energy for leading people through rocky times. Gate 49 deeply understands that flow is the natural state of all energy – especially emotional energy – energy is meant to move at the right timing. The 49 has an emotional sense of when it’s time for a change, a renewal, and even a revolution. 

On the “negative” end of the spectrum, Human Design Gate 49 is the energy for believing that there is a right way and a wrong way to do life. This causes the 49 to become rigid and  “settle for nothing less” than perfect. From this place, it is common for the 49 to ruthlessly cut people out of their lives when they don’t live up to their perfect standards. 

If you don’t like the results that the “negative” side of the spectrum is creating in your life, you can raise the frequency of Gate 49 with a number of boundaries, practices, and tools. 

(I cover the practices for the gates of your incarnation cross in The Human Design Map.) 

The most important thing to raise the frequency of gate 49 is to create plenty of time and space for emotional processing and to practice compassion for yourself and others. 

My personal contemplation of Human Design Gate 49 (Gene Key 49)

This personal contemplation feels a bit cringy to write and share because I have this gate in my chart, and well, uh, let’s just say it’s a work in progress. LOL. 

Gate 49 is in my unconscious moon in line 5. 

Without tangenting too far, the conscious moon represents our relationships to nurturing and how we honor our needs and intuition. And the unconscious moon represents our biggest shadow in honoring receiving and nurturing our needs and intuition. 

And, well, that has absolutely been the case for me. 

Some of the biggest shadows of the 49 are being stubborn, intolerant, and rebellious. 

And those things have absolutely gotten in my way of receiving nurturing and honoring my needs and intuition. 

I’ve also been known to hold people to a standard of perfection and have cut them out of my life because of my own projections. 

I’ve been in a committed practice of forgiveness and compassion since my first Saturn return and there is still work to be done. 

But, what I can say is that I am deeply aware of my tendency to say “fuck off” and have been more willing to not make such rash relationship decisions. I’m learning to stay, to understand, to communicate, to get clear on what is mine and what isn’t, and to give people the benefit of the doubt. 

And that is what emotional revolution is really about. 

Now it’s your turn to contemplate Gate 49

When you stand in the truth that the gifts of gate 49 are available to you, no matter whether it is defined in your chart…

What is your experience with leading emotional revolution in your life? 

What is your relationship to having compassion for people who aren’t perfect? 

Are you comfortable being an emotional leader? 

I encourage you to take some time with these questions. Take them out into your world and let their answers reveal themselves to you. Intend for deeper levels of clarity about gate 49

And, if you have gate 49 in your Human Design Incarnation Cross, be sure to check out The Human Design Map where I go super deep into each gate of your cross.