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Why I Love Human Design

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At our very core, humans are motivated by our needs for love, belonging, and safety. And we are often conditioned to believe that pleasing others is a sure-fire way to get those needs met. 


We reject the parts of ourselves that threaten our safety and we take on “acceptable” roles, identities, and habits that secure our place in the tribe. 


Ironically, with each, conscious or unconscious, choice to deny our innate nature, we anchor shame, guilt, and disgrace in our energy body. It creates distortions in our “vibration” and kinks our natural flow. 


Eventually, we come to believe that we are not good enough, that we do not deserve a successful life, and that we are innately flawed. We feel broken, unlovable, and unworthy.  These feelings begin to “leak out sideways” and become a force of destruction in our lives. 


We become fragmented versions of Who We Really Are and the flow of our energy becomes blocked. 


These places are our deepest wounds and our darkest shadows. 


By healing these wounds and reclaiming our shadows parts, our energy becomes liberated and flows with the ease of wholeness. We stop giving our power away to other people’s opinions. And we start living our lives according to what is right and true for ourselves. 


And this is why I love Human Design.


Your Human Design shows you how your energy is “meant” to flow. And if your life doesn’t reflect that flow, it’s a safe bet to assume that it’s because of some sort of shadow that needs healing. 


For example, when I first discovered that I was a Human Design Projector, a metric fuck ton of my shadows were right up in my face. 


As a Projector, I have a deeply penetrating aura. I can see into the other with a crystalline clarity. I can spot the wounds, the breaks in the flow, the distortions, and the misalignments with my eyes closed (literally!). 


For a lot of my life, I thought everyone could see as deeply as I can. I didn’t know that my penetrating gaze was unique. I thought it was just how the world worked.


But, uh, it’s not.


Everyone and their mother does not, in fact, want to explore their shadows and talk about their deepest fears. And basically, no one wants unsolicited advice about how to live their lives, do their job, or wash the dishes. LOL.


And they will let you know, too.


As the criticism rolled in, I started to shut down. I thought I was too deep, that I was a know it all, and that I was too nosy for my own good.


Learning about my human design helped me see that those things were not evidence of my innate evil soul. They were just unskilled versions of my most powerful and valuable gifts. As all shadows and wounds are.


And by reclaiming them, I’m able to actually connect with the people who do to be deeply seen and share my gifts with them.


All of that to say, as you begin to learn your Human Design, pay attention to what comes up for you. Notice the shadows and the wounds. Own them. Find their value. Love them to pieces.


It is then, and only then that you can harness their true potential.


And when you’re ready to learn your human design and use it as a tool for radical self-acceptance, book a reading with me.

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