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Human Design Heretic

Playing the Game of Life (Human Design Gate 28 – Gene Key 28)

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Human Design Gate 28 is officially called The Game Player. Gene Key 28 is the shadow of purposelessness, the gift of totality, and the siddhi of immortality.

I call it The Darkness Whisperer.

Human Design Gate 28 is in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of deep inner transformation, mystery, and erotic power. Its all about going within and digging deep.

In the Human Design chart, Gate 28 is a gate in the spleen center (the triangle on the bottom left-hand side of the bodygraph) and it connects to the root (the square on very bottom of the bodygraph) via gate 38.

Human Design Gate 28 is very meaningful to me personally because I have it defined in my chart four times. It’s a powerful energetic theme in my life and in my business.

This gate cuts to the deepest levels of our psyche (kind of like I do with my clients!) and it doesn’t fuck around.

Exploring Human Design Gate 28 – Gene Key 28

The core theme of the 28 is the fear of death.

When unconscious (aka shadow), the 28 manifests as a sense of purposelessness, meaninglessness, or depression. It can also manifest as invincibility, rebellion, and naivety.

Depending on whether you internalize or externalize the shadow, the 28 can lead to risky behavior — drugs, unprotected sex, gambling, etc. — but it can also lead to buffering, avoidance of looking within, and becoming paralyzed by fear.

The gift of Human Design Gate 28 is about using those shadow feelings and behaviors as red flags indicators of dharmic obstacles and using them as an opportunity to develop courage and tenacity. The 28 is about facing the fear itself and transforming it into higher meaning and purpose…on purpose.

With Human Design Gate 28, all perceived obstacles, even the fear of death, become Gold. It’s your inner Shaman, going deep into the dark crevices of your psyche and coming back with potent medicine.

Your brokenness becomes the doorway into wholeness. Your darkness becomes the doorway to light. Your purposelessness becomes the doorway into dharma.

One might even say that the 28 is the master shadow worker. It finds the places where we are denying parts of ourselves, out of fear, and transforms them into Gold.

At the end of the day, the ONLY reason we put parts of ourselves into the shadows is because of our fear of death.

In the core of our humanity, we are afraid to be banished from the tribe.

When we were living in caves, getting banished from the tribe was, literally, a death sentence. And while we have evolved beyond living in caves, our brains are still there.

So, the fear of upsetting others is a big trigger. And when we are triggered, we cower and become who we think the tribe wants us to be.

We don’t want to die. It’s only logical. Right? Er.

But, the magic of the 28 is knowing that death is imminent. We are going to die. All of us. None of us are making it out of here alive.

Whether we please the tribe or not. Whether we say the right thing or not. Whether we do the right thing or not. Whether we are in the in-crowd or now. Whether everyone loves us or not.

Death is coming for each and every one of us.

The 28 knows that every breath is precious. That purpose is what gives life meaning. That it’s too big of a risk to live without intent and courage. It’s too big of a risk to live in the shadows.

The 28 knows that being the pretend version of ourselves doesn’t actually save us from imminent death. It just makes us angry, bitter, frustrated, and disappointed for the little time we do have.

Human Design Gate 28 invites you to confront your deepest fears. Summon your courage. Take a look into your shadows and see what it is that you’re really running from (hint: it’s death. It’s always death!). And DECIDE what the meaning and purpose of your life will be. Find the Gold.

Here are some contemplative prompts to explore Human Design Gate 28 – Gene Key 28:

When you stand in the Truth that you will one day die…

Are you making the meaning you want to be making with your life? Are you living with purpose and intent?

Are you summoning the courage to live YOUR life?

What if you knew that you were innately worthy and whole? How would that change your ability to live with courage?

If today is your last, are you making the most of it? And is it really worth it to keep shoving parts of yourself into the shadows?

Really BE with these questions. BE PRESENT with the fear. Let it reveal the subtle layers of wisdom, courage, and tenacity. Let it lead you to the Gold.

That is the magic of Human Design Gate 28 – Gene Key 28.

There is no better time than now. There is no time to waste. For real.