The Biggest Human Design Manifestor Misconception

Written by Christie Inge, 5/2 Splenic Projector, born in the LAX of the Clarion 2 (57/51. 62/61) and creator of the Human Design Map

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You don’t have to go very far into the world of Human Design before you come across some very disempowering information about Manifestors. They often get painted with a very broad and “negative” brush and are made out to be angry ego-maniacs who give absolutely no fucks about the world around them. 

Of course, there is potential for that because all energy in the Human Design Chart is on a spectrum. All types have the potential for shadows, habits, and expressions that create net negatives. 

But, being a Manifestor does not automatically mean that someone is some sort of evil tyrant. 

The angry ego-maniac Manifestor misconception results from the codependency and emotional projection woven into the very fabric of Western culture.

Reframing the Closed and Repelling Aura of the Human Design Manifestor

It is true that the Human Design Manifestor aura is “closed and repelling” and that they experience the not-self theme of anger. 

But, when looked at through the eyes of empowerment, conscious interdependence, and radical self-responsibility, it is clear that the simple truth is that the Manifestor thrives when they have impeccable energetic boundaries

And let’s face it:

Codependent people (aka people who think other people are the cause of their feelings) don’t benefit when non-codependent people have boundaries. 

As they say, the only people who don’t like your boundaries are the people who benefited from you having none. And they project that by calling others angry ego-maniacs. Welcome to human. 🙂

The problem is the Manifestors seem to be the most deeply (and negatively) impacted by codependency and are often conditioned to perpetuate codependent patterns.

No matter what way you slice it, codependency (aka people pleasing) is a surefire recipe for anger.

But because here’s the truth about anger: 

Anger is not exclusive to Manifestors.  

Like all emotions, anger has wisdom. Anger is the body’s signal that your boundaries are weak, porous, or non-existent. This is true for all humans. 

There are no humans who “never” experience anger. And if someone tells you that they never experience anger, they are either lying to you or to themselves. 

Even the Dali Lama talks about feeling anger. 

In fact, the Human Design not-self themes of all types are all on the anger spectrum. Frustration for Generators and Manifesting Generators is a form of anger. Bitterness for Projectors is a form of anger. Disappointment for Reflectors is like a combo of anger and sadness. 

The bottom line is this: 

You feel anger when you need to set a boundary. And all humans have the right to their boundaries. Period.  

Manifestors Have Unique Boundary Needs

So, even though everyone has boundaries and will experience anger when those boundaries are out of alignment, the Human Design Manifestor energy needs a special kind of boundaries that other types do not need. 

Manifestors are here to make a huge impact on the world. They experience a Creative Pulse (also known as urge) where they have a deep inner knowing that there is something that “they must” bring into the world. And when they act on “correct” Creative Pulses, they initiate others into new ways of being. They initiate transformation, change, and creativity. They bring new things into the world. 

For that to happen, Manifestors need:

  • to be in deep communion with their Creative Pulse
  • to honor their need for rest.
  • time, space, and resources necessary to bring their visions into the world.
  • focus and a “pure” container to create. 

All of those needs are energetic boundaries; they are “the closed aura.” 

And, to codependent and emotionally irresponsible eyes, all of that may seem selfish, greedy, needy, rude, or egoic. Or in Human Design terms: repelling. 

In reality, everyone suffers when Manifestors don’t have what they need to do their thing. They aren’t able to make their full impact. And the world doesn’t get to benefit from their full impact. 

If you are a Manifestor, it is important to remember that your boundaries are a critical part of your magic. 

And anyone who feels repelled by you or your boundaries is simply not ready, willing, or able to receive your magic. 

But, to the people who are desperately seeking the impact that only you can make, you will be magnetic to them. Your impeccable boundaries will be a major part of that attraction. 

They will want you to have:

  • boundaries.
  • uninterrupted creative time.
  • time and space to restore your energy as often as you need.
  • the time, energy, and resources to do your thing. 

The people you are here to impact WANT you to blow up their world. You, your impact, and your boundaries are their medicine. And they know it.

So, take care of yourself and your boundaries. It’s essential for you to thrive.

If you aren’t a Manifestor and feel repelled by other people taking care of themselves, I’d invite you to look within and see where you might be playing out a shadow of codependency.

How are you benefiting when others have no boundaries?
Where are you giving away your power by believing that others are the cause of your emotions?
Are you trying to make someone something that they aren’t because you aren’t honoring your boundaries?
Do you want people to be different so you can be comfortable?

There is so much more where that came from:

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