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When Your Definition of God Isn’t Big Enough

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The official name for Human Design Gate 26 is The Gate of The Egoist. But I call it The Sacred Salesperson. It’s in the sign of Sagittarius. 


Sagittarius is a fire sign. It’s a sign of aspiration, optimism, and new adventures. It’s about aiming for a brighter future. 


In the Human Design chart, Gate 26 is a gate in the Will center and it connects to the Splenic center via human design gate 44

Human Design Gate 26

The Energy Spectrum of Human Design Gate 26


The core theme of Human Design Gate 26 is to be the best. 


It is the energy of selling a brighter future to your tribe with integrity. Because the 26 trusts in the abundance of life, it is empowered to build trust in its community and it does the “right” thing. 


When Gate 26 is manifesting in your life unconsciously (aka the shadow), it attempts to manipulate or control others for its own gain. 


Depending on whether you internalize or externalize the shadow of Gate 26, it can look like convincing yourself that your intentions are in the right place when they aren’t or burning out from pushing, forcing, or misuse of willpower. 


In the shadow frequency, it often feels shame, fearful, and controlling. 


But, as with all shadows, there is always a gift. Our inner work is to bring the shadow into the light of consciousness and embrace the full spectrum of it’s potential.  


In doing so, we are able to step into worthiness of the gifts of gate 26. 


The gift (aka the conscious side) of Gate 26 is the awareness that your integrity is your most valuable asset. It’s sells from a place of service when it’s in everyone’s best interest. And it’s knowing that purpose isn’t something you force onto the world. It’s something you align with by choosing integrity.


How to Choose Worthiness of the Gifts of Gate 26


I don’t have the 26 defined in my chart but, at the time of publishing this post, it’s been defined in the South Node for a couple of months now. And, as the South Node does, it’s been pushing me to put down the baggage, learn what needs to be learned, and move fucking forward already. 


If you’re anything like I once was, when you think about salespeople, you think about a sleazy used car salesman. 


The sleazy car sales(wo)man will do and say anything to get the sale. They follow you around the lot and try to convince you that a Pinto is a Rolls Royce. 


They don’t care about how happy you’ll be with the car; they only care about the commission they will get if you buy. 


When I started learning about gate 26, that is definitely the visual that was coming to my mind. And, in all honesty, I noticed that a lot of the “standard” Human Design information seemed to only reiterate that “negative” image. 


With each line I read (or heard), I noticed incredible amounts of resistance building up inside of me. 


As a business owner, I’ve learned to have a more empowered mindset about both marketing and sales. Without sales and marketing, I don’t make money. And if I don’t make money, I can’t pay my mortgage, etc. 


So, it’s been critical for me to overcome my negative connotations with sales and develop it as a skill that I am confident in. 


I’ve come a long way with it, for sure, and by no means did I think I was done with my growth in this area. 


But, I just wasn’t expecting that studying this gate would be so healing for me. And, whether sales is a regular part of your life or not, I think that what I learned could be an important lesson for you, too. 


By now, you already know that I am a deeply spiritual person. I have grown a lot from my religious upbringing.


I never really resonated with the beliefs of the churches I was raised in and I abandoned those beliefs in my late teens. 


By my early twenties, I had made my way into a life of drugs, alcohol, and sex with strangers. 


That whole decade is basically a blur until my brother died shortly after my 28th birthday. It was the first of many spiritual awakenings that led me to where I am today (which honestly cannot easily be defined with words).


Somewhere along the way, I was introduced to Richard Rohr and one of his most popular books, Falling Upward. 


The premise of the book is that in the first spiritual phase of our lives, we rely on other people to tell us who God is and to tell us what to do to get into God’s good Graces. 


And, in the second spiritual phase of our lives, we begin to open up to our own understanding of God. It becomes a personal relationship instead of a dictated one. 


In the book, he offers his personal insights about the possibilities of what that could be. 


But, more importantly than that, he talks about the difference between collapsing our definition of God or expanding it. 


He poses that when we face challenges in our lives, we tend to make our definition of God smaller but that the very impulse to “collapse” God is an invitation to expand your definition of God. 


In other words, if your definition of God isn’t big enough to hold whatever you are going through, it means you need to make your definition of God bigger. 


This completely blew my mind. Because I can so vividly remember storming out of my parents house at the age of 18, telling them that I didn’t believe in God. 


I had certainly made my definition of God smaller. I just could reconcile my experience with my definition of God. 


So, when I read that book, I made a promise to myself that I was willing to reckon with my definition of God and the beliefs about the world that I hold dear. And, that if my beliefs couldn’t reconcile out, I’d make God even bigger. 


And this brings me back to the 26. 


I have long held the belief that every shadow is simply unconscious energy “leaking out sideways.” All energy lives on a spectrum and, therefore, there is always a conscious (aka light) side. 


When we harness our energy with conscious intent, we make magic. It is just a matter of looking at the shadows through a fresh, non-dualistic, non-judgmental lens. 


But gate 26. UGH. I was hearing all the sales coaches in my head telling me that sales is service. I was trying to see the gifts, the value, the innate lovability. But the sleazy car salesman just kept appearing in my mind. 


I felt myself collapsing. Like, this tiny little gate in the will center would be the death of my faith in shadow work. LOL. 


And then, it hit me. 


Go bigger. 


Go bigger than the judgment. Go bigger than the car lot. Go bigger than uncomfortable sales conversations. 


Go bigger.


I looked at it in a new light and asked myself what it would look like if I made the definition of the 26 bigger than a mere sleazy car salesman? What would it look like to believe that the natural salesperson inside every human soul is full of light? What if I loved the 26 as much as I love the 22? Or the 57? Or the 61? 


What if I opened my mind to the possibility of EVERY quality having potential for beauty, awe, and wonder? 


The result of that question was a deeper understanding of the spectrum of the 26. Yes, sales are service when they serve everyone involved. And yes, integrity is the most essential value of the 26. And yes, the 26 does help us move into more expanded possibilities in our lives by selling us the things that can take us there. 


But at the heart of the 26 is TRUST in the abundance of the Universe. 


In that knowing, I could see me in the sleazy car salesman. I could see me trying to control and manipulate others. I could see me convincing myself that my intentions are pure even when they aren’t. 


And with that, my heart exploded with compassion. For me. For the sleazy car salesman. And for everyone who has been in the shadows of the 26 because they weren’t trusting in the abundance of life. 


This applies to so many areas of our lives. Not just sales, marketing, and business. 


But, relationships, food, money, love, worthiness. Everything. 


What would it look like to trust in the abundance of life? 


The answer is in the confidence of the fully conscious 26. 


Your Personal Contemplation of Human Design Gate 26


When you stand in the Truth that you are worthy of the abundance of life…


Where have you given into the fears of lack and scarcity? And in what ways has that led you to controlling or manipulating the people around you? 


Can you have compassion for yourself? 


In what ways can you open up to the abundance of life? 


And what does trusting in that abundance look like? How does it change conversations? How does it change your relationship with food, your body, money? How does it change your view of worthiness? And lovability? 


What do you need to sell yourself on so that you can finally lean into that trust? 


My hope is that these questions open you up to all that is available to you. The compassion. The trust. The abundance. 


It’s all right there waiting for you. You just need to sell yourself on it. 

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